10 of The Best Baby Shower Venues in Nakuru

Baby Shower Venues in Nakuru

This blog posts lists down 10 of The Best Baby Shower Venues in Nakuru. All these baby showers have a Google rating of more than 3.5

Baby Shower Venues in Nakuru

A good baby shower venue should have sufficient space. It should be safe and accessible by all guests. Its proximity should be convenient for a majority of the guests.

A good baby shower should also offer affordable packages or reasonable rental fees and it should offer amenities that cater for the needs of the event.

In no particular order, below are the top 10 best baby shower venues in Nakuru.

1. Ibis Gardens

With a Google rating of 4.3, Ibis Gardens located at Bahati Center, Nakuru is a good spot hold a baby shower because it has pleasing aesthetics.

The decor is well-maintained, the grass is very lush and venue provides a sense of intimacy and privacy. For more information, call this number,

Ibis Gardens Contacts

+(254) 739 41 12 64

2. Kivuli Garden & Forest

Kivuli Garden & Forest is located near Laikipia University Campus, Nakuru along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. The garden has a small forest that provides breeze and fresh air to the guests.

The forest is also scenic and its a good place to take pictures. The facility is open from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm daily.

Kivuli Garden & Forest Contacts

+(254) 722 75 83 17

3. Jambo Barnhouse Gardens

Jambo Barnhouse Gardens is located along.the A 104 road. The garden is very flexible and open to customization depending on the guests needs.

The management allows one to personalize the space with decorations, banners, and other elements to match the chosen baby shower theme and create a unique experience.

4. Tembea Gardens

Tembea Gardens has a Google rating of 4.5 and is located along Nakuru-Sigor Road. The food and refreshments offered at this facility are just amazing!

In case you are looking for a venue that offers delicious food that is full of flavour, this is the spot! The venue is open from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm.

Tembea Gardens Contacts

 +(254) 702 21 77 73

5. Arthur Gardens

Arthur Gardens is located in Lanet. it is a nice and serene place that offers an elegant and spacious atmosphere for guests. The ambiance of the venue sets the tone for the baby shower!

Arthur Gardens Contacts

+(254) 708 09 37 44

6. Royal Green Gardens

Royal Green Gardens is located along Nakuru Sigor Road approximately 5 miles from Lord Egerton castle.

The garden has a shared lounge and it has enough space to accomodate hundreds of guests. For more information contact the numbers below.

Royal Green Gardens

+(254) 720 10 22 55

7. Japan Park Garden’s Nakuru

Japan Park Garden is located in Kabatini, Bahati a few kilometers from Cedar falls. The garden also serves as a campsite.

The rates at Japan Park Garden are very affordable and the venue meets all safety regulations. For resevations, contact the number below.

Japan Park Garden’s Nakuru

+(254) 725 41 23 16

8. Sarova Woodlands Hotel and Spa Nakuru

Sarova Woodlands Hotel and spa is located along the Nairobi Nakuru Highway. The facility has everything you need to ensure a successful baby shower event.

From boardroom-style events to theatre-style presentations, Sarova Woodlands Hotel is an amazing place to hold an indoor baby shower event.

Sarova Woodlands Hotel and Spa Nakuru

+(254) 709 11 10 00

9. Tumaini Cottages and Conference Center

Abbreviated as TCC, Tumaini Cottages and Conference Center is located in Tumaini off Nakuru Njoro road. TCC has at least  20,000 square feet of outdoor outspace. The facility has green grass everywhere and is the ideal setting for baby showers around Tumaini.

Tumaini Cottages and Conference Center

+(254) 790 40 69 60

10. Infinite Green Events Garden

Infinite Green Events Garden is a wide garden with a hill top view of Lake Nakuru that is suitable for setting up big tents and dancing.

The garden also has a provision of a kitchen, has perfect ambience, and pleasant serenity with any form of crowd

Infinite Green Events Garden Contacts

+(254) 720 01 55 51

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