10 of The Best Clubs along Thika Road

This blog post lists down 10 of The Best Clubs along Thika Road. All of the clubs mentioned below have great ambience, offer professional services, and have a spacious dancing area.

clubs along thika road

Above all, these clubs offer nothing but great music and good vibes!

Why Party Along Thika Road?

Thika Road is arguably one of the best places to party in Nairobi. The clubs located along this road have the perfect ambience to catch up with friends, have a well designed layout, and provide exceptional customer service.

Thika road clubs also have a wide range of drinks, and play the latest kinds of music to ensure they keep the crowd entertained and energetic.

Below is a list of 10 of the best clubs to party along Thika Road.

10. Burudani Square

Burudani Square

Burudani Square is located next to Juja City Mall just before JuJa town. The club has a Google rating of 4.2 after more than 500 reviews.

Generally, Burudani Square is a vibe and it is a good spot for college going students. The best time to visit Burudani Square is during the weekends.

Burudani Square Contacts

+(254) 729 03 79 64

9. Klub Laviva

Klub Laviva is located inside Spur Mall. It has a very fancy space area to dance and plays very nice music especially on weekends.

Klub Laviva specializes in playing local music and afrobeats. One of the best things about Klub Laviva is that security at the club is very high since movement in and out of Spur Mall is controlled.

Klub Laviva Contacts

+(254) 721 95 63 22

8. Memphis Bar And Restaurant

Memphis Bar and Restaurant is located next to USIU, Exit 7 of Thika Road. The club has a rating of 4.2 after almost 200 reviews, has a lively crowd and offers affordable drinks.

In case you are looking for a club situated in a serene and environmentally friendly place, Memphis Bar and Restaurant is the right place!

Memphis Bar And Restaurant Contacts

+(254) 728 46 04 95

7. Switch Lounge

Switch Lounge Kasarani

Switch Lounge is a dine-in, and drive-through lounge located in Kasarani, a stone-away distance from Kasarani Police Station.

Currently, Switch Lounge is one of the best clubs located in the outskirts of Nairobi. it has ample parking space and the meat served here is tender and sweet.

In case you are looking for a club with good aeration and nice ambience and live around Roysambu and Kasarani, Switch Lounge is the best club to party.

Switch Lounge Contacts

+(254) 701 51 14 24

6. Loft Lounge

Loft lounge is a very popular club along Thika Road. The club is located behind Mountain Mall and it is ever full past midnight.

In case you are looking for a club that is lively and the crowd is mature, The Loft Lounge should be at the top of your priorities.

The only downside is that the lounge has tables set everywhere and there is very little space to dance and have fun.

Loft Lounge Contacts

+(254) 700 01 12 34

5. Kuzima Comrades

Kuzima comrades is a sports bar located in Kahawa Sukari. The joint is nothing short of great music and good vibes.

The services at this joint are very friendly and the drinks are very affordale. On weekends, Kuzima comrades is always packed. It is advisable for one to arrive at the joint as early as 9 pm to book a good spot.

Secret tip: The roasted meat and fish at Kuzima Comrade goes so well with Tusker.

Kuzima Comrades Contacts

+(254) 727 57 05 22

4. 1759 Spiral Lounge

1759 Spiral Lounge is located in Ruiru, opposite Ruiru golf club. It is a one stop place that has an onsite restaurant, car wash and petrol station on the same spot.

1759 Spiral Lounge is very lively especially on Karaoke Wednesdays and Saturday Finesse. Sundays are for reggae nights.

1759 Spiral Lounge has a good partying atmosphere and the transparent glass walls make a great view.

1759 Spiral Lounge Contacts

+(254) 716 59 59 59

3. Skypark Lounge

Skypark Lounge

Skypark Lounge is located on the opposite side of Garden City. The lounge offers nothing but a memorable experience.

One of the main things that makes Skypark Lounge one of the best places to party in Nairobi is its spacious area to dance and quality high party stools.

In case you are looking for spot with a mature crowd and very few college students, Skypark Lounge is good place to start with.

Skypark Lounge Contacts

+(254) 712 04 77 63

2. Ashaki Bar and Grill

Ashaki Bar is the best place along Thika road to enjoy Mugithi music. The club is located on exit 12/13 of Thika road next to Spur mall.

Asides from offering wide array of drinks, Ashaki Bar is one of the best Nyama Choma joints in Ruiru.

The meat at this joint is well grilled and marinated and is served with accompaniments such as hot ugali and chapati.

Ashaki Bar and Grill Contacts


1. Quiver Lounge

Quiver Lounge

Quiver is the most popular club along Thika Road. It is very stylish, secure and the food is always on point.

One of the best things about Quiver lounge is that it has a massive seating area on the ground and first floor.

The crowd at this joint hardly gets tired and the parking area is always full even at 3 am.

The best time to visit Quiver Lounge is on Weekends and Reggae Nights on Tuesdays

Quiver Lounge Contacts

+(254) 794 75 91 75

Other Clubs along Thika Road

The Embassy Bistro is located at Roasters Round About next to Shell Petrol Station. It has a Google Rating of 4.2 Stars after more than 250 Google Reviews.

The Embassy Bistro is a new club that has managed to attract a big crowd of revellers within a few months of operation.

One of the best things about this nightspot is that it has a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that makes people feel relaxed and at ease.

Another good thing about The Embassy Bistro is that it has a good selection of food that is both delicious and affordable. These foods complement the drinks.

The Embassy Bistro Address

Roasters Round About next to Shell Petrol Station

The Embassy Bistro Phone Numbers

 +(254) 768 11 10 00

Paris Lounge is a club where the fun never ends. The club is located off Thika Road in Roysambu along Mirema Drive. It has a Google Rating of 4.2 Stars after more than 2,000 Google Reviews. I believe Paris Lounge is the best club to have drinks at in Roysambu.

Generally, Paris Lounge is an amazing club because a wide variety of drinks to choose from, including a variety of wines, spirits, beers, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Another good thing about Paris Lounge is that it has a vibrant crowd. Revellers at this joint are always hyped and ready to dance whenever the DJ plays a trending song.

Paris Lounge Address

Off Thika Road Mirema Drive, Nairobi

Clarett Lounge is another banger club along Thika Road. It is very new. This night spot can be found in the New Muthaiga Mall and has a Google Rating of 4.2 Stars after more than 400 Google Reviews.

Generally, Clarett Lounge is highly recommendable due to its close proximity to the Central Business District of Nairobi.

Clarett Lounge is also recommendable because the crowd at this joint is mature and the bartenders are friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable about different drinks.

Clarett Lounge Address

Along Thika Road inside the New Muthaiga Mall

Clarett Lounge Phone Numbers

+(254) 722 20 00 88

Charm Lounge can be found off Thika Road, along Mirema Drive in Roysambu. The club has a Google Rating of 4.3 Stars after more than 600 Google Reviews.

Charm is a cool club to party because it has its own unique personality and charm. The club has its own stage and the interior decor is simply amazing.

Another good thing about Charm is that it has a rotating selection of seasonal and specialty drinks. In case you are looking to have an exciting night, Charm Lounge is more than okay!

Charm Lounge Address

Off Thika Road, along Mirema Drive in Roysambu.

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