10 of The Best Clubs in Kitengela

This blog post identifies 10 of The Best Clubs in Kitengela to have fun and enjoy life!

Asides from the scenic landscapes, and the vibrant art and craft scene, Kitengela town is also a good place to party and have fun with your friends, family members or meet new people.

Below is a list of 10 of the best clubs to party in Kitengela. All of these clubs have excellent customer service, has a wide variety of drinks and a spacious dance floor.

1. Club 034

Club 034

Club 034 is a very unique club situated in the heart of Kitengela Town, next to the GMC Place along Namanga road.

The club is hosted in a plane. The crowd at this club is one of a kind. It is lively and very interactive. In case you want to make new friends, you should definitely visit this spot!

Club 034 Contacts

+(254) 721 65 75 23

2. Club 6D Bar and Grill

Club 6D Bar and Grill is also located along Namanga Road. The club has a Google rating of 3.9 after more than 350 Google reviews.

The Nyama Choma at this joint is also very delicious and you might end up licking your fingers. If you are looking for a place with good entertainment, cool ambience and the perfect lighting to party, this is the spot!

3. Halcyon Lounge

 Clubs in Kitengela

Halcyon Lounge is one of the clubs that is redefining night life in Kitengela. The lounge is located off Namanga Road.

In case you are looking for nights out away from the busy Nairobi Central Business District, you should definitely consider visiting this spot.

The Liquor and beer collection at this spot is wide and their music is on another level ranging from different genres of music with great Djs.

Tuesdays are for Rhumba, Wednesdays are for ladies nights, Thursdays are for Throwback and the weekends are party nights.

Halcyon Lounge Contacts

+(254) 740 17 23 96

4. Club 411 Kitengela

Club 411 Kitengela is a dine in and takeway club located along Kitengela Road. The club brands itself as the best music venue in town.

In the recent past, Club 411 has been able to invite some of the best and popular artists in Kenya such as Vivian and Otile Brown for a performance or a meet and greet.

Club 411 Kitengela Contacts

+(254) 745 36 83 37

5. Quiver Lounge Kitengela

 Clubs in Kitengela

Quiver Lounge Kitengela is located along Namanga Road. It is one of the newest clubs in Kitengela but its dance floor is always packed and the VIP is always lit.

If you are looking forward to party with a mature crowd, Quiver Lounge, Kitengela should be at the top of your lists.

Quiver Lounge Kitengela Contacts

 +(254) 735 73 99 06

6. Pavilion XV

 Clubs in Kitengela

Pavilion XV is located 3 kilometers from Kitengela town along Namanga road. It is commonly referred to as PXV lounge. Just like Club 034, Pavillion XV is very unique.

The exterior walls of the club are branded with images of some of the best athletes in NBA and Football.

In case you are planning on partying the night in fancy and cool spot, PXV is the right place.

Pavilion XV Contacts

+(254) 729 67 74 89

7. Bistrol Lounge Kitengela

Popularly known as the house of Rhumba. Bistrol Lounge is another famous club spot in Kitengela.

The club is located in the GMC place along Namanga road. Asides from offering drinks and a dancing space, Bistrol Lounge Kitengela is also one of the best Nyama choma joints in Kajiado county.

Bistrol Lounge Kitengela

+(254) 721 37 97 33

8. Ground 2.0 Lounge

Ground 2.0 Lounge is located along New Valley Road, off Namanga Road. It is a dine-in, drive-through and takeaway lounge.

In case you are looking for a place to have tasty cocktails and enjoy a wide range of liquor, consider visiting Ground 2.0 Lounge. The crowd here is also lively and interactive.

9. Nomad Platinum Lounge

 Clubs in Kitengela

Nomad Platinum Lounge is one of the best places to attend a Karaoke. It is one of the best places to drink classic cocktails for prices that are unbelievable.

Unlike other clubs, Nomad Platinum Lounge has happy hours where one gets two cocktails for the price of one from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Nomad Platinum Lounge

+(254) 728 28 35 84

Nomad Platinum Lounge Contacts


10. Club Enkare

Club Enkare

Club Enkare is located along Namanga Road. Just like Bistrol Lounge Kitengela, Club Enkare is a house of Rhumba.

The staff at this club is polite and the parking space is very ample. Asides from drinks, Club Enkare is also one of the best Nyama Choma Joints in Kitengela. The goat meat served here is very sweet.

One of the most unique things about Club Enkare is that it has different siting setups (short seats, high seats, and group setups)

Club Enkare Contacts

+(254) 733 15 51 15

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