10 of The Best Night Clubs in Thika (2023)

This is a list of the best Night Clubs in Thika. All these clubs have impressive lighting, excellent sound, have attractive patrons and serve delicious drinks.

10 of The Best Night Clubs in Thika (2023)

Nightclubs are a great place to socialize. When you are out on the dance floor, you are surrounded by people who are there for the same reason as you – to have a good time. Night clubs are also a good place to listen to loud and banging music. Nightclubs often feature top DJs who play the latest hits and classic anthems. The beat is infectious, and it is hard not to move your body to the rhythm.

Lastly, Nightclubs are also places where you can dress up and show off your style. Whether you are into sleek and sophisticated looks or wild and crazy outfits, there is a place for you on the dance floor. You can experiment with your fashion choices and express yourself in ways that might not be possible in your everyday life.

In no particular order, here is a list of 10 of the best Night Clubs in Thika.

1. Garage Bar and Grill

The Garage Bar and Grill is a premium entertainment spot that is located along Garissa Road. It is a very impressive club that is well stocked with the latest drinks. The meat served at Garage Bar is also tender and well grilled.

The meat is served with other accompaniments such as ugali, chips and chapati. Currently, The Garage Bar and Grill is one of the best clubs in Thika.

Garage Bar and Grill Contacts

+(254) 711 95 95 95

2. Sip it Lounge

In case you want to have full satisaction of your money, Sip it Lounge should be your top club destination in Thika. The crowd at Sip it Lounge is lively and the dance floor is big enough for tens and tens of people to dance.

The waiters at this club are also very professional and fast in taking orders. Sip it Lounge is located behind Petrol City, it has adeqaute parking and amazing music.

Sip it Lounge Contacts

+(254) 703 60 14 21

3. Club Porkies

Club Porkies is situated along Uhuru Street in Thika, opposite Family Bank. The Club plays beautiful reggae music on Sundays while on Saturdays they play Bongo and Taarab. If you become a regular customer, club porkies will definitely be your favorite destination every now and then because the staff pays more attention to them.

Asides from partying, club porkies is also a good place to conduct business meetings and have lunch or dinner. Club Porkies offers and serves very nice food within a very short span of time.

Club Porkies Contacts

+(254) 729 17 79 59

4. Club Leos

Located inside Macharia building along Mama Ngina Drive, Club Leos is good spot to quench your entertainment thirst. The crowd is very lively on Thursdays because it is Karaoke night. You have to arrive very early in case you want to find a table located in a good spot. In case you like to play pool, Club Leos has several pool tables.

Club Leos Contacts

Phone Number: +(254) 723 46 52 21

Email:  clubleosthikatown@gmail.com

5. Vspot Nightlife

Vspot Nightlife offers the perfect place to experience a real night of fun. The club is filled with good vibes and it has been designed for very diverse people of all ages. The decor is likely to blow you away, the club even has a live fish tank. When it comes to food, Vspot Nightlife has some of the best chefs in Thika town. The food is always sweet and hot!

Vspot Contacts

+(254) 795 57 45 64

6. I-Kandy Lounge

This lounge has one of the most mature crowds in Thika. In case you want to grab drinks in a club where nobody judges your character or behavior, I-Kandy lounge should be you first priority. I-Kandy plays good music, is well secured and the drinks are fairly price. The lounge is located inside Muiruri Kabaru Building, Workshop lane.

7. Spark Lounge Thika

Located along Garissa Road, Spark Lounge is a very secure club that is guarded by strong bouncers. The club also hires professional DJ’s who play up to date music. When it comes to service delivery, the waiters at Spark Lounge have mastered the art of delivery.

Drinks and food are served very fast. If you want to have a good time within a limited amount of time, consider visiting Spark Lounge.

Spark Lounge Contacts

+(254) 712 11 17 74

8. Klub Image

Klub image Thika is located along Haile Selassie Road. It is one of the leading clubs in Thika because it offers super services. The seating arrangement at Klub image is perfect and the dance floor is very big. The club also has a big smart TV to keep you entertained as you sip your drink. This is a very fun place for a weekend get away with friends!

Klub image Contacts

+(254) 792 73 64 39

9. Skatters Night Club

Skatters Night Club is located along Mama Ngina Drive on the ground floor of Gatuthu House. The club is always packed from Thursday to Sunday and from Monday to Wednesday it is mostly empty.

Skatters Night Club is perfect for young people, plays good music and has ample parking. The waiters at this club are also lively, you can crack up jokes with them. Skatters Night has the perfect ambience.

10. Club Sippers

This club has a mature crowd of over 25 years. it is located along Old Murang’a Road, opposite KARI. The food here is very delicious, you order and they prepare immediately. The drinks are moderately expensive but the services are worth it. For reservations, contact the number below.

Club Sippers Contacts

+(254) 716 19 35 09 


Nightclubs are fun for many reasons. They provide an opportunity to socialize, dance, dress up, enjoy music, and be part of a community. Whether you’re a regular club-goer or someone who’s never been to one before, it’s worth giving it a try. You might just find that you have the time of your life.

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