10 of The Best Places to Ride Horses in Nairobi

This is a list of 10 of the Best Places to Ride Horses in Nairobi. Each stable has clean, well maintained and trained horses.

Best Places to Ride Horses in Nairobi

Horse riding also known as equestrianism is the sport of riding horses. It is a recreational, competitive, and therapeutic activity. Below are 10 of the best places to ride horses in Nairobi.

Best Places to Ride Horses in Nairobi

1. New Muthaiga Horse Riding Stables

New Muthaiga Horse Riding Stables is located in Kirawa Road, Kitisuru area. It offers horseback riding lessons to both adults and children. Below is a table that shows the charges for riding horses (Adults and Horses) per session (1 Hour). Once you have made the payment, you will be provided with a riding helmet, riding boots and riding gloves. Currently, New Muthaiga Horse Riding Stables has a Google rating of 4.7 stars out of 55 reviews.

CategoryCharges Per HourCharges Per Half and Hour
AdultsKES 3,000KES 2,700
ChildrenKES 2,000KES 2,200

New Muthaiga Horse Riding Stables Contacts

+(254) 721 42 17 28

2. Xina Horse Riding School

Xina Horse RIding School is located along Ridgeways Road, Nairobi. The school is open daily as from 7 am to 6:30 pm and it offers lessons to experienced and non-experienced riders. Apart from Horse riding, Xina Horse Riding School also teaches horse grooming tips, and advices horse riders how they can be safe around horses. Currently, Xina Horse Riding School has a Google rating of 4.8 stars.

CategoryCharges Per 1 Hour SessionCharges Per 30 Minutes Session
Adults and Children above 13 YearsKES 2,500 Per Session (1 Hour)KES 2,000
Children Below 12 YearsKES 2,000 Per Session (1 Hour)KES 2,500

Xina Horse Riding School Contacts

0112 030664

Best Places to Ride Horses in Nairobi

3. Karen Riding and Stables

If you are ready to swing like a pro, you should consider visiting Karen Riding and Stables. The facility is located in Karen, along Marula lane. This place has a big riding arena, up to date horseback riding equipment and instructors who will teach you on how to maintain safety while riding horses.

All the horses, at this facility are well trained, and well cleaned including the mane and tail. Currently, Karen Riding and Stables has a Google rating of 4.8 stars after 20 reviews. Below are the charges for riding horses at Karen Riding and Stables.

CategoryCharges Per 1 Hour SessionCharges Per 30 Minutes Session
AdultsKES 3000KES 2000
Children Below 12 Years OldKES 1800KES 1500
Teenagers Aged 13 to 18 Years KES 2000KES 1800

Karen Riding and Stables Contacts

+(254) 719 30 16 98

+(254) 736 85 95 57

Best Places to Ride Horses in Nairobi

4. The Waterfront Stable Horse Riding School

This Horse riding school is located within Waterfront Mall. It has horses that are a mix of Somali War Ponies, Ethiopian Horses and European thoroughbreds. The Waterfront Stable Horse Riding School provides first class riding experience. Its riding gears, and stirrups are top-notch. Currently, The Waterfront Stable Horse Riding School has a Google rating of 3.7 stars.

The Waterfront Stable Horse Riding School

 +(254) 799 96 69 42

5. Tigoni Horse Trails

Tigoni Horse Trails is situated in Maramba Tea Estate, Tigoni. This spot offers one of the best horseback riding lessons in Kenya. The instructors are very keen and work hard to ensure that their students learn with ease and perform their very best.

Tigoni Horse Trails is also a beautiful place to ride horses because it has visualized the dream of riding horses in a tea plantation. The Charges for riding a horse at this spot is $18 per hour.

Tigoni Horse Trails Contacts

+(254) 733 33 33 31

6. Malo Stables

Malo Stables is located along Mudodo Lane, Nairobi. It is the perfect place for experienced and beginner Horse riders because it enables one to enjoy charming views of Ngong Hills and Dagorretti Forest.

The Horses at this facility are well-trained, have strong heels and bars. In case you want to enjoy forest and trail rides, this should be your top destination. The charges for riding a horse at Malo Stables for a period of 10 hours is KES 60,500. Payments can be done via MPESA and Bank Transfer. Currently, this facility has a Google rating of 4.6.

Malo Stables Contacts

+(254) 704 49 44 64

7. Hardy Stud

Hardy Stud is located in Kipevu Road, Hardy Estate in Karen. In case you are looking for a super experience, this is the best venue. All you have to do is to make bookings earlier so that the management can reserve a spot for you.

Asides from riding horses, Hardy Stud also provides classes on stable management and how to keep horses clean. The charges for riding a horse at this facility is KES 2,500 per hour. Currently, Hardy Stud has a Google rating of 4.4 stars after 29 reviews.

Hardy Stud

+(254) 722 76 21 36

Best Places to Ride Horses in Nairobi

8. Kitisuru Riding Stables

Kitisuru Riding Stables offers horse riding and horse jumping lessons for children and adults. The facility offers perfect equestrian experience and every year, it organizes a pony camp where children can be able to learn about riding, mucking out stalls, grooming horses, and care for individual horses.

Currently, Kitisuru Riding Stables has a Google rating of 4.2 stars after 39 reviews. The facility is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm and the charge for riding a horse is KES 2,500.

Kitisuru Riding Stables Contacts

+(254) 0721 26 69 70

9. Forward Equestrian Centre

Forward Equestrian Centre is a horseback riding center located alond Forward Close Road in Old Kitisuru. The facility offers horseback riding and show jumping trainng to children and adults.

Riding lessons are also availbale to both beginners and experienced riders. Currently, Forward Equestrian Centre has a Google rating of 4.8 stars after 29 reviews. To book a session, please call the number below.

Forward Equestrian Centre Contacts

+(254) 769 12 67 14

10. Thigiri Riding School

This is one of the best stables in Nairobi, Kenya. The horses here are well maintained and trained to offer quality rides to children and adults of all ages. In general, the horses here are second to none.

Thigiri Riding School also has nice pods where spectators can watch their loved ones ride horses and have the best time of their lives. Currently, this school has a Google rating of 4.0 stars.

Thigiri Riding School Contacts

+(254) 729 60 90 71

10 Reasons Why Horse Riding is Fun

  1. Connection with nature: Horse riding often takes place in scenic, natural environments such as forests, fields, or mountains, allowing riders to connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors.
  2. Challenge: Horse riding requires skill, balance, and coordination making it a fun and challenging activity that can help riders improve their physical abilities and mental focus.
  3. Partnership with the horse: Horses are intelligent, social animals that can form close bonds with their riders, creating a sense of partnership and trust that can be deeply rewarding.
  4. Sense of freedom: Riding a horse can give riders a sense of freedom and empowerment, as they experience the thrill of moving through the world at a faster pace than on foot.
  5. Exercise: Horse riding is a physical activity that can provide a full-body workout, helping to improve cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility and balance.
  6. Socialization: Horse riding can be a social activity, as riders often interact with other riders, trainers, and horse owners, creating a sense of community and friendship.
  7. Stress relief: Spending time with horses can be a calming and stress-relieving activity, as riders focus on the present moment and enjoy the soothing effects of being around animals.
  8. Mental stimulation: Horse riding requires riders to think critically, problem-solve, and make decisions quickly, providing mental stimulation and helping to improve cognitive function.
  9. Self-confidence: Achieving success in horse riding, such as mastering a new skill or winning a competition, can boost riders’ self-esteem and self-confidence.
  10. Joy of riding: Ultimately, the joy of horse riding comes from the simple pleasure of being on a horse, experiencing the movement, and enjoying the moment.

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