10 of the Best Places to Visit in Kericho

This blog post identifies 10 of the best places to visit in Kericho town. Also, it explains why these places are worth visiting.

Kericho is a town located in the highlands of Western Kenya. It is known for its lush green tea plantations, waterfalls, and scenic landscapes. The town is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and unique cultural experiences.

Visitors can enjoy guided tours of tea farms and factories, visit waterfalls such as the famous coryndon falls, hike in the nearby Tinderet fores and learn about the local culture through visits to traditional villages and markets.

Additionally, the town offers a variety of accommodation options, from luxury resorts to budget guesthouses, making it accessible to travelers of all types.

Below are 10 amazing must-visit places in Kericho town:

1. Chagaik Arboretum

Chagaik Arboretum

Chagaik Arboretum is a stunning botanical garden located 8 kilometers South of Kericho town. The arboretum is situated in a serene and tranquil environment, surrounded by lush green forests and rolling hills that create a perfect backdrop for the garden’s natural beauty.

Established in the 1940s by Tom Grumble, Chagaik Arboretum is home to a vast collection of trees, shrubs, and plants, some of which are rare and endemic to the region. The garden features over 400 species of plants, including tea, coffee, bamboo, and eucalyptus trees, among others. Visitors to the arboretum can enjoy leisurely walks through its well-maintained paths, taking in the fresh air and the beauty of the garden’s flora.

In addition to its plant collection, Chagaik Arboretum is also home to several bird species, including the African Paradise Flycatcher and the Malachite Kingfisher, among others. The garden’s serene environment provides a perfect sanctuary for bird watching, making it a popular destination for bird enthusiasts.

Chagaik Arboretum also serves as a research and educational center, providing valuable information on plant and tree species to researchers and students. The garden’s staff is knowledgeable and passionate about the flora and fauna found in the region, and visitors can learn about the garden’s collection and the importance of preserving the natural environment.

2. Fort Ternan Pre Historic Site and Museum

Fort Ternan Museum is a historical museum located in the town of Fort Ternan, 23.8 kilometers from Kericho town via the John Kerich road. The Pre Historic Site and museum is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of man.

It houses the remains of Kenyapithecus, an ancient fossil that was discovered by Mary Leakey and Louis Leakey in the year 1961. In case you are in the mood to learn more about how the early man lived and behaved, this should be your top destination in Kericho.

3. Green Square Mall

Green Square Mall

The Green Square Mall is located along the Kericho-Kisumu Highway. The mall has three floors and it is the biggest shopping center in Kericho town. On average, more than 3,000 people visit the mall daily to shop, dine and have fun. Below are some of the stores that can be found in Green Square Mall

Food and Drink

  • Java
  • Aubergine Restaurant
  • Carrace Wines & Spirits
  • Keki Halisi Enterprises

Retail and Customer Service

  • Royal Mabati Factory Limited
  • Safaricom Shop


  • Bata
  • Armour Baby World
  • Bellisima Wardrobe

Beauty and Grooming

  • Boss lady Hair Studio
  • Zuri Nails and Massage Parlour
  • Carols Cosmetics


  • Standard Chartered
  • APA Insurance
  • Platinum Credit
  • My Credit


  • Wessyde Lounge & Bar

Green Square Mall at Night

Green Square Mall

4. Van Wicker’s Cave

The Van Wicker’s cave was a hideout spot for the Mau Mau during the colonial times. The cave is located only 1.5 kilometers from Fort Ternan Pre Historic Site and Museum. The cave was built by Major Douglas Van Wicker 63 years ago and has one entrance and two branching chambers.

The left branching chamber travels more than 100 metres and the right branching chamber travels approximately 80 metres. Currently, the Van Wicker’s Cave is also known as the Fort Ternan cave.

5. Visit the Tea Plantations

Kericho Tea Plantations

The tea plantations of Kericho are considered beautiful for several reasons. Firstly, the rolling hills and valleys that make up the tea estates offer stunning vistas and breathtaking scenery. The lush green tea bushes, neatly arranged in rows, stretch out as far as the eye can see, creating a picturesque landscape.

Moreover, the tea plantations of Kericho are often set against a backdrop of majestic mountains, which add to the area’s natural beauty. The region’s tropical climate and high rainfall contribute to the verdant greenery that characterizes the tea plantations.

Additionally, the tea plantations of Kericho are meticulously maintained by the workers who tend to the tea bushes. The rows of tea bushes are trimmed and pruned with precision, creating a sense of order and symmetry that is pleasing to the eye.

6. Enjoy a Picnic and Relax at Moi or Uhuru Gardens

Going for a picnic can be a fun and enjoyable way to spend time with friends and family, or to simply enjoy some time alone in nature. Here are some reasons why people might go for a picnic:

  1. To enjoy the outdoors: A picnic is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of parks, beaches, or other outdoor locations. It allows you to soak up some sun, breathe in some fresh air, and take in the sights and sounds of nature.
  2. To relax and unwind: A picnic is a low-key and stress-free way to spend time. You can bring a book, play games, or simply lie down and relax. It’s a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  3. To socialize: Going for a picnic is a social activity that allows you to spend time with friends and family. You can catch up on each other’s lives, share stories, and enjoy some quality time together.
  4. To enjoy good food: A picnic is an opportunity to indulge in some delicious food and drinks. You can bring your own picnic basket filled with sandwiches, fruit, snacks, and drinks, or you can opt for a potluck-style picnic where everyone brings a dish to share.
  5. To create memories: Going for a picnic can be a memorable experience that you’ll cherish for years to come. Whether it’s a romantic picnic with your partner, a fun day out with your family, or a relaxing solo picnic, it’s a great way to create new memories and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

In case you want to experience one, two or all of these activities, you can go for a picnic at either Moi or Uhuru Gardens.

7. Tagabi Monkey Sanctuary

Tagabi Monkey Sanctuary provides a natural environment for the primates. It is complete with trees, water features, and plenty of space to roam and play. Tagabi Monkey Sanctuary is also committed to educating the public about the importance of primate conservation.

Visitors to the sanctuary can take guided tours and learn about the behavior and habits of different primate species. The sanctuary also works with local communities to promote sustainable living practices that help protect primate habitats.

The primates at Tagabi Monkey Sanctuaryd are not kept in cages or enclosures but are allowed to roam freely within the sanctuary. This approach to primate care is called “free-roaming,” and it allows the primates to live as naturally as possible. If you like wild animals, this is a good place to visit.

8. Sacred Heart Cathedral of Kericho

Sacred Heart Cathedral of Kericho

Sacred Heart Cathedral of Kericho is a Catholic Cathedral located in Kericho town, Kenya. It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kericho. The Cathedral is dedicated to the Holy Family and is the second largest Cathedral in Kenya after the Holy Family Cathedral in Nairobi

The architecture of the building is a mix of modern and traditional styles, with a high ceiling and stained glass windows. The interior is decorated with murals and statues, and it has a seating capacity of about 1,500 people. The building is approximately 1,375 square meters and 25 meters high.

Sacred Heart Cathedral of Kericho is an important religious and cultural landmark in the region, and it serves as a center for the Catholic community in Kericho. It is also a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over Kenya and beyond.

9. Tinderet Forest

Tinderet Forest is located in Kenya and is known for its beautiful scenery and diverse flora and fauna. The forest is a popular destination for tourists who enjoy nature walks, bird watching, and camping.

Some of the activities that tourists can enjoy in Tinderet Forest include guided nature walks, bird watching tours, and camping. The forest is also home to a variety of wildlife such as monkeys, baboons, and antelopes.

There are several hiking trails in the forest that vary in difficulty level, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. The forest is also a great place for picnics, with several picnic areas located throughout the park.

Tinderet Forest is a great place to visit for those who love nature and want to experience the beauty of Kenya’s natural landscapes. However, it’s important to follow the rules and regulations set by the park authorities to help preserve the forest and its wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

10. Coryndon Waterfalls

Coryndon waterfalls is a beautiful natural attraction that has an elevation of 2215 metres. It is home to a variety of flora and fauna.

To get to Coryndon waterfalls, visitors need to take a 4km hike through the forest. The trail is well-maintained, and visitors can enjoy the lush greenery and beautiful scenery along the way. Once at the waterfall, visitors can take a dip in the pool at the base of the falls or simply enjoy the cool mist and sound of the water.

It is important to note that visitors should be cautious when visiting the waterfall, especially during the rainy season when the water flow can be strong and dangerous. It is also recommended to go with a local guide or a group for safety and to fully enjoy the experience.

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