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40forty Lounge is one of the Best Clubs in Westlands.

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This post gives a review of 40forty Lounge. It identifies the Night Club’s Location, lists down its Menu, Drinks, and explains why the club is worth a visit.

Without further ado, here is a detailed analysis of 40forty Lounge.

40forty Lounge Location

40forty Lounge is located on the first floor of Stellato Mall, along Muthithi Road. According to the latest Google Reviews, this night spot has a Google Rating of 4.1 Stars after more than 250 Google Reviews.

40forty Lounge is open daily from 11:00 am to 6:00 am.

40 forty Lounge Owner

Allan and Irene Igambi are the owners of

Why You Should Visit 40forty Lounge

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit 40forty Lounge.

1. Vibrant and Energetic Crowd

40forty Lounge has a mature, vibrant and energetic crowd. Every night is like a movie! In case you are looking for a club that has friendly patrons, you should highly consider 40forty Lounge.

The atmosphere at this nightspot is also welcoming and this contributes to positive energy. At 40forty Lounge, its always a good time to party!

Point to Note: 40forty Lounge is place for pretty minds to pretty vibes. There is never a dull moment.

2. Enjoy Themed-Nights

40forty Lounge has themed nights to provide variety and excitement to its users. These themed-nights are also important because they provide diverse experiences, and keep the atmosphere fresh and engaging. Rhythm and Rave on Wednesdays is just magical.

40forty Lounge also hires talented Djs such as Kay the DJ, and Kym Nick Dee. I have to admit that these Djs are talented to a point that you might end up dancing through out the night without getting tired.

3. Happy Hour on Cocktails

40forty Lounge is an amazing night spot because it has happy hours on cocktails from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm everyday.

One of the best things about these cocktails is that they are well-balanced. No single flavor dominates and this creates a well-rounded taste.

Another good thing about the cocktails served at 40forty Lounge is that they are made using high-quality, and fresh ingredients

In case you are looking for innovative and creative cocktails made by some of the best mixologists in Nairobi, look no further than 40forty Lounge.

4. Enjoy Affordable Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

40forty Lounge is an amazing spot to enjoy Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks. The drinks offered at this joint are inexpensive when compared to other lounges in Westlands and Nairobi at large.

Below is a list of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks offered at 40forty Lounge and their prices.

40forty Lounge Drinks Menu

40forty Lounge is among the Best Clubs in Westlands and Nairobi because it is always stocked with a variety of alcoholic drinks ranging from Beers, Wines, Spirits, Liqueurs, Cocktails, Fortified Wines, Ciders, Gin, Brandy, Tequilla, Rum and Vodka.

Below is a list of drinks that can be found at this lounge and their prices.

Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks Types Price in KES
Bitter Lemon150
Coke Zero200
Fanta Orange150
Juice by Glass200
Juice 1 Litre1,000
Lime Cocktail100
Soda Water150
Sparkling Water 500 ml200
Water1 Litre250
Water 500 ml150


Type of BeerPrice in KES
Castle Lite350
Guiness Big350
Oettinger Pills400
Oettinger Weissbier400
Pilsner Lager350
Savanna Cider400
Savanna Lager350
Summit Malt350
Tusker Lager350
Tusker Lite350
Tusker Malt350
White Cap Lager350
White Cap Light350


Tequilla TypePrice in KES
Don Julio Anego55012,000
Don Julio Bianca55010,000
Don Julio Resposado80012,000
Jose Cuerva Line (Gold)3005,000
Jose Cuerva Line (Silver)3005,000
Herradura Tequila30014,000
Parton Reposado10,000
Patron Silver5009,000
Tequila Rose3005,000


Gin TypePrice in KES
Tanqueray No.105508,000
Gordon’s Gin3505,500
Bombay Sapphire3506,000
New Amsterdam Gin5005,500
Hendricks 1 liter50010,000
Gordon Gin3506,500
Canterbury Gin 5,000

Vodka (Belvedere)

Vodka TypePrice in KES
Belvedere Pure 750 ML5007,500
Belvedere Pure 1 Litre5009,000
Belvedere Pink Grapefruit5009,000
Belvedere Citrus5009,000
Belvedere Lemon Tea5009,000
Belvedere Intense5009,000

Vodka (Absolut and Ciroc)

Vodka TypePrice in KES
Absolut Vodka3007,500
Absolut Citron3007,500
Absolut Kurant3005,500
Absolut Kurant 1 Litre3006,500
Absolut Mandrin3005,500
Absolut Mango3005,500
Absolut Pepparn3005,500
Absolut Vanilla3005,500
Absolut Blue3005,000
Chapin Vodka15,000
Ciroc Vodka 750 ml6006,500
Ciroc Vodka 1 litre9,000
Ciroc Coconut 750 ml7,000
Ciroc Pineapple 750 ml7,000
Ciroc Red Berry 750 ml7,000
Grey Goose9,000
Ketel One7007,000
Blue 1 Litre3508,000
Igor Vodka4,500

Sweet White Wine

Wine TypePrice in KES
Dragons Back Mountain Natural Sweet Red2,500
Noble Sweet Red2,500
Viala Rosso2,500
Bird & Bees Sweet Malbec2,500

Sweet Red Wine

Wine TypePrice in KES
Dragons Back Mountain Natural Sweet Red2,500
Noble Sweet Red2,500
Viala Rosso2,500
Eleven Buddies Sweet Red2,500
Bird & Bees Sweet Malbec3,000

5. Enjoy Flavorful Nyamachoma and Delicacies

40forty Lounge is a good place to enjoy flavourful and tasteful nyamachoma. The meat at this club is of high-quality and it is well-marinated. Other delicacies that accompany the nyama choma include chapati, ugali, chips, vegetables and kachumbari.

6. Watch Live Football Games

40forty Lounge has huge high-defintion TVs that are strategically placed on every corner of the night club.

On weekends the lounge becomes lively when the English Premier League Games are aired. Asides from football, other games that are aired at the club include rugby, NBA, and American Football just to mention a few.

If you like to watch football with friends while enjoying some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, 40forty Lounge is a good place to start with.

7. Get Quality Pictures by Sonyent

Sonyent is a photographer at 40forty Lounge. He is best known for taking some of the best party photos in Nairobi. To get a glimpse of some of these images, check out 40forty Lounge Instagram page.

8. Meet New People|Socialise

There is no better place where you can meet new people, socialise, share ideas and become life long friends than 40forty Lounge.

On the weekends, the club is always flocked with diverse people from different parts of Nairobi including Karen, Westlands, Kilimani, Kiambu Road, Thika Road, Ngong Road and Mombasa Road.

At 40forty Lounge, you come as one and leave as a family.

9. Enjoy Live Music

40forty Lounge is a good place to go for a night out because it regularly organizes Live Music Nights. Over the past months, the lounge has been able to invite big celebrities including local and international singers to perform and entertain the crowd.

10. Enjoy Karaoke Music

Karaoke is a fun activity because it creates memorable moments and adds an element of entertainment to gatherings.

In case you are looking for a lounge where you can watch friends or fellow drinking patrons take the stage to sing and deliver unexpected performances that are highly entertaining and amusing, you should highly consider 40forty Lounge.

Winners are gifted with cash and hampers.

40forty Lounge Location

On the First Floor of Stellato Mall, along Muthithi Road

40forty Lounge Contacts

+(254) 796 40 40 40

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