(ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club Swimming Charges

This article lays down the charges for swimming at ABSA Sports Club, previously and famously known as Barcalys Sports Club. Also, it lists down other facilities offered at the Sports Club.

ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club Swimming

ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club Swimming

(ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club is one of the best swimming pools in Nairobi for the average person. The swimming pool is currently called ABSA Bank Sports Club and it is located off Thika Super Highway, along Utalii Lane.

The swimming pool is just after the KCA University Gate, Survey. Below is a map of where (ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club Swimming Pool is located.

Even though the swimming pool is owned by ABSA Bank, it is open to the public. Everyone is allowed to swim even if they do not have an ABSA Bank account.

In size, the swimming pool measures 25 metres by 12 metres and it has a baby pool that is detached. Both pools are well maintained and treated regularly with chlorine to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria.

(ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club Swimming Pool Opening and Closing Hours

The swimming pool is open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm daily and it is full of lifeguards everywhere.

Other Facilities Offered

Apart from swimming, (ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club has the following facilities:

·        Club House

·        Onsite Cafeteria and Bar

·        Indoor and Outdoor tennis

·        Indoor Basketball

·        Hockey Rink

·        Children’s Playground

·        Football Playground

·        Rugby Playground

·        A gym

·        Outdoor Running Tracks

·        Multipurpose Hall

·        Squash

·        A Car Wash

(ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club also has a secure parking, you can swim or engage in one or all of the activities mentioned above without worrying about the safety of your car!

Barcalys Sports Club Swimming Pool Contacts

+(254) 706 79 15 61

How Much is Swimming at (ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club Swimming

Category Charges
Adults KES 400
Children KES 300


(ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club Swimming pool is a good spot to enjoy a morning or afternoon swim. The staff members are very friendly and refreshments are fresh and come in cold and hot forms. The onsite bar is also well stocked with all major types of beer, whiskey, tequila, vodka, rum, brandy, gin and wine.

The best time to swim at (ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club Swimming pool is during the weekdays. On weekends, it is kind of overcrowded making swimming a bit difficult.

In general, (ABSA) Barcalys Sports Club Swimming pool is a good spot for both adults and children. it has Google rating of 4.5 after 271 reviews! Try it out as soon as you can. All the best and remember to observe swimming pool rules to avoid any swimming accidents!

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