Anga CBD Cinema Reviews

This blog post reviews Anga CBD Cinema.

anga cbd cinema reviews

It gives a detailed description about its location, direction, ticket prices and how to book a ticket!

Also, this blog post outlines why Anga CBD Cinema is one of the best Movie Cinemas/Theatres to watch a Movie.

Currently, Anga CBD Cinema has a Google Rating of 4.4 Stars after more than 4900 Google Reviews.

Anga Cinemas About

Anga Cinemas is a cinema chain store that has 3 Movie Theatres in Nairobi. They include; Anga Diamond, Anga Panari and Anga CBD.

Anga CBD Cinema Location

Anga CBD Cinema is located along on the 1st Floor of the 20th Century Building along Mama Ngina Street, Near City Hall.

The Movie Theatre (Movie Cinema) is just oppossite Trans National House.

Below is a map that shows Directions to Anga CBD Cinema.

Directions to Anga CBD Cinema

A Detailed Review about Anga CBD Cinema

Anga CBD Cinema is one of the best cinemas to watch a movie because it has comfortable seats, and TVs that are bright and produce clear and sharp images.

The Cinema is also designed in a manner that every viewer can be able to see a movie without obstruction even when all the seats are occcupied.

When it comes to sorround sound, Anga CBD Cinemas has invested in a state-of-the-art audio system that delivers crisp and clear sound.

Anga CBD Cinema is also a good place to watch a movie because it has multiple screen options such as IMAX, 3D and 7D.

All these screen options cater to the diverse needs of all viewers.

How to Buy Anga CBD Cinema Tickets Online

This a step-by-step procedure on how to book a cinema ticket at Anga CBD Cinema.

  1. Log in to
  2. Highlight ‘Schedule’ and Select Which Anga Cinema Store You Would Like to Watch Your Movie From (CBD, Panari/Sky or Diamond)
  3. After Selecting your preferred Anga Cinema Store, you will be directed to another page where you will see a full list of movies that are currently showing
  4. Highlight and then Select the Movie you want to watch
  5. After Selecting the Movie you want to watch, you will be directed to another page that shows when that Movie is being aired and the ticket prices.
  6. Highlight and then Select your preffered time of Watching, you will then be directed to another page where you will choose which seat you would prefer to watch the movie from.
  7. On that page, choose any seat you would like and then press Proceed.

anga cbd cinema reviews

8. After Clicking Proceed, you will be presented with two options ‘Buy Concessions or Proceed to Payments’

9. When you click Concessions, you have the options of buying one or all of the following snacks;

Urban Bites 120 GramsKES 350
Large Popcorn (Salted)KES 300
Caramel Popcorn (Large)KES 450
Dasani 500mlKES 170
Caramel Medium PopcornKES 350
Soda 500mlKES 200

10. In case you are not willing to buy any Concessions, you can Select Proceed to Payment.

11. Upon Selecting, you will be directed to another page whereby you will be required to fill in your details including your Names and Email Address.

12. After filling in your details, Highlight and Select ‘Book’

13. Upon Pressing Book, you will be directed to another page where you will be presented with several Payment Options such as Mpesa, Jambo wallet, Airtel, and Telkom.

14. Choose your Preferred Payment Option, enter your phone number and then Pay.

Anga CBD Cinema Photos

anga cbd cinema reviews

anga cbd cinema reviews

Anga CBD Cinema Ticket Prices

The Average Ticket Price at Anga CBD Cinema is between KES 500 – KES 700

Anga CBD Cinema Movie Schedule

For a complete (full) Anga CBD Cinema Schedule, Visit

Anga CBD Cinema Contacts



📞 +(254) 708 53 49 61

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