Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri Activities, Prices, Location and Menu

This blog post identifies the activities you can engage in at Bantu Africa Resort and Spa, Nyeri as well as their prices.

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri

Also, this article identifies the Location and Menu of Bantu Africa Resort and Spa. Enjoy!

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri Location

Bantu Africa Resort is located in Nyeri County along the Nyeri-Nanyuki Highway.

The Resort lies on the foot of Mount Kenya, approximately 2 Kilometres from Marua and 10 Kilometres from Nyeri town.

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri Activities

In no particular order, these are the Best Activities you can engage in at Bantu Africa Resort & Spa;

1. Swimming

Bantu Africa Resort and Spa has an olympic size swimming pool that has a shallow end and a deep end.

One of the best things about this swimming pool is that it is well maintained. The pool is ever clean, and free from debris. The chemical levels are also well balanced to ensure swimmers do not get rashes or eye infections.

Another great quality about Bantu Africa’s swimming pool is that it has an effective filtration and circulation system and additional features like comfortable seating areas, shade structures, changing rooms, and showers.

in case you an amateur swimmer, worrry not! Bantu Africa has professional lifeguards and swimming instructors who are ready to help you kickstart your swimming endeavour.

Children are only allowed to swim in a detached baby pool.

Below is a table showing Bantu Africa Resort and Spa Swimming Charges

AdultsKES 400
Children/KidsKES 200

2. Archery

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri

Archery is a sport that involves using a bow to shoot arrows at a target. It requires a combination of skill, concentration, focus, and precision

Archery is a good game to play because it promotes physical fitness, mental discipline, and hand-eye coordination.

The sport can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, from recreational enthusiasts to Olympic-level competitors, from young people to old people.

The charges for playing archery at Bantu Africa is KES 700 per session.

One session is 30 minutes.

3. Ziplining

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri

Ziplining is a thrilling outdoor activity that involves sliding along a suspended cable or zipline from one point to another.

Ziplining can be enjoyed by people of various ages and fitness levels, but it’s important to check the age and weight restrictions imposed by each zipline operator. Some ziplines may also have specific requirements regarding physical conditions or health concerns.

Generally, ziplining is fun because it offers one a unique blend of adventure, adrenaline, and breathtaking views.

Ziplining is also fun because it provides one with a sense of freedom and liberation. It gives one a chance to break away from the constraints of the ground and experience the world from a whole new perspective.

Below is a table that the shows Bantu Africa Resort Zipline Charges

AdultsKES 1,000
Children/KidsKES 300

How long is the Zipline at Bantu Africa Resort?

1.2 Kilometres

4. Ride Horse Carousels or Merry-Go-Rounds

Bantu Africa Resort is one of the best places to ride a horse carousel or a merry-go-round in Nyeri.

Carousels and Merry-go-rounds are classic amusement park rides that continue to captivate people of all ages. They offer a sense of joy and nostalgia. They are also known for their cheerful atmosphere.

The charges for riding a horse carousel or a Merry-go-round are KES 200.

5. Have Fun at Arabica Family Water Park

The Arabica Family Water Park is located in Bantu Africa Resort. The water park boasts of so many activities.

Apart from swimming, other activities one can engage in at Arabica Family Water Park include riding waterslides and boat riding.

Waterslides are thrilling and enjoyable attractions found in water parks, resorts, and recreational facilities.

They offer a unique combination of excitement, refreshment, and a sense of adventure. Here are some reasons why waterslides are considered fun:

  1. Adrenaline rush: Waterslides provide an adrenaline rush as you slide down the slippery surface at high speeds. The combination of gravity, water, and twists and turns creates a thrilling experience that can get your heart racing. The anticipation and excitement leading up to the slide, followed by the rush of sliding down, contribute to the overall fun factor.
  2. Water play and refreshment: Waterslides offer a fun and refreshing way to beat the heat. The water flowing down the slide keeps you cool as you slide through it. It’s a chance to engage in water play, splash around, and enjoy the sensation of water rushing past you. The combination of water and the thrill of the slide provides a refreshing and enjoyable experience, especially on hot summer days.
  3. Variety and uniqueness: Waterslides come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Some slides are straight and fast, while others feature twists, turns, and drops. There are slides with open-air sections, enclosed tunnels, or even multi-person rafts. The variety and uniqueness of waterslides allow for different experiences, catering to various preferences and levels of thrill-seeking.
  4. Social and shared experience: Waterslides often encourage social interactions and shared experiences. You can slide alongside friends, family members, or even strangers, creating moments of laughter and excitement together. The anticipation, screams, and laughter as you slide down the waterslide contribute to a fun and enjoyable social atmosphere.
  5. Sense of adventure: Waterslides provide a sense of adventure and escapism. They allow you to momentarily leave your cares behind and immerse yourself in a playful and carefree experience. The twists, turns, and unexpected elements of the slide add an element of surprise and adventure, making each slide feel like a mini adventure of its own.
  6. All-ages appeal: Waterslides can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to adults. They provide a fun experience for families, friends, and individuals looking to have a good time. Water parks often have different slides designated for various age groups and skill levels, ensuring that everyone can find a slide that suits their preferences and comfort level.

Boat riding is done in the Children/Kids swimming pool.

The swimming pool is very large and it can accomodate both swimmers and boat riders.

The charges for riding the waterslides are KES 200 and the charges for riding the boat is also KES 200.

6. Play at the Bouncing Castle (Kids)

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri

Bouncing castles are popular and enjoyable attractions for children and even adults. These structures provide a fun and bouncy surface for jumping, bouncing, and playing.

Playing in Bouncing Castles is not only a fun activity, it is also a healthy activity. It allows children/kids to burn off energy, improve balance, and enhance their motor skills.

Bantu Africa Resort has two Bouncing Castles (Big and Small)

The charges for Kids to play at either the big or small Bouncing Castle is KES 200.

7. Unwind at Bantu Africa Resort’s Sports Club

Bantu Africa Resort’s Sports Club is a good place to unwind and catch up with your friends, family or take your loved one to a club date.

Bantu Africa Resort’s Sports Club is known for its luxurious and upscale ambiance, attracting a trendy and affluent crowd.

The club offers a stylish and modern interior with a spacious dance floor, VIP sections, and a well-stocked bar.

When it comes to music, the club features a mix of local and international music. Primarily, the Sports Club focuses on genres like Hip-hop, R&B, Afrobeat, and dancehall.

It often hosts local and international DJs, artists, and performers, ensuring an energetic and lively atmosphere.

B-Club provides a VIP experience with bottle service and exclusive seating areas, offering a more private and intimate setting for guests who prefer a more upscale experience.

8. Dine at Bantu Africa Resort

Bantu Africa Resort Hotel is one of the best places to dine in Nyeri. The hotel has consistently delivered delicious, and well-prepared food. The ingredients used by the hotel are fresh, flavorful, and of good quality.

Other great qualities about Bantu Africa Resort Hotel is that it has a pleasant ambiance, maintains high standards of cleanliness and hygiene and it offers exceptional customer service.

Below is detailed table showcasing Bantu Africa Resort Food Menu and Prices

Bantu Africa Resort Food Prices

9. Enjoy a Golf Kart Ride

Ever riden on an electric Golf Kart? if no, Bantu Africa Resort has several Golf Karts.

A golf cart ride at Bantu Africa Resort involves ridng a golf kart around the resort’s expansive fields.

The ride is fun and educative because you get to feel how golf kart rides are thrilling while tour every corner of the resort.

The charges for riding the golf kart is KES 200

10. Water Rafting

In case the Children/Kids swimming pool is too small for you to enjoy your boat ride, you can try water rafting at a nearby river.

Water rafting is an exciting outdoor activity that involves navigating rivers or rapids using an inflatable raft. This activity provides an adrenaline-pumping adventure and an opportunity to experience the power of moving water.

In case you are in the mood for water rafting, you need to contact, engage and book for a sesssion earlier;

The charges for water rafting at Bantu Africa Resort are KES 1,200 per head.

Point to Note

For a full package (Access all the activities mentioned above), all you need to pay is KES 2,000

Other Fun Activities at Bantu Africa Resort (Kids)

  • Riding the train @ KES 300
  • Jumping on a Trampoline @ KES 200
  • Ride Quad Bikes @ KES 200

Bantu Africa Resort Accomodation

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri

Bantu Africa Resort Prices Per Night

Type of RoomBed and Breakfast in KESHalf Board in KESFull Board in KES
Single Standard Room6,0007,0008,000
Double Standard Room7,0008,00010,000
Superior Room Single8,0009,00010,000
Superior Double Room11,00013,00016,000
Deluxe Single Room10,00012,00013,500
Deluxe Double Room Honeymoon Suite14,00016,00019,000
Twin Deluxe Room12,00014,00017,000
Triple Room15,00018,00021,000
Family Room18,00022,00025,000

Free Amenities at Bantu Africa Resort

  1. Pool
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Parking

Bantu Africa Resort Check in and Check Out time

Check in: 12:00 PM

Check Out: 10:00 AM

Payments Forms Accepted at Bantu Africa Resort

  • Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • M-PESA
  • Debit Cards
  • NFC Mobile Payments

Bantu Africa Resort Entrance or Entry Fee

There are no entrance or entry fee to Bantu Africa Resort. Entrance if free! All you need to pay up for are the activities, food, and drinks.

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri Owner

Flamboyant Nyeri Business Magnate Thuo Mathenge

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri Google Review

Bantu Africa Resort Nyeri has a Google Rating of 4.2 stars after more than 950 Google Reviews

Bantu Africa Resort and Spa Jobs

In case you are looking for a job at Bantu Africa Resort and Spa, keep refreshing their social media pages.

If you are lucky to find a Job vacancy, send your job application to the E-mail below


Bantu Africa Resort Contacts

📍➤ Nyeri, Kenya

📞 +(254) 768 49 78 41


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