Best and Fun Activities at Westgate Mall

This blog post identifies 10 best fun activities you can engage in at Westgate Mall. Also, it identifies the stores/shops located in the mall.

Westgate Shopping Mall

Westgate Shopping Mall is an upscale shopping center that is located along 15 Mwanzi Road, Westlands, Nairobi. The mall was first opened in the year 2007 and it is home to more than 80 store outlets.

Below is a list of stores located in Westgate Mall. The list is arranged in no particular order:

  1. Gametroniq
  2. Aquapet
  3. Lacoste
  4. Women’s Secrets
  5. Mango
  6. Erita Jewels
  7. Boss
  8. Hugo Boss
  9. VishElectric
  10. Puma
  11. Samsonite
  12. Educate Yourself
  13. Miniso
  14. Fragrance Lounge
  15. Basic Intimates
  16. Safaricom
  17. The Gadget Shop
  18. Clarks
  19. Pretty Ballerinas
  20. CarreFour
  21. Brands (BigDaddy)
  22. Hotpoint
  23. Healthy U
  24. Qualatex
  25. Dos Skechers
  26. Springfield
  27. Quinn Peaks
  28. Fazal the Luxury Boutique
  29. Mocca
  30. Sports Planet
  31. Diamond Watch
  32. Salute I World
  33. Bata
  34. Samsung
  35. Blooming Blooms
  36. Sir Henry’s
  37. Gemesssence
  38. LittleRed Africa
  39. Titan
  40. Omar Modern Carpets
  41. Optica
  42. Trevor
  43. Swarovski
  44. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
  45. Strikez Restaurant
  46. Barista & Co
  47. Meso
  48. W health Cafe and Restaurant
  49. Artcaffé Kiosk
  50. Artcaffé Grand
  51. Creamy Inn
  52. Subway
  53. Ocean Basket
  54. Pizza Hut
  55. Chicken Inn
  56. Pizza Inn
  57. Tapas Ceviche Bar
  58. Urban Gourmet Burger
  59. Pizza Hut
  60. Haandi
  61. Linton’s Beauty World
  62. Westlands Forex Bureau
  63. Sona Shoppe
  64. ABSA
  65. Stanbic Bank
  66. Bonfire Adventures
  67. KCB Bank
  68. Aramex
  69. Yves Rocher
  70. Ashley’s
  71. Lorenzo Dry Cleaners
  72. Goodlife Pharmacy
  73. W Exclusive Wellness and Fitness
  74. Diamong Trust Bank
  75. Westgate Cinema
  76. Strikez Entertainment

1. Strikez Bowling Alley

Strikez Bowling Alley is located on the first floor of Westgate Mall. The bowling alley has 10 lanes of bowling!

Other fun indoor games available at Strikez Bowling Alley include:

  • Foosball
  • Air Hockey
  • Pool tables (9 in number)

Strikez Bowling alley is also home to Strikez restaurant which offers lip-smacking food and beverages.

Strikez Bowling Alley Contacts

Phone Number: +(254) 716 27 47 98

Email :

For more bowling places in Nairobi, check out The Best Bowling Places in Nairobi

2. Watch the Latest Movie at Westgate Cinema

Westgate Shopping Mall

Westgate Cinema is a premium that offers one of the best entertainment experience in Westlands. The screen is very big and the seats are well arranged at this cinema.

For the best movie experience, try visiting Westgate Cinema during weeknights when it is less crowded and there are very few distractions.

Westgate Cinema Contacts

Phone Number: +(254) 114133630


3. Shop for Clothes and Shoes at Puma, Boss, or Hugo Boss

Westgate Shopping Mall is home to several clothing brands such as Puma, Boss, Hugo Boss, Sir Henry’s, Bata, LittleRed Africa, and Lacoste just to name a few.

For a wardrobe change, Westgate Mall should come into your mind. This mall has more clothing stores than any other mall in Westlands or Nairobi at large.

4. Enjoy Delicacies at Renowned Hotels and Restaurants

Westgate Shopping Mall

Westgate Shopping Mall is home to international branded restaurants such as Subway, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Creamy inn, Pizza inn etc.

Westgate Shopping Mall

All these eateries serve quality foods and refreshments. In case you are hungry and want to grab someting to eat, Westgate Mall has got your stomach covered!

Westgate Shopping Mall

5. Keep Fit at W Exclusive Wellness and Fitness Gym

W Exclusive Wellness & Fitness Gym is a well equipped training facility that sits on an area of around 3,000 square meters. The gym is very clean and it is well maintained. The staff is also very competent and helpful.

Other facilities offered at Wellness and Fitness gym is an indoor heated pool, studios for gym classes and a health bar.

6. Shop Till You Drop at CarreFour

For all your shopping needs, CarreFour at Westgate is a good place to visit. The supermarket has fresh groceries, quality bakery products and durable shopping products.

CarreFour is a also a good supermarket because it has 99% of the products shoppers are looking for. The supermarket offers more than 500,000 types of food and non-food products.

CarreFour at Westgate Shopping Mall is located on the ground floor

Carrefour at Westgate Shopping Malls Contacts

Phone Number: 0800221322


7. Enjoy Coffee at Artcaffé

Westgate Shopping Mall

The coffee at Artcaffé is just amazing. The coffee is brewed from high quality coffee beans and its aroma and flavor are more than pleasant.

During a cold day or after a long day of work, checking in at Artcaffé is a good idea. Coffee makes people feel less tired, increases their energy levels and improves their productivity and brain function.

Westgate Shopping Mall

Artcaffé at Westgate Shopping Mall Contacts

Phone Number: 0725202020


For deliveries, contacts this number +(254) 25202020

8. Pamper Yourself at Fragrance Lounge and Erita Jewels

In case you are looking for a genuine perfume designer, Fragrance Lounge has a wide stock of perfumes you could choose from. The perfumes are suitable for men, women and children. For the latest international trends in perfumes, consider viting Fragrance Lounge

On the other hand, Erita Jewels offers a variety of beautifully custom made jewelries. Erita jewels specializes in rings, necklaces, earings, bracelets, cufflinks, anitque jewelry and bead jewelry just to mention a few.

9. Shop for High End Make up and Skin Products at Lintons Beauty World

Westgate Shopping Mall

Lintons Beauty World is a good place to shop for quality make up products at a cheap fee. The beauty store is owned by Dr Joyce Gikunda and the main mission of the store is to impact the lives of African people through beauty.

10. Shop for Video Games, Laptops and other Accessories at Gametroni

Gametroniq is a good place to buy game consoles and games. It is also the number one stop to shop for electronics at Westgate Mall. For quality products, you should consider visiting this store!

Westgate Shopping Mall Contacts


Phone Numbers: 0715-557775 | 0780-557775

Westgate Shopping Mall Website

Westgate Shopping Mall Opening and Closing Hours

Westgate Shopping Mall is opened daily from 8:00 am to 12:am. The hours may differ on holidays.

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