Best National Schools in Embu County

Here is a list of the Best National Schools in Embu County.

best national schools in embu county

At the moment, they are only 2Moi High School Mbiruri and Siakago Girls.

1. Moi High School – Mbiruri

Moi High School – Mbiruri is the best performing high school in Embu County. It is a boys’ only boarding school that was established in the year 1987 and is located in Embu East Sub-County. The school occupies a 20 acre piece of land.

Moi High School – Mbiruri is considered to be the best National School in Embu County because it has well trained and qualified teachers who are dedicated to the success of their students.

Another good thing about Moi High School – Mbiruri is that it has state-of-the-art infrastracture including modern storey buildings, well-equipped science and computer laboratories and the students are very disciplined.

Moi High School – Mbiruri Phone Numbers

 +(254) 720 77 99 55

Moi High School – Mbiruri Address

 P.O. Box 34, Runyenjes 60103

2. Siakago Girls High School

Siakago Girls is a high performing girls’ only high school that was established in the year 1970 and is located in Mbeere North Sub County. It is a National levevl school that has an enrollment of almost 1,000 students. The current Principal is Anne Mwangangi.

Siakago Girls is a good school high school because it offers so many extracurricular activities to its students including school clubs such as Redcross, Girl guides, Debators Club, and Drama Club just to mention a few.

Siakago Girls is also a good school because it has modern classes, and teachers who are willing to teach. Above all, the administration is very efficient because it works hand in hand with the Parents Teachers Assocation in order to create a bright future for all Siakago students.

Siakago Girls High School Phone Numbers

+(254) 711 68 37 26

Siakago Girls High School Address

P.O Box 91, Siakago

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