Best Places to Live along Thika Road

Here is a list of the Best places to live along Thika Road. All of these places are very secure, well connected with roads, electricity and water and have a rich sense of community and neighborliness.

best places to live along thika road

Also, these places have well-designed and maintained homes and very close to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational facilities.

Let’s hop into the list.

1. Jacaranda Estate

Jacaranda Estate is located off Thika Road along Kamiti Road. The estate is known for its serenity, reliable and efficient public services including water, electricity, and waste disposal.

Another good thing about Jacaranda Estate is that it is a modern gated community with very tight security. There are hardly any theft or burglary cases in this Estate.

2. Garden Estate

Garden Estate is located along Garden Estate Road. It is a very quite and peaceful neighbourhood. One of the best things about Garden Estate is that it is located close to Malls such as Mountain Mall and Garden City Mall. This makes shopping quick and easy for the residents.

Garden Estate is also among the best places to live along Thika Road because it has modern houses that are linked with well-maintained sidewalks.

3. Kahawa Sukari

Kahawa Sukari is the best place to live along Thika Road. It is home to some of the biggest mansions and bungalows. Kahawa Sukari is also home to famous and prominent people in Kenya’s society.

In case you are looking for a neighbourhood that is very secure and has a rich sense of community and neighborliness, look no further than Kahawa Sukari.

4. Kenyatta Road

Popularly known as K.Road, Kenyatta Road is a 10-minutes drive from Thika Road. I believe K.Road is the perfect definition of what modern estates look like. At the moment, there are several gated communities and homes for sale start from KES 3,500,000.

5. The River Estate

The River Estate is located right at the heart of Ngara along Jodongo Road near Ngara Girls High School. The estate has 8 apartment blocks. Each block has 34 floors and more than 320 homes.

One thing that makes River Estate the best place to live along Thika Road is its proximity to town. The estate is located in a walkable distace.

Point to Note: Despite high levels of insecurity, Juja has very fancy apartments. In future, owning a home in Juja will be worth the risk.

Other Best Places to Live Along Thika Road

  • Gumba Estate/Ngumba
  • Roysambu – TRM and Lumumba Drive
  • Seasons
  • Kihunguro
  • Ruiru

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