Best Places to Visit in Kitengela

This is a list of the best places to visit in Kitengela. These locations offer nothing but happiness, joy and adrenaline rush.


Nestled at the foothills of the stunning Ngong Hills, Kitengela town is a hidden gem in Kenya that boasts a unique blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and modern amenities. One of the town’s main attractions is the Nairobi National Park which is located just a stone’s throw away and is home to a wide variety of wildlife such as lions, giraffes, zebras, and cheetahs.

In addition to its natural attractions, Kitengela is also renowned for its unique and vibrant art scene. The town is home to numerous art studios and workshops, where visitors can observe and even participate in the creation of various forms of artwork, including glass blowing, beadwork, and pottery.

The town’s local Maasai community also adds to its charm with many cultural experiences and traditional practices still being preserved and celebrated. Visitors can enjoy authentic Maasai cuisine, witness traditional dances, and purchase handcrafted souvenirs from local markets.

In overall, Kitengela town is a true hidden gem, offering a blend of modern amenities and natural beauty while still preserving its rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or an adventure-packed getaway, this town has something to offer for everyone. Below is a list of 10 of the Best places to visit in Kitengela.

1. GMC Fun Place

GMC Fun Place is an amusement park located in the heart of Kitengela Town. The park is a haven for adventure enthusiasts, children, families and friends who are seeking for a day that is filled of fun activities.

Some of the activities you can expect to do at GMC Fun Place include riding the ferris wheel, rock climbing, playing archery, water rollers, and slide in castles slides. All these activities above are offered at a pocket friendly price.

GMC Fun Place Contacts

 +(254) 701 56 05 60

2. Funland Amusement Park

Funland Amusement Park is located next to GMC Fun Place. The park is open daily from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm and it offers fun activities such as bouncing in bouncing castles, trampoline, and riding a merry-go round. To access these and other games offered, you need to pay KES 600 only.

The Park also has an eatery join that offers foods such as fish,chips, chicken, nyama choma and a range of African foods. Currently, the facility has been rated 5/5 stars on Google.

Funland Amusement Park

+(254) 793 92 29 47

3. Kitengela Hot Glass


Kitengela Hot Glass has a scary hanging bridge that is available to book online. The bridge is only available to persons who are aged 10 years and above. The bridge is suspended over a river and it connects Kitengela Glass with Maasai Lodge. The charges for crossing this bridge is KES 300.

Kitengela Hot Glass Contacts

+(254) 01 10 00 14 99

4. Club 034

CLUB 034

Club 034 is a joint like no other. The facility is unique because it is the only Kenyan club that is hosted in a plane. To book a reservation at this amazing facility, you need to pay at least KES 5,000. The fee is reedemable once you in the club. In case you want to enjoy drinks while being served with waiters/waitresses dressed like cabin crew, you should consider visiting this facility.

Club 034 Contacts

+(254) 721 65 75 23

5. Kitengela Mall

Kitengela Mall is a state of the art shopping Mall. It is the biggest Mall in Kitengela town and is located next to St Monica and the Aga Khan hospital along the Namanga Road.

The Mall is home to hundreds of retails shops including Naivas Supermarket, Artcaffe, a children amusement spot, an eye hospital, several clothes and stores.

In general, Kitengela Mall has everything you might be looking for in Kitengela town. it is has ample parking, it is a good place for kids and has a wide shopping area.

6. OBC Mall Kitengela

OBC Mall Kitengela is located along Namanga road. It is located next to Kitengela Mall. OBC Mall is best known for hosting Quickmart. The mall has an amazing security, it is ever clean, and the services offered here are exemplary. Other shops available at OBC Mall Kitengela include a spa and wellness center, Charlie’s Bistro, ropempones, and a pizza store.

OBC Mall Kitengela Contacts

+(254) 798 06 51 52

7. Rayan Water

Rayan Water is an amusement park in Kitengela offering several water fun activities. Some of the main activities you can expect to do here include swimming, water sliding, and playing with water at water playing grounds. In case you want to play with fresh water, this is the best place to visit.

Rayan Water Contacts

(254) 705 50 08 00

8. Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is a wildlife reserve located in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. It is the only national park in the world that is located within a capital city. The park covers an area of about 117 square kilometers and is home to a wide variety of wildlife including lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, and over 400 species of birds.

Visitors to the park can enjoy game drives, guided walks, and other outdoor activities while experiencing the unique juxtaposition of wildlife and urban life. The park also plays an important role in conservation efforts in Kenya, particularly in protecting endangered species and preserving wildlife habitats.

Nairobi National Park Contacts

020 2423423

9. Nkasiri Adventure Park


Nkasiri Adventure Park is a recreational destination located some few kilometers from Kitengela town. The park offers a variety of outdoor activities such as zip-lining, high ropes course, archery, paintball, and quad biking. The park also has a swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar, and a gazebo. In case you want to experience the thrill of a lifetime, you should consider vising this spot.

Nkasiri Adventure Park Contacts

+(254) 791 22 33 44

10. Great Wall Gardens Mall

Great Wall Gardens Mall is an amenity of the Great Wall Apartments. The mall is home to several retail stores. It is a great place to do all your shopping. You can be able to shop for different products and access different services in one roof. Above all, the mall has clean washrooms and ample parking for its customers.

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