Chaka Ranch Swimming Prices

This blog post identifies Chaka Ranch’s Swimming Prices. Also, it identifies where this hidden gem is located and other activities one can engage in.

chaka ranch swimming prices

Chaka Ranch Location

Chaka Ranch is located in Kiganjo, Nyeri, County Number 019. It is one of the 12 Best Places to Visit in Nyeri. Currently, this recreational spot has a Google Rating of 4.2 Stars after more than 1,100 Google Reviews.

Chaka Ranch Directions

Chaka Ranch Swimming Prices

Chaka Ranch has one of the Best Swimming Pools in Nyeri. It has several floating slides and seesaws which enhance the swimming experience. There is also a baby pool for toddlers.

Generally, Chaka Ranch Swimming Pool is unique because it has lifeguards everywhere. These lifeguards not only guarantee the safety of the swimmers but also teach amateur swimmers on how to swim.

Another good thing about Chaka Ranch Swimming Pool is that the water is regularly maintained and treated to protect swimmers from infections and diseases.

Lastly, Chaka Ranch Swimming Pool is a good swimming pool because it has several shading options where swimmers can relax after swimming. Sun lounges are also available!

Below is a table showing Chaka Ranch Swimming Prices. The Prices are constant for both children and adults on weekdays and weekends.

CategoryPrice in KES
AdultsKES 1,500
ChildrenKES 1,500

Other Activities to Engage in at Chaka Ranch

  1. Play Paintball
  2. Team Building
  3. Roller Skating
  4. Ride Quad Bikes
  5. Go-Karting
  6. Kids Activities; Ride Choo Choo Train, Merry-go-round, see-saws, and playing in bouncing castles.
  7. Climbing walls

Chaka Ranch Phone Numbers

+(254) 719 24 28 97

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