Cyprus Park Nakuru Fun Activities, Charges and Location

This blog post identifies Fun activities to do at Cyprus Park Nakuru and their charges.

Cyprus Park Nakuru Fun Activities, Charges and Location

Also, this post identifies the exact location of Cyprus Park in Nakuru.

10 Fun Activities to do at Cyprus Park Nakuru

Below is a list of fun activities you can indulge in at Cyprus Theme Park;

1. Archery

Archery is a sport or skill where people use a bow and arrows to shoot at targets. The goal is to hit the target accurately.

Cyprus Park Nakuru is a good place to play archery because it offers archers enough space to stand, draw their bows, and shoot comfortably without feeling crowded. The archery area also has clear boundaries, proper signage, and safety rules in place.

Playing archery at Cyprus Park is fun because it enables you to connect with nature since it is an outdoor activity.

Archery is also fun because it allows promotes social interaction and allows you to compete against other people in a friendly competition.

The charges for playing archery at Cyprus is KES 300 Per Player. This amount allows one to shoot a maximum of 10 arrows (shots).

Other Adult Activities to Play at Cyprus Park Nakuru

Below is table that shows other adult activities you can play at Cyprus Park Nakuru and their charges.

Outdoor ActivityCharges
DartsKES 300
Table TennisKES 300 Per Player and KES 500 For Duos
Pool or BilliardsKES 300

2. Play Arcade Games

Arcade games are video games that are typically played in public places like arcades, amusement parks, restaurants, and entertainment centers.

These games are designed to be engaging, entertaining, and are often quick to play.

Cyprus Park Nakuru is best known for its archade games such as Car Racing, Basketball, Bike Racing, Dancing and VR 9 D or VR 12 D,

Below is a table showing the charges for playing the above Archade Games.

Arcade GameCharges
Car RacingKES 200
Basket BallKES 200
Bike RacingKES 200
Bike RacingKES 200
VR 9 D (3 Plays)KES 300
VR 12 D (3 Plays)KES 300

3. Swimming

Cyprus Park has one of the best swimming pools in Nakuru City. In case you are looking for a clean swimming pool that is properly treated to maintain hygiene and has trained lifeguards, look no further than Cyprus Park!

In case you are an amateur, worry not! The lifeguards offer swimming lessons at a fee that is not fixed. It all depends on your barganing power!

The charges for swimming at Cyprus Park Nakuru is KES 400 (both adults and children)

4. Play Lunar Games at Cyprus Lunar Park

The Cyprus Lunar Park offers a variety of Lunar Games such Swings, Trampolines, Bouncing in Bouncing Castles, and Climbing Walls

The above games are fun and engaging especialy for Kids. Below is a table showing the charges for each of these activities.

Lunar GameCharges
Bouncing CastleKES 400
Climbing WallsKES 400
TrampolinesKES 300
SwingsKES 300

Point to Note: Once you pay the above charges, you can access the Lunar Games all day apart from cycling.

5. Enjoy a Variety of Cyprus Rides

Cyprus Park has 4 different types of rides it offer to its guests. They include; Train Ride, Kiddies Cars, Bumper Cars, and Drifters.

Below is a table showing the charges of riding each type of car.

Lunar GameCharges
Train RideKES 400
Kiddies CarsKES 400
Bumper CarsKES 300
DriftersKES 300

Before you embark on riding any of these rides, make sure you wear the proper gear and listen carefully to the instructions you will be given.

6. Horse Riding

Riding Horses can be fun because it allows one to learn how to connect with nature and animals.

Horse riding has also been proven to relieve stress and give one a sense of adventure.

To ride horses at Cyprus Park, all you have to do is pay KES 200.

7. Roller Skating

Roller skating is a popular recreational activity that involves gliding on a smooth surface using roller skates.

Cyprus Park Nakuru has a good Roller Skating Rink that is very smooth and provides ample space for skaters to move comfortably.

If you have your own Roller Skates, the charges for Roller Skating at this Theme Park is KES 200 Per Hour.

In case you do not have Roller Skates, you can hire one for KES 100 Per Hour and Skate at charges of KES 200 Per Hour. This brings the total to KES 300.

8. Ride Quad Bikes

A quad bike, also known as an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), is a four-wheeled vehicle designed for off-road use. Quad bikes are popular for recreational riding, agricultural and industrial purposes, and even in certain sports.

Cyprus Park is one of the few places in Nakuru City that offers Quad Bike Riding.

The Theme Park charges KES 1,000 for every 20-minute ride. The charges apply to both adults and children.

9. Face Painting

There is no better way to have fun at a theme park than painting your face with different colors.

Face Painting allows kids to be whomever they fantasize about or call their heroes. At Cyprus Park, kids can face paint themselves as Marvel Characters such as Spiderman or Superman. The idea on whom to be face painted is unlimited.

The charges for Face Painting at Cyprus Park Nakuru is KES 200.

10. Relax and Replenish by Enjoying Massage Services at Cyprus Park’s Spa

Massage Therapy is considered beneficial because it offers both physical and mental advantages such as muscle relaxation and stress relief.

Other advantages of massage therapy include Improved Blood Circulation and Pain Management of Conditions such as Muscle Injuries and Chronic Pain.

The Charges for Massage Therapy at Cyprus Park is KES 500 for a period of 15 Minutes only.

Point to Note: Massage Therapy is only open for adults.

Bonus Activity

Cyprus Park also has a restaurant that offers tasty, flavorful and mouth-watering delicacies. The restaurant has skilled chefs, offers a varied menu and serves fresh, well-prepared, and visually appealing food.

Having dined at this Restaurant, I would say that the ambiance, atmosphere, service and quality of food is more than exceptional.

I give it a Five Stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cyprus Park Nakuru Location

Cyprus Park is a Theme Park that is located in the Industrial area of Nakuru along the Stanley Mathenge Road.

The Recreational Centre is located 5.2 Kilometres from the Central Business District of Nakuru using the General Kariba Street.

Landmarks close to the Theme Park include the Kenya Forest Service and Reliable Concrete Works.

Cyprus Park Nakuru Directions

  1. From the Central Business District of Nakuru, travel West using the A104 road until the Eveready Roundabout.
  2. From the Eveready Roundabout, proceed straight and turn right immediately after Kenya seed.
  3. Proceed past Prime Mattresses and you will see Cyprus Park on your right. The gate is situated at the middle of the facility.

Cyprus Park Nakuru Entrance Fee

There are no Entrance Fees or Entry Fee to access Cyprus Park

Is Cyprus Park Nakuru Open?

Cyprus Park is open daily 24 hours every Week

Cyprus Park Nakuru Contacts

+(254) 740 45 44 45

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