Evergreen Park Kiambu Entrance Fee, Activities and Charges

This blog post identifies the Entrance Fee to Evergreen Park and outlines the activities you can do and their charges.

evergreen park kiambu entrance fee activities and charges

Also, this post identifies the park’s location, gives the directions to follow to get there and points out when the recreation ground is open and closed.

Evergreen Park Kiambu About

Evergreen Park is a Recreational Green Space that offers a wide range of activities for people from all ages to enjoy. The Parks sits on a 10-acre piece of land and has a dam.

Currently, it is one of the best and most valued community space for relaxation, exercising, socializing, and enjoying nature along Kiambu Road and the sorrounding.

In case you are looking for a serene relaxation zone that has scenic views and offers several fun adventure activities, you should try Evergreen Park.

Evergreen Park Kiambu Location

Evergreen is located off Kiambu Road, near CITAM Kiambu Church in Kiambaa.

The Recreational Park is only 12.6 Kilometres from the Central Business District of Nairobi via Kiambu Road and 6 Kilometres from Kiambu Town.

Evergreen Park Kiambu Directions

When using Public Transport;

  1. Board Triple S Bus at Odeon Cinema along Tom Mboya Avenue
  2. The Bus charges are KES 80 – 100 depending on the time of the day
  3. Along Kiambu Road, Make sure you alight at Thindigwa
  4. From there, take a Motorbike and ask the rider to drop you at Evergreen Park.

How Much is the Entrance Fee at Evergreen Park

Below is a table that shows the Entrance Fee at Evergreen Park

CategoryEntrance Fee
AdultsKES 500
Children Between 3 – 12 YearsKES 300
Children Below 3 YearsFree

Fun Activities to do at Evergreen Park Kiambu

1. Fishing

Evergreen Park has a dam that has three types of fish; Tilapia, Black Bass and Mudfish. Visitors are allowed to carry out fishing as long as they come with their own fishing rods.

Point to Note: Fishing can only be done on the banks of the dam.

2. Picknicking

Evergreen Park is a good place to enjoy a picnic because it is covered with lush and green grass. The park is also covered everywhere with trees and seating areas that provide shade and comfortability at the same time.

Point to Note: Once you pay the Entrance Fee, the picnic is free.

3. Photography

If you are looking for a beautiful spot that has a garden background to take pictures, look no further than Evergreen Park.

The Green Space has vibrant flower beds, trees and a well- maintained dam that offer a perfect picture background.

Below is a table that shows the charges for hiring the grounds to do photography.

7 People and Below (Adults and Children)KES 5,000
Above 7 People (Adults)KES 1,000 Per Person
Above 7 People (Children)KES 500

4. Host an Event

Evergreen Park is a good place to hold events such as Birthdays, Weddings, Bridal showers and even Baby Showers.

The scenic views offered by the dam and the green grass is unmatched by any other garden along Kiambu Road.

The maximum number of people Evergreen Park Grounds can accomodate for an event is 500 people.

Below is a table showing the charges for hosting an event at the park.

Birthday PartiesKES 500 Per Person
Bridal ShowersKES 500 Per Person
Baby ShowersKES 500 Per Person
WeddingsKES 80,000

Point to Note: Outside Catering is allowed

5. Enjoy Family Sunday (Brikicho)

Evergreen Park is the place to be on Sundays!

Every Sunday, the park hosts an activity called Family Sunday or Birikicho which entails so many kid-friendly activities such as;

  • Horse riding
  • Boat Riding
  • Playing Badminton
  • Swings
  • Trampoline
  • Playing Football
  • Cycling

After playing all these activities, each child is offered a free lunch that includes Chips, 2 Sausages and a Soda of their own choice.

All these activities can be accessed at a fee of KES 1,000

6. Face Painting

Facepainting is also done at the park. This activity allows children visiting the park to be whomever they dream about or consider theire heroes.

Most children end up face painting Marvel Superhero characters such as Spiderman and Superman.

Facepainting is done at a fee of KES 200.

7. Boat Riding

If you like to ride boats, you do not have to travel all the way Mombasa!

As mentioned earlier on, Evergreen Park has a Dam. Riding a boat across this dam offers a sense of adventure and exploration.

Also, it offers scenic views of the park and allows one to relax. The sound of the water, and the fresh breeze can create a calming atmosphere that helps you to unwind.

The charges for Riding a Boat at Evergreen Park is KES 200 for one lap. The boat can carry a maximum of 5 people including the rider.

8. Dine at Evergreen Park

Evergreen Park offers foods and drinks to its clients at a fee. The restaurant is only open on Sundays. As from Monday to Saturday, visitors are required to come with their own food.

Point to Note: For best experiences, please buy a picnic basket.

For tasty and mouth-watering delicacies, you should definitely try the Park’s restaurants.

9. Horse Riding

Horse Riding is fun because it allows one to spend time outdoors and connect with nature.

In case you like to ride Horses and you are wondering which is the best place to enjoy or improve your equestrian along Kiambu road, you should definitely try out Evergreen Park.

The horses at this facility are well-trained, steady and respect a riders-cues, Evergreen Park is a good place to start with.

The charges for riding a horse is KES 200.

10. Socialize and Bond with Other People

Evergreen Park is a good place to socialize with other people. The activities offered help people bond with each other. The open space is good for playing activities such as Badminton and Football with other people!.

The relaxed atmosphere also encourages people to let their guard down, disconnect from digital devices and distractions and dedicate their time for meaningful conversations and shared moments that might not be possible elsewhere.

Is Evergreen Park Kiambu Open?

Evergreen Park is open daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Evergreen Park Kiambu Google Rating

Evergreen Park has a Google Rating of 4.4 after more than 450 Google Reviews.

Evergreen Park Kiambu Location

Off Kiambu Road, Near CITAM Church Kiambu Road.

Evergreen Park Kiambu Contacts


+(254) 727 25 29 16

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