Fun Activities in The Hub Karen Mall and Charges

This blog post identifies all the fun activities you can engage in The Hub Karen Mall. Also, this post identifies the owner of the mall and all the stores found in the mall.

The Hun Karen

The Hub Karen is a shopping mall located along Dagorreti Road in the leafy surburbs of Karen. The mall is owned by flamboyant business man Humphrey Kariuki and it was opened in the year 2016, the 4th of February.

The Hub Karen has a total of three floors, has 85 stores, and more than 1,200 car parking spaces. Averagely, the Hub Karen receives over 60,000 shoppers per week, this makes it one of the busiest shopping malls in Nairobi and Kenya at large.

Generally, The Hub Karen is a great place to have fun and shop comfortably. The mall is more than just a mall because it has a variety of stores to cater for all your fun desires and shopping needs.

The Hub Karen Stores

Below is a list of all the stores found in The Hub Karen. The stores arranged in an alphabetical manner.

  1. ABSA Bank
  2. Accessorize With Style
  3. Airtel
  4. Alata Suesue
  5. Allure
  6. Amethyst
  7. Apple Medical Care and Dental Care Clinic
  8. Aquapet
  9. Artcaffé
  10. Ava Pharmacy
  11. Babyshop
  12. Bata
  13. Betts Townsend
  14. Bike Rack Limited
  15. Bossman
  16. Burger King
  17. CarreFour
  18. Chapacopy
  19. Cheers Bakery
  20. ChiQ Japanese Restaurant
  21. Citadel
  22. City Walk Limited
  23. Cold Stone
  24. Decathlon
  25. Diamond Trust Bank
  26. Domino’s Pizza
  27. Ecko
  28. Elias
  29. Elite Apple Store
  30. Ethiopian Restaurant
  31. Extreme Clean Car Wash
  32. Extreme Styling Video
  33. FAPCL
  34. FLO
  35. Flower Bliss
  36. Fragrance Lounge
  37. Furniture Palace
  38. Gametroniq
  39. Healthy U
  40. Heel To Toe Collection
  41. Home Box
  42. iHub Scapes
  43. iPanema
  44. Jaff’s Optical
  45. Juice Box
  46. Jumia
  47. Flying Fox
  48. KFC
  49. Kitu Kali
  50. Knight Frank
  51. La Cascina
  52. LC Waikiki
  53. Lintons Beauty World
  54. Mac
  55. Max
  56. Micos Dry Cleaners and Laundry Limited
  57. Miniso
  58. Muthaiga-ABC Forex Bureau
  59. Nairobi Sports House
  60. Omar Modern Carpets
  61. Optica Limited
  62. Pam Golding
  63. Pink Skink
  64. Premier By Dead Sea
  65. Rift Africa
  66. Roast by Carnivore
  67. Safaricom Shop
  68. Samsonite Kenya
  69. Samsung
  70. Sandstorm
  71. Savoan Harvest
  72. Smart Gyms
  73. Spur Steak Ranch
  74. Stanbic Bank
  75. Subway
  76. Temptations
  77. Text Book Center
  78. The Hub Management
  79. The Mayura
  80. The Pediatric Clinic
  81. Top Time Shop
  82. Town Team
  83. Travel Corporation Limited
  84. Uniglobe Lets Go Travel
  85. Vivo
  86. Wings
  87. Woolworths Kenya
  88. Wow Beverages
  89. Yves Rocher

Below are the best fun activities you can engage in the Hub Karen Mall:

1. Ziplining

Ziplining at the Hub Karen Mall is offered by Flying Fox. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure at the mall, you should definitely consider try this activity.

Flying fox at The Hub Karen has twin ziplines. The first zipline is 140 metres and the second zipline is 180 metres.

The charges for enjoying a zipline at this spot is KES 1,500.

Below are other activities offered by the Flying Fox.

Airbag JumpKES 1,500
Giant SwingKES 1,500
Leap of FaithKES 1,200
Climbing WallKES 1,200
AbseilingKES 1,200

Flying Fox has a 15% Discount for two activities, 20% for three and 25% for 4 or more

Flying Fox The Hub Karen Contacts

+(254) 715 96 96 96

2. Shop Till You Drop at CarreFour

CarreFour is arguably one of the leading international supermarkets in Kenya. The supermarket has fresh groceries and bakery products. The groceries organic and the bakery products are made up from fine grain. CarreFour is also a good stop to shop for other house products at a pocket friendly price.

CarreFour The Hub Karen Contacts

0800 221 322

3. Enjoy a Cold Swim

The Hub Karen has a beautiful swimming pool that will ensure you will never miss a beat with your fitness program. In case you are up for a cold swim but still want to shop, The Hub Karen can be very convenient place.

4. Exercise and Keep Fit at Smart Gyms

The Hub Karen is also home to Smart Gyms. The gym is fully equipped and offers free group fitness classes. Below is a table that shows the membership/training rates.

One Day PassKES 1,200
10 Days PassKES 3,500
One MonthKES 5,500
Three MonthsKES 13,750
Six MonthsKES 25,300
One YearKES 50,600
Student RateKES 2,750
Freelancer Trainer Rate MonthlyKES 10,000

Students are only allowed to train between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm

Smart Gyms The Hub Karen Contacts

 +(254) 793 37 21 49

5. Have Fun at iHub Scapes

Funscapes is a gaming arcade that has loads of activities that are suitable for both children and adults. Some of these games include:

  • A Jungle Gym
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Game Consoles
  • Virtual Reality Games
  • Enjoy Skating at Skate Park

Asides from these games, Funscapes also has a snack bar where you can recharge after playing vigorously.

Another store you could visit to satisfy your gaming needs is Gamtroniq.

This store is also a good place to buy electronics such as laptops, car audios, personal audios, projectors, smartphones and tablets.

iHub Scapes Contacts

+(254) 797 94 77 17

Gametroniq Contacts

 +(254) 774 20 02 38

6. Dine at Subway

Subway is an American Multinational Fast Food restuarant that has one of the best classic sandwiches in town. The restaurant also specializes in hot dogs, hamburgers, muffins, milkshake, taco, french fries, wraps, salads and fresh juices.

In case you want to have something light for lunch or dinner as you shop and have fun at the Hub Karen, Subway should be a good stop.

Other great options for Subway are Burger King and Artcaffé.

Subway Contacts at The Hub Karen

+(254) 740 02 29 20

7. Shop for Your Pet’s Food at AquaPet

Owning a pet is one thing and caring for it is another. In case you are looking for a shop that can handle all your pet needs, Aquapet got you!

Aquapet believes that animals are entitled to a good life just like human beings. The store specialzes in selling pet foods, pet toys and pet grooming.

In general, Aquapet is more than just a pet store. Aquapet is a store that is there to support all the aspects of your pet’s life. For more information, you could visit the stores website at Aquapet

8. Have Ice Cream at Cold Stone

It is said that Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy ice cream, and that’s kind of the same thing!

Eating ice cream makes people happy. The science behind this is that ice cream helps the body to produce a hormone known as serotonin. This hormone is very important because it makes human beings feel good and happy.

Incase you are down or having a bad day, having ice cream at cold stone is a good idea. Below are some of the ice cream flavors available at Cold Stone.

  • French Vanilla.
  • Cotton Candy
  • Cheesecake
  • Mint
  • Classic Cookie Dough.
  • Strawberry.
  • Sweet Cream
  • Coffee

Cold Stone Contacts at The Hub Karen

+(254) 711 36 50 23

9. Get Yourself a New Look at LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki is a trendy Turkish clothing store that is pacesetter when it comes to men’s, women’s and children fashion wear. The acronym LC stands for Les Copains which means ‘Friends’ in French.

Other trendy clothing stores you can visit at The Hub Karen Mall include Bossman, Vivo and Kitu Kali.

10. Enjoy Ethiopian and Japanese Cuisine

The Hub Karen is a good place to enjoy Ethiopian and Japanese cuisine. The mall is home to the Ethiopian Restaurant and ChiQ Japanese Restaurant.

At the Ethiopian Restaurant, you could try cuisines such as:

  • Injera.
  • Sambusas.
  • Chechebsa
  • Tibs.
  • Doro Wat
  • Gomen.
  • Azifa.

At the Japanese Restaurant, you could try cuisines such as:

  • Sushi.
  • Tempura.
  • Sashimi.
  • Miso Soup.
  • Soba and Udon Noodles.

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