Kasarani Stadium

This post talks about Kasarani Stadium including its location, seating capacity, swimming pool and indoor arena.

kasarani stadium

Also known as the Moi International Sports Centre or the Safaricom Stadium Kasarani, Kasarani Stadium is the biggest stadium in Kenya and East Africa. According to the Sunday Standard, this sports arena occupies an area of about 1,000 acres.

Without further ado, here are facts and details about Kasarani Stadium.

Who Owns Kasarani Stadium?

Kasarani Stadium is owned by the Government of Kenya. The stadium was constructed by the Late Former President Moi’s Government in the year 1987.

Kasarani Stadium Location

Kasarani Stadium is located along Thika Road just before Roysambu and opposite Safari Park Hotel.

Kasarani Stadium Capacity

The capacity of Kasarani Stadium is 60,000 spectators. This makes it the biggest stadium in Kenya and East Africa.

Between 2010 – 2011, these seats were renovated by Chinese Contractor known as Sheng-Li Engineering Construction Company.

Kasarani Stadium Amenities

Kasarani Stadium Swimming Pool

Kasarani Stadium is home to the Biggest Swimming Pool in Nairobi. The main swimming pool measures 50 metres by 25 metres.

Asides from the main pool, Kasarani Stadium also has 3 separate pools. They include;

  • A training/warm up pool (1.5 meters deep)
  • An Olympic size pool (6 meters deep)
  • Diving pool (only for serious divers)

Below is a table showing the swimming charges at Kasarani Stadium. The charges apply on weekends and weekdays.

AdultsKES 200
ChildrenKES 200

Kasarani Indoor Arena

Kasarani Stadium has an indoor arena with a seating capacity of 5,000 people.

The arena is suitable for playing games such as Basketball, Badminton, Wrestling, Table Tennis Volleyball, Boxing, and Martial Arts.

Asides from games, the indoor arena is also used to hold political rallies, stakeholders and union meetings.

Kasarani Stadium Review

Kasarani Stadium has the best football pitch in Nairobi. It is covered with well maintained grass and this ensures player safety and optimal game performance.

Another good thing about Kasarani Stadium is that it has very comfortable and well-designed seats with a clear view of the field from all angles.

Kasarani Stadium is also the Best Stadium in Kenya because it has powerful floodlights in every corner of the field. This makes it possible for events and games to be done or played beyond daylight.

Lastly, Kasarani Stadium is a good stadium because it has scoreboards and video screens for instant replays and game updates.

In case you are looking for a stadium with modern changing rooms, visually appealing design and is easily accessible by the road, look no further than Kasarani Stadium.

Point to Note: Kasarani Stadium is the main training ground for the Kenya National Football Team, Harambee Stars.

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