Largest County in Kenya

The largest County in Kenya is Turkana, county number 025.

largest county in kenya

Here are important facts and information about Turkana County.

Facts about the Largest County in Kenya

Turkana is the largest county in Kenya. It covers an area of about 71,597.8 km² or 17,692,201.68 acres and lies between Longitudes 340 30’ and 360 40’East and between Latitudes 10 30’ and 50 30’ North.

The county is located in the North Eastern part of Kenya. Its bordering neighbours are Marsabit County to the East, Baringo and West Pokot Counties to the South and Samburu County to the North East. Internationally, Turkana County borders 3 countries, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda.

Turkana county is further divided into 6 sub-counties, 30 wards, 56 locations and 156 sub-locations. It is also home to close to a million people. Below are tables showing the 6 sub-counties and 30 wards respectively.

Sub-Counties In Turkana County

1Turkana North
2Turkana South
3Turkana East
4Turkana West
5Turkana Central

Wards in Turkana County

1Kerio Delta
4Lodwar Township
19Lake Zone

During the 2019 census, Turkana County had an exact population of  926,976. Roughly, this translates to 2 percent of the Kenyan population.

The main economic activity carried out by the people of Turkana is livestock rearing and fishing. Some practice farming by planting drought-resistant maize and sorghum.

Despite being the largest county in Kenya, Turkana has less than 20 major towns. Below is a list of these towns.

  • Lodwar – The capital of the largest county in Kenya
  • Lokichogio
  • Muriling
  • Lowarengak
  • Kakuma
  • Kalokol
  • Kosipirr
  • Loruth
  • Lomelo
  • Lorugum
  • Eliye Springs
  • Lokitaung
  • Angorangora
  • Kapedo
  • Lowarengak
  • Anglogitat

When it comes to physcial features, Turkana county is home to the largest lake in Kenya, Lake Turkana. The lake covers an area of 6,405 square kilometers. It is 250 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide at its widest point.

Turkana County is also home to mountains such as Loima, Mogila, Songot, Lorengippi, Kalapata, Loriu, Kailong’kol and Silale. These moutains are very important to the people of Turkana because they are ever green and provide suitable spots for grazing during the low season.

The hills covering Turkana County include Pelekech Hills in Kakuma Division, Tepes Hills in Kibish Division, Lokwanamoru Hills, Loima Hills in Loima Division and Lorionotom Hills in Kaikor Division.

Despite the fact that Turkana County is categorized as a semi-arid region, it has several permanent and seasonal rivers flowing through it. They include Rivers Kerio, Malimalite, Kalapata,Tarach, and Turkwel.

At the moment, Turkana County is governed by H.E Governor Jeremiah Ekamais Lomorukai Napotikan.

Turkana is an amazing county to visit. It is one of the few counties in Kenya where the locals have upheld their customs and traditions. In case you are planning to visit this county, make sure you visit Lake Turkana or the Jade Sea, Eliye Springs Beach, and Central Island.

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