Lobo Village Eldoret Activities and Prices

This blog post outlines the fun activities you can engage in at The Lobo Village and their charges. Also, it gives a review of why you should visit this hidden gem.

lobo village

Lobo Village is an amusement park located at Kapsaret, 15 minutes away from the City of Champions.

To be precise, it can be found off the Eldoret-Kisumu Highway near the Eldoret International Airport. (7 Kilometres from the Airport and 10 Kilometres from the Central Business District)

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of activities you can engage in at this hidden gem.

1. Boat Riding

You do not have to travel all the way to Kisumu, Naivasha or Mombasa to experience what it feels to ride a boat. Lobo Village offers boat riding at a charge of KES 200 per person. Both adults and children are allowed to ride the boats.

2. Fishing

The Lobo Village is a good place to go for fishing. It has several fishing spots. The main type of fish that is reared in these water bodies is the Tilapia. To carry out fishing, you need to come with your own fishing rod and pay a fishing charge of KES 500.

Point to Note: Advance booking is required.

3. Horse Riding

The Lobo Village has several horses that are well trained and experienced and this makes it easier for beginners to ride them. The horses are also very calm and composed. The charges for riding a horse here are KES 200 for about 100 metres.

4. Archery

Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. At Lobo Village, you can be able to enjoy this sport for a charge of KES 100 only. Each session takes 1 hour. Archery is a good sport to engage in because it enables one to improve their concentration, focus, balance and aiming skills.

5. Camping

In case you are in Eldoret and like to connect with nature and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, Lobo Village is a good place to start with. The charges for camping at this spot are KES 1,500 per person.

Point to Note: Being in a natural setting has proven benefits for promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

6. Bike Riding

The Lobo Village has very good biking trails which enhance the cycling experience, The trail also involves a mix of terrains, including climbs, descents, and flats, this variety caters to riders of different preferences and skill levels.

Point to Note: The charges for bike riding are KES 400. Also, Lobo Village does not hire bicycles. You have to come with yours.

7. Trampoline and Bouncning Castle

The Lobo Village is a kids-friendly spot. It has trampoline and a bouncing castle for kids to enjoy for a charge of KES 200.

Both of these games are super fun and allow children to interact with each other as they develp their muscles. Recent studies also show that jumping and performing maneuvers on a trampoline or a bouncing castle enhances coordination and balance.

8. Unwind at the Lobo Bar

The Lobo Bar is an an amazing place to unwind with friends and colleagues as you enjoy quailty crafted alcoholic drinks.

One of the best things about the Lobo bar is that it is well-stocked with a variety of alcoholic drinks including beer, wine, gins, vodka, rum, brandy, whisky and tequila.

Another good thing about the Lobo Bar is that it has courteous, friendly and attentive bartenders who are very quick with their feet and hands. The atmosphere here is also warm and inviting.

9. BBQ Weekend

The Lobo Village has a grill where you can enjoy flavorful nyama choma that is well grilled. Every weekend, people stream in at this joint just to enjoy some tasty mbuzi choma, grilled chicken, choma sausages, and shawarma. All of these delicacies are served with strong BBQ sauce, Kachumbari, and potato wedges.

Below is a table that shows the prices of the barbecued meat at Lobo Village.

BBQ SpecialPrices
¼ Mbuzi ChomaKES 650
¼ Chicken TikkaKES 700
Grilled Chicken WingsKES 400
Sweet and Sour Drum StickKES 400
Grilled Chicken GizzardsKES 400
Beef Samosas (2)KES 150
Choma SausagesKES 200
ShawarmaKES 300

10. Meditate at Kemboi Island

The Lobo Village is the only Amusement Park in Kenya with an Island. At Kemboi Island, visitors can simply relax and meditate. The views from this place are mesmerizing.

Generally, Kemboi Island is a good place to reflect on yourself because there is minimal noise and the sorrounding has a positive and calming energy.

Other Activities to Engage in at Lobo Village

  • Hold an event such as a wedding, birthday, baby shower, anniversary party and so on.
  • Play jenga game (This is a stacking game for adults and kids)
  • Play dart
  • Teambuilding
  • Playing football and volleyball (The balls are provided by Lobo Village)
  • Hold a conference meeting
  • Watch your favorite EPL Match at a rooftop cinema
  • Attend an event (recently they hosted the Amapiano tour)
  • Enjoy live country music
  • Board games
  • Go for a picnic (KES 500 per head)

Lobo Village Opening and Closing Hours

The Lobo Village is open daily from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Lobo Village Entrance Fees

There are no entrance fees to the Lobo Village. Visitors only pay for the activities they engage in

Lobo Village Phone Numbers

📞 +(254) 721 49 64 69

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