Mamba Village Nairobi Activities and Entrance Fees

This article talks about Mamba Village, Nairobi. It lays down the Entrance fees to the facility, discusses why you should visit the facility and lists down some of the animals you should expect to see.

Mamba village Nairobi

Mamba Village About

Mamba Village is a popular tourist destination located along the North Lang’ata Road on the outskirts of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. It is one of the few places in the world where visitors can get up close and personal with crocodiles and learn about their behavior and habitat.

Mamba Village covers an area of approximately 17 acres and is home to over 70 Nile crocodiles, ranging in age from hatchlings to adults that weigh over 700 kg. Visitors can take a guided tour of the crocodile farm, which provides an opportunity to see the crocodiles basking in the sun or swimming in the ponds. The tour guides are knowledgeable and offer interesting insights about the crocodiles’ biology, behavior, and conservation.

One of the main attractions at Mamba Village is the daily crocodile feeding show, which is a thrilling experience. During the show, visitors can watch as the crocodiles are fed chunks of meat, which they devour with impressive speed and strength. The feeding show is also an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the crocodile’s feeding habits and digestive system.

In addition to the crocodile farm, Mamba Village has other attractions that are worth visiting. There is a large botanical garden with a variety of indigenous and exotic plant species, as well as several fish ponds stocked with different species of fish, including tilapia and catfish. Visitors can enjoy fishing at the ponds or purchase fresh fish from the on-site fish market.

For those who want to sample some of Kenya’s traditional cuisine, Mamba Village has a restaurant that serves a variety of dishes, including grilled crocodile meat, which is considered a delicacy in some cultures. The restaurant has a serene ambiance and offers a beautiful view of the gardens and the ponds

Mamba Village is also a popular venue for events such as weddings, corporate retreats, photoshoots, teambuilding and parties. In conclusion, Mamba Village is a unique and exciting destination for visitors to Nairobi. It offers an opportunity to learn about crocodiles, explore a botanical garden, and enjoy traditional Kenyan cuisine. The facility is well-maintained and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Visitors should expect to spend at least half a day at Mamba Village to fully appreciate all that it has to offer. The best time to visit Mamba village center is at 5 pm when the crocodiles are being fed.

Asides from Crocodiles, Mamba village also has ostriches, hyenas, leopards, lions, warthogs, bufalloes, warthogs and sokoke cats. Mamba village is also a good spot to ride horses, camels, and relax by the lake side. Water enthusiasts can take boat rides or rent paddle boats in the croc free lake. To keep the children entertained, there is a bouncing castle on site.

Why You Should Visit Mamba Village

Mamba village Nairobi

Mamba Village is an excellent destination for visitors who want to experience the natural beauty and diverse wildlife of Kenya while also enjoying a range of recreational activities. Here are some reasons why you should consider visiting Mamba Village:

  1. The Crocodile Farm: Mamba Village features a crocodile farm with several species of crocodiles, including the Nile crocodile, which is native to the region. Visitors can take a guided tour of the farm, learn about the crocodile breeding process, and see these majestic creatures up close.
  2. Beautiful Botanical Gardens: Mamba Village has a range of stunning botanical gardens, providing visitors with the opportunity to take leisurely walks and admire the beautiful flora and fauna.
  3. Recreational Activities: Mamba Village offers a range of recreational activities such as camel rides, horse rides, and zip-lining, providing visitors with a thrilling experience suitable for both adults and children.
  4. Cultural Shows: The village hosts cultural shows and traditional dances, providing visitors with a glimpse into the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Kenya.
  5. Conservation Efforts: Mamba Village plays a vital role in breeding crocodiles to protect the species from extinction, making it an essential part of the region’s conservation efforts.
  6. Delicious Cuisine: The village has a range of restaurants and food stalls serving a variety of local and international cuisine, allowing visitors to enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the beautiful views of the village and the crocodile farm.
  7. Relaxation: Mamba Village also features a man-made lake, providing visitors with a beautiful setting to relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Mamba village Nairobi

How Much is the Entrance Fees at Mamba Village Nairobi?

Table Showing Mamba Village Entrance Fees/Entry Fee/Charges

CategoryEntrance Fees/Entry Fee/Charges
Non-Resident AdultKES 650
Non-Resident ChildKES 350
Resident AdultKES 280
Resident ChildKES 140

Is Mamba Village Nairobi Open Today?

Mamba Village Nairobi is open daily as from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Mamba Village Nairobi Feeding Time

The Nile Crocodiles in Mamba Village are fed Every Sunday at 4:30 pm or 16:30 hours

Mamba Village Nairobi Location

 📍➤ Langata North Road

Mamba Village Nairobi Contacts

📞 +(254) 714 782653

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