Matatu Culture Kenya: Top 10 Best Nganya za Nairobi

This blog post identifies the Top 10 Best Nganya za Nairobi.

Also, it outlines what makes them unique and identifies their matatu routes.

Matatu Culture Kenya: Top 10 Best Nganya za Nairobi

What is Matatu Culture?

Matatu Culture refers to the art or decoration process whereby Public Service Vehicles such as buses, minibuses or vans are turned into Nganyas

What is a Nganya?

Nganya is a Sheng Word that means a very cool Public Service Vehicle that has Grafitii and Strip Snakelights all over.

The vehicle also has several screens and it is installed with a very powerful, immersive and high-fidelity audio system.

In no particular order, these are 10 of the Best Nganya za Nairobi

1. Opposite

nganya za nairobi

Opposite is a Nganya that is under Umoinner Sacco. It is also nicknamed as Dudu Mbaya.

Asides from the 7 screens mounted on the walls of the bus strategically, Each Seat has its own screen. Can you imagine that?

Another unique feature is that these screens are not for streaming music only, passengers can also use them to watch live football matches!

Opposite operates under Route 35/60 (Umoja Route)

2. Genesis

nganya za nairobi

Genesis is Nganya that is under Royal Swift Sacco. It is also nicknamed as the Pride of Embakasi.

Some of the unique feature about this Nganya is that all seats are branded ‘Genesis’, it has 7 screens and a state-of-the-art sound sorround system.

Another unique feature is its impressive artwork. I give it a 10/10

Genesis Operates under the Embakasi Route

3. Scar

nganya za nairobi

Scar is a Nganya that operates under Route 125 (Rongai). It is also nicknamed Damager SSN 2.

Of all the Route 125 Nganyaz, I believe Scare is the best and most sought for matatu when it comes to road trips.

In the evening, after work, some passengers in Nairobi City can’t board back to Rongai with any other matatu apart from Scar. They would rather wait for it at the stage.

Focusing on the interior the matatu has 7 screens and all seats are branded

4. Night Nurse

nganya za nairobi

Night Nurse is a Nganya that is under Umoinner Sacco. It is also nicknamed as Ambulancia.

One unique feature about this Nganya is that it has screens that are fitted on the outside. Technically, this means that people from the outside can be able to watch the screen without even boarding it.

When it comes to the sound system, Night Nurse has installed Kenwood speakers on every corner of the bus. At full blast, the bus is like a club!

Night Nurse Operates under Route 35/60 (Umoja)

5. Boombox

nganya za nairobi

Boombox is a Nganya that operates under Ongataline. The Nganya brands itself as the King of Roadtrips.

One unique feature about Boombox is the exhaust sound it produces. The Nganya has exhaust sound boosters that make it sound like a Lamborghini’s Huracán Performante.

Another unique feature about Boombox is its unique appearance. The Nganya has 9 headlights on the front.

Lastly, Boombox is one of the best Nganya’s in Nairobi because it has an 8,000 Watt Sound System. Amazing, right?

Boombox operates under the Rongai Route.

6. Hell Heaven

nganya za nairobi

Hell Heaven is a Nganya that operates under the Umoja Route. It is also nicknamed Kaka Mbweha.

One unique thing about this Nganya is the Graffiti. The artwork done on it is exceptional!

In case you like horrow movies or gothic pictures, this is certainly going to be your best nganya. Below is a picture that shows how Hell Heaven looks like at night!

7. Flawless

nganya za nairobi

Flawless is a Nganya that operates under Nangkis Sacco. It is also nicknamed Master Sugu.

The interio of Flawless is well done. The roof of the bus on the inside is decorated with gypsum-like structures and this makes it very unique.

On Night Mode, Flawless has snakelights everywhere making it very beautiful. In case you do not mind your business, you might end up staring at it.

The Nganya operates under Route 111 (Ngong)

8. Black Mamba

nganya za nairobi

Black Mamba is the last Nganya in this list that operates under Umoinner Sacco.

The Nganya is nicknamed after the Late Famous Basketballer Kobe Bryant who always had the Black Mamba Mentality.

When it comes to lighting, Black Mamba is second to none!

The graffiti and rims are also well-pimped.

Black Mamba operates Under Route 35/60 (Umoja)

9. Funkadelica

nganya za nairobi

Funkadelica is a Nganya that represents Kiambu town. It is also nicknamed Casasola Bossard Barboza.

The Nganya can carry a maximum of 33 passengers and it is arguably the best matatu operating along Kiambu Road.

The Nganya’s interior is also well crafter. The seats are very spacious and there are seven screens. 3 on each side and one strategically placed at front center part.

9. Thunder

nganya za nairobi

Thunder is a Nganya that operates under Nangkis Sacco. It is also nicknamed Inspector Mwewe.

The Nganya has 7 screens and gypsum-like roof that is written Gypsum. It is a new entrant in Nairobi’s Matatu Culture.

One unique feature about this bus is that the gypsum-like roof is fitted in with LED lights and this makes it very marvelous.

Thunder operates under Route 111

10. Merlin

nganya za nairobi

Merlin is a Nganya that represents Kasarani 17 B

The German Machine has a very beautiful interior and exterior view. The interior is made up of luxurious furnishings, screens on every corner and a sound system that is very powerful, immersive and produces crystal-clear sound!

The tyres are fitted in with Unique rim patterns that make the Nganya noticeable.

By far, Merlin is the best Nganya in operating along Mwiki Road!

Special Mentions

  • Ali Bomaye
  • Dopen
  • Dethrone
  • B613
  • X-Rated
  • Zitran
  • Pudding 304 C
  • Frakaz

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