Mount Suswa Conservancy Entrance Fee, Activities and Charges

This article identifies Mount Suswa’s Conservancy Entrance Fee, Activities and Charges. Also, it identifies where the Moutain is located and its opening and closing hours.

mount suswa conservancy entrance fee activities and charges

Mount Suswa is a Dormant Volcanic Mountain located approximately 124 Kilometers from Nairobi via the Kamandura – Mai Mahiu – Narok Road

The Volcanic Mountain stands as a testament to the Earth’s fiery past, boasting an intriguing double caldera system. Its unique geological features include both an inner and an outer caldera, formed through ages of volcanic activity and subsequent collapse.

While Mount Suswa might not command the same fame as its African counterparts such as Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, its significance is not to be underestimated.

The region surrounding the mountain supports a diverse array of wildlife, including giraffes, zebras, striped Hyenas, Baboons and various Bird species, making it a precious ecological enclave.

Best Activities to do at Mount Suswa and their Charges

1. Camping

Mount Suswa is one of the best places to camp in Kenya. The scenic views served by Mount Suswa offer nothing but pure bliss!

Camping is a fun activity because it allows one to connect with nature, and escape from the normal daily routine.

Camping is also a fun activity beacause it allows one to spend quality time with loved ones and relax!

The camping charges for Adults is KES 1,000 Per Night while the camping charges for Children is KES 500 Per Night.

To get firewood for camping, you need to pay an extra KES 1,000

2. Hike to the Peak

Hiking Mount Suswa can be an adventurous and rewarding experience as the mountain offers unique geological features and scenic landscapes.

One of the best things about Mount Suswa is that it has various trails of different lengths and difficulty levels.

For the best experience, choose a trail that matches your hiking experience and fitness level.

On average, it takes 4 hours to hike to summit and back and 7 hours to go round and the rim.

For guided tours, all you need to do is pay KES 1,000

3. Wildlife Watching

Mount Suswa Conservancy is home to several wildlife species including Giraffes, Gazelles, Hyenas, and Leopards. Some of these animals are very easy to spot especially during the evening and night hours.

Wildlife watching can be incredibly fun and rewarding because it offers a unique opportunity to connect with the natural world and observe animals in their habitats.

This activity is free once you pay the Entrance Fees

4. Explore Caves

Mount Suswa in home to more than 70 caves. All of these caves are fascinating and you simply can’t miss visiting at least two or three of these caves.

One of the best reasons why you should visit a cave is because they evoke a sense of mystery and adventure. The unknown depths and hidden chambers spark curiosity and excitement, making each cave exploration a mini-adventure.

This activity is free once you pay the Entrance Fees

For guided tours, all you need is to pay a guiding fee of KES 1,000.

5. Take Photographs

The golden hours of Sunrise and Sunset provide the most beautiful and dramatic lighting for capturing photos at Mount Suswa.

Some of Kenya’s most iconic and beautiful photographs were taken with Mount Suswa as its Background.

In case you want to capture unique and captivating breathtaking landscapes asides from Kerio Valley, I suggest you pack your bags and go for a trip to Mount Suswa!

This activity is free once you pay the Entrance Fees

Mount Suswa Entrance Fee

Below is a table that shows the Entrance Fee/charges to Mount Suswa

CategoryEntrance Fee
Citizen AdultKES 500
Citizen ChildKES 300
Resident AdultKES 1,000
Resident ChildrenKES 300
Non-Resident AdultUSD 30
Non-Resident ChildrenUSD 10

Mount Suswa Location and Height

Where is Mount Suswa?

Mount Suswa is located between Nairobi and Narok, on your way to Maasai Mara.

The mountain is located 31 Kilometres from Mai Mahiu, 18 Kilometres from Suswa Town

How tall is Mount Suswa?

Mount Suswa has an elevation of 2,356 Metres tall (7,730 feet)

Accomodation Places, Hotels and Airbnb’s Near Mount Suswa Conservancy

  • Suswa House
  • Mount Suswa Conservancy Campsite

Mount Suswa Conservancy Opening and Closing Hours

Always Open

Mount Suswa Contacts

🌐 Mount Suswa

📞 +(254) 711 43 43 91


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