Mtwapa Nightlife: Best Clubs and Lounges

Here is a list of the Top 7 Best Clubs and Lounges in Mtwapa. All of these clubs have a vibrant and energetic atmosphere that attracts and engages patrons.

mtwapa nightlife best clubs and lounges

Also, these clubs have a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, a well-designed dance floor that encourages patrons to dance and have courteous and efficient staff members.

In no particular order, these are 10 of the Best Clubs and Lounges that showcase the true definition of Mtwapa Nightlife.

1. The Yacht Lounge

The Yacht Lounge is arguably one of the best entertainment joints in Mtwapa. It has a Google Rating of 4.4 Stars after more than 1300 Google Reviews.

One of the best things about this night spot is that it is very spacious and revellers have enough space to dance and enjoy the music through out the night.

Another good thing about Yacht Lounge is that it has high-quality sound system that are essential to deliver clear and powerful music that resonates with the crowd.

In case you are visiting Mtwapa for the first time, I highly recommend you start by sampling this joint.

The Yacht Lounge Address

The Yacht Lounge Directions

The Yacht Lounge Phone Numbers

 0100 101221

2. Country Club

Country Club is another famous entertainment spot that best defines Mtwapa Nightlife. It has a Google Rating of 3.9 Stars after more than 100 Google Reviews.

Generally, Country Club is an amazing place to chill with friends especially if you are a football fanatic. This spot has very big screens that make the whole watching experience worthwhile.

Country Club is also an amazing place to party because the counter is stocked with a variety of drinks including different brands of Gin, Brandy, Whiskey, Beer, Wine, Spirits and Vodka.

Country Club Address

Country Club Directions

Country Club Phone Numbers

+(254) 703 26 85 11

3. Tina’s Royal Nights

Tina’s Royal Nights is a fun entertainment joint that is located along Daisha Road. It has a Google Rating of 4.7 Stars after more than 80 Google Reviews.

Generally, Tina’s Royal Nights is among the best clubs in Mtwapa because it has a warm and inviting atmosphere that keeps revellers coming back time and again.

In case you are looking for a night spot that has an immersive environment and you can drink your booze without any worries, Tina’s Royal Nights should be on your bucketlist.

Tina’s Royal Nights Address

Along Daisha Road, Mtwapa

Tina’s Royal Nights Phone Numbers

+(254) 768 83 36 24

4. Standard Grill and Club

Standard Grill and club is one of the few spots that operates for 24 hours. It is situated next to Lexo Energy along the Mombasa-Malindi Highway and has a Google Rating of 3.9 Stars after several reviews.

One of the main reasons why Standard Grill and Club is an awesome spot to unwind is because it has an onsite restaurant that serves mouth-watering delicacies

In case you are looking for a spot where you can drink and enjoy tasty nyama choma or any other food of your choice at any time of the day, you should try out Standard Grill and Club.

Point to Note: Standard Grill and Club is a good spot to listen and enjoy Rhumba music.

Standard Grill and Club Address

Next to Lexo Energy along the Mombasa-Malindi Highway

Standard Grill and Club Phone Numbers

+(254) 799 89 00 43

5. Skylux Sports Pub & Grill

Skylux Sports Pub & Grill is located about 100 metres from the Mombasa-Malindi Highway. It has a Google Rating of 4.1 Stars after more than 130 Google Reviews.

Currently, Skylux Sports Pub & Grill is one of the best night spots in Mtwapa because it offers a variety of drinks at affordable and unbeatable prices.

Another good thing about Skylux Sports Pub & Grill is that it provides comfortable seating areas for patrons to enjoy their drinks. This enhances the whole drinking experience.

Skylux Sports Pub & Grill Address

Off Malindi Road, Nearly 100 Metres From the Mombasa-Malindi Highway

Skylux Sports Pub & Grill Phone Numbers

+(254) 715 20 29 85

6. Copa Cabban Beach Bar & Restaurant

Copa cabban Beach Bar & Restaurant is located at Maweni, Mtwapa. It is has a Google Rating of 4.0 Stars after more than 550 Google Reviews. Currently, I believe this is the best beach bar in Mtwapa.

In case you are in the mood to drink some booze while glimpsing at the Indian Ocean and feeling is breeze, this is the place to be.

Copa Cabban Beach Bar & Restaurant is also a good drinking spot because it has onsite restaurants that serve delicious food prepared by some of the best chefs in Mtwapa.

Copa Cabban Beach Bar & Restaurant Address

At Maweni, Mtwapa

Copa Cabban Beach Bar & Restaurant Phone Numbers

+(254) 722 90 25 20

7. Derrick’s Beach Bar & Grill 

Derrick’s Beach Bar & Grill is located at Custom’s Beach, Mtwapa. It has a Google Rating of 4.0 Stars after several Google Reviews.

Generally, Derrick’s Beach Bar & Grill is a nice night spot because it has themed nights and the Dj’s hired play varied and appealing music choices.

If by any chance you are looking for a nightclub that operates into the wee hours in order to accommodate night owls and partygoers, Derrick’s Beach Bar & Grill is a good spot to start with.

Point to Note: Derrick’s Beach Bar & Grill has amazing Pizzas and Seafood Platters that complement different alcoholic drinks.

Derrick’s Beach Bar & Grill Address

Custom’s Beach, Mtwapa

Derrick’s Beach Bar & Grill Phone Numbers

+(254) 718 42 54 73

8. Casaurina Nomad Bar and Restaurant

Casaurina Nomad Bar and Restaurant is one of realest and best places to experience Mtwapa Nightlife. This spot is unknown to many and this is an advantage to revellers who do not like going to clubs that are crowded.

Point to Note: There is no need for you to come before 10:00 pm because there are hardly any patrons who have arrived by this time.

Casaurina Nomad Bar and Restaurant Address

Casaurina Nomad Bar and Restaurant Directions

Casaurina Nomad Bar and Restaurant Phone Numbers

+(254) 722 36 80 68

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