National Schools Cluster 3

Here is a list of National Schools Cluster 3. This cluster consists of the original prestigious 18 National Schools.

national schools cluster 3

In the previous articles, National Schools Cluster 1 and National Schools Cluster 2 we saw that there are 30 and 28 schools respectively.

Below is a table that shows the 18 Cluster 3 National Schools in Kenya

ClusterNational SchoolCounty
3Alliance Boys High SchoolKiambu County
3Alliance Girls High SchoolKiambu County
3Kenya High SchoolNairobi County
3Lenana SchoolNairobi County
3Limuru Girls High SchoolKiambu County
3Loreto Limuru Girls High SchoolKiambu County
3Mang’u High SchoolKiambu County
3Maryhill Girls High SchoolKiambu County
3Maseno SchoolKisumu County
3Moi Forces AcademyNairobi County
3Moi Forces Girls Lanet High SchoolNakuru County
3Moi Girls High SchoolUasin Gishu County
3Nairobi SchoolNairobi County
3Nakuru Boys High SchoolNakuru County
3Nakuru Girls High SchoolNakuru County
3Starehe Boys CentreNairobi County
3Starehe Girls CentreNairobi County
3Utumishi AcademyNakuru County

The above Cluster 3 National Schools are currently the best national schools in Kenya and most KCPE candidates dream of joining them.

Over the past years, these schools have produced the best male and female candidates countrywide. Some of these candidates end up joining international universities such as Yale, Cambridge, Stanford and Harvard just to mention a few.

One of the best thing about Cluster 3 National Schools is that they offer a wider curriculum as compared to other National Schools in Kenya. For instance, some of these schools offer extra subjects such as Woodwork, Metalwork, Building Construction, Aviation Technology, Power Mechanics and Electricity.

Another good thing about these National schools is that they have more resources as compared to other schools. For instance, Mang’u High School has a Boeing 737-700 aircraft to boost its Aviation Technology course while Starehe Boys High School has a live band that is equipped with trumpets, trombones, and modern drums.

Check out National Schools Cluster 1 to understand what the clustering system means and entails.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQSs)

Which cluster is Kenya High School?

Kenya High School is a Cluster 1 National School

is mbooni high school a national school

Mbooni Girls High School is a Cluster 2 National School located in Machakos

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