National Schools in Kakamega County

This is a list of the National Schools in Kakamega County.

national schools in kakamega county

At the moment there are only 3 secondary schools that have achieved the national status level.

1. Kakamega High School

Kakamega High School is a public boys’ only boarding school that is located near Kakamega town in Lurambi Constituency, Bukhungu Location. It is also ranked as one of the best national schools in Kenya.

One outstanding thing about Kakamega High School is that it has passionate teachers who pay attention to individualized needs and learning styles. At Kakemega High School, every student is well attended to regardless of their performance.

Another outstanding thing about this school is that it has an effective leadership system. The Principal and Board of Management play a vital role in motivating and encouraging collaboration among staff, students, and parents.

When it comes to school performance, Kakamega High School is an academic giant. In 2022, it was the best performing secondary school in Western.

Kakamega High School Phone Numbers

+(254) 704 14 39 90

Kakamega High School Address

Near Kakamega town in Lurambi Constituency, Bukhungu location

2. St Brigids Girls Kiminini

St Brigids Girls Kiminini is located along the Kitale-Kakamega Road. It one of the two girls’ national secondary schools in Kakamega County.

St Brigids Girls Kiminini is a very outstanding school because it has experienced and well-qualified teachers who are very passionate about teaching.

Another good thing about St Brigids Girls Kiminini is that it has a supportive learning environment. The school has modern classrooms, well equipped science and computer laboratories.

St Brigids Girls Kiminini Phone Numbers

+(254) 700 62 19 30

St Brigids Girls Kiminini Address

Along the Kitale-Kakamega Road

3. Butere Girls High School

Butere Girls is also one of the best national schools in Kenya. The school is located in Butere Sub County, Marama Central Location.

Butere Girls is known for producing and nurturing some of the best students in Western Kenya. Every year, this prestigious school sends hundreds of students to join universities and other higher learning institutions across Kenya. Butere Girls has 10 streams, more than 1,500 students, and 56 qualified teachers.

Asides from performing very well in National examinations, Butere Girls is a good school because it is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, this fosters an environment where all students feel valued and respected.

The School’s Motto is For Only The Best while its Mission is To nurture an empowered citizen through holistic curriculum delivery for sustainable development. Its Vision is Cultured for Holistic Excellence.

Butere Girls High School Phone Numbers

+(254) 716 37 77 33

Butere Girls High School Address

Butere Sub County, Marama Central Location

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