National Schools in Kenya

This is a list of all the National Schools in Kenya. At the moment, there are 138 National Schools in Kenya. Below are 5 tables that show how these National Schools are categorized into 5 clusters.

national schools in kenya

The concept of clustering schools was introduced in 2011 by the then Minister of Education Prof. Hon. Samson Kegengo Ongeri to group National Schools according to their;

  • School size,
  • Infrastracture,
  • Performance,
  • Geographical location,
  • Access to technology,
  • Ownership (Public or Private)

Currently, there are 4 well-known Clusters of National Schools in Kenya. Very few people know about the 5th Cluster which belongs to National Special Needs Schools.

National Schools in Kenya Cluster 1

At the moment this cluster has 30 National Schools. Below is a table that shows the distribution of these schools in different counties and their codes.

National SchoolSchool CodeCategoryCounty
Asumbi Girls High School 41700004 GirlsHomabay
Bunyore Girls High School 38600003 GirlsVihiga
Bura Girls High School 01100004 GirlsTaita Taveta
Chogoria Girls High School 19300004 GirlsTharaka Nithi
Friends School Kamusinga 36600004 BoysBungoma
Garissa High School 45800001 BoysGarissa
Kagumo Boys High School 08200007 BoysKirinyaga
Kakamega High School 37600001 BoysKakamega
Kanga High School 44700006 BoysMigori
Kapsabet Boys High School 29500006 BoysNandi
Karima Girls High School 07200009 GirlsNyandarua
Kenyatta High School 01100003 BoysTaita Taveta
Kipsigis Girls High School 28500005 GirlsKericho
Kisii High School 40700002 BoysKisii
Lugulu Girls High School 36600002GirlsBungoma
Machakos Boys High School 12300001BoysMachakos
Makueni Boys High School 18300003BoysMachakos
Mama Ngina High School 03100001GirlsMombasa
Maranda High School 42700005BoysSiaya
Meru School 15300002BoysMeru
Moi Girls Isinya High School 31500011GirlsKajiado
Moi Girls Mbiruri School 14300006GirlsEmbu
Murang’a High School 10200008 BoysMurang’a
Muthale Girls High School 13300005GirlsKitui
Nyabururu Girls High School 40700003GirlsKisii
Pangani Girls High School 20400006GirlsNairobi
Ribe Boys High School 04100002BoysKilifi
St Brigid’s Girls High School 23500003GirlsKakamega
St Patrick’s Iten High School 34500010BoysElgeyo Marakwet
Tartar Girls High School 24500004GirlsWest Pokot

National Schools in Kenya Cluster 2

At the time of writing this post, Cluster 2 has 28 National Schools that are evenly distributed in Kenya. Check out the table below.

National SchoolSchool CodeCategoryCounty
Bahari Girls High School 04100008GirlsKilifi
Chewoyet Boys High School 24500022BoysWest Pokot
Garbatula Boys High School 17300015BoysIsiolo
Hola Boys High School 05100009BoysTana River
Kabianga Boys High School 28500006BoysKericho
Kathiani Girls High School 12300013GirlsMachakos
Kisima Girls High School 22500024GirlsSamburu
Lamu Girls High School 06100011GirlsLamu
Mandera Boys High School 47800005BoysMandera
Mbooni Girls High School 18300016GirlsMachakos
Moi Girls Mandera High School 47800006GirlsMandera
Moi Girls Nyabohanse High School 44700011GirlsMigori
Moyale Boys High School 16300014BoysMarsabit
Mpeketoni Boys High School 06100012BoysLamu
Nanyuki Boys High School 30500021BoysLaikipia
Ngao Girls Secondary School 05100010GirlsTana River
Nyandarua High School 07200014MixedNyandarua
Oolaiser Boys High School 31500026BoysKajiado
Sa Kolanya Girls High School 35600008GirlsBusia
Sironga Girls Secondary School 43700012GirlsNyamira
St Joseph Chepterit Girls Secondary School   29500025GirlsNandi
Tenwek Boys Secondary School 25500023BoysBomet
Turkana Girls High School 21500021GirlsTurkana
Wajir Boys High School 46800003BoysWajir
Wajir Girls High School 46800004GirlsWajir
Ngiya Girls Wajir Boys High School 42700007GirlsSiaya
Moi High School Kabarak K7091272MixedNakuru
Segero Adventist High School 26509126BoysUasin Gishu

National Schools in Kenya Cluster 3

Cluster 3 consists of 18 National Schools. These are the original National Schools that existed before the 2011 ammendment by the Ministry of Education.

To this date, the schools in this cluster are considered to be the best national schools in Kenya. Check out the table below.

National SchoolSchool CodeCategoryCounty
Alliance Boys High School 11200001BoysKiambu County
Alliance Girls High School 11200002GirlsKiambu County
Kenya High School 20400003GirlsNairobi County
Lenana School 20400001BoysNairobi County
Limuru Girls High School 11200004GirlsKiambu County
Loreto Limuru Girls High School 11200005GirlsKiambu County
Mang’u High School 11200003BoysKiambu County
Maryhill Girls High School 11200006GirlsKiambu County
Maseno School 39700001BoysKisumu County
Moi Forces Academy (Nairobi) 20400008BoysNairobi County
Moi Forces Girls Lanet High School 27500007GirlsNakuru County
Moi Girls High School Eldoret 26500001GirlsUasin Gishu County
Nairobi School 20400002BoysNairobi County
Nakuru Boys High School 27500002BoysNakuru County
Nakuru Girls High School 27500009GirlsNakuru County
Starehe Boys Centre 20400004BoysNairobi County
Starehe Girls Centre 20400009GirlsNairobi County
Utumishi Academy 27500008BoysNakuru County

National Schools in Kenya Cluster 4

This is the last cluster of National non-special schools in Kenya. At the moment, 28 National Schools fall under this cluster. Check out the table below.

National SchoolSchool CodeCategoryCounty
Baricho Boys High School 09200012BoysKirinyaga
Baringo High School 33500018Boys Baringo
Bishop Gatimu Ng’andu High School 08200010GirlsNyeri
Butere Girls High School 37600005GirlsKakamega
Butula Boys High School 35600007Boys Bungoma
Chavakali High School 38600006Boys Vihiga
Ikuu Boys High School 19300010Boys Tharaka Nithi
Isiolo Girls High School 17300009GirlsIsiolo
Kabare Girls High School 09200011GirlsKirinyaga
Kaplong Girls High School 25500019GirlsBomet
Kilgoris Boys High School 32500016Boys Narok
Kisumu Girls High School 39700009GirlsKisumu
Kitui High School 13300007Boys Kitui
Kwale High School 02100005Boys Kwale
Lodwar High School 21500012Boys Turkana
Maralal High School 22500013Boys Samburu
Matuga Girls High School 02100006GirlsKwale
Mbita High School 41700010BoysHomabay
Moi Girls Marsabit High School 16300008GirlsMarsabit
Moi Kapsowar High School 34500017GirlsElgeyo Marakwet
OLC Mugoiri Girls High School 10200013GirlsMurang’a
NEP Girls High School 45800002GirlsGarissa
Njonjo Girls High School 30500020GirlsLaikipia
Ole Tipis Girls High School 32500015GirlsNarok
Shimo La Tewa High School 03100007BoysMombasa
Siakago Girls High School 14300011GirlsEmbu
St Joseph Boys High School 23500014BoysUasin Gishu
St Marys Girls High School Igoji 15300012GirlsMeru

National Special Needs Schools – Cluster 5

This is the last cluster of schools. It comprises of schools for the deaf, blind, physically handicapped and mentally challenged persons. Check out the table below.

ACK Ematundu Boys Secondary/Vocational School Mixed
ACK Mary Magdaline High School for The Deaf Mixed 
Fr. Ouderaa Secondary School for The Hearing Impaired  Mixed 
Gianchere Friends Secondary/Vocational  For Hearing Impaired Mixed 
Joyland Special Secondary School  Mixed 
 Joytown Secondary School for Physically Handicapped Mixed 
Joyvalleys S.A Special Secondary School for Physically Handicapped Mixed 
Kapsabet Secondary School for The Deaf Mixed 
Kasarani Treeside Secondary School for The Deaf  Mixed 
Kedowa Special Secondary School  Mixed 
Kibos Visually Impaired Secondary  Mixed 
Kuja Special School for The Deaf Mixed 
Kwale High School for The Deaf Mixed 
 M.S.S For The Physically Handicapped Mixed 
Machakos Secondary School For The Deaf Mixed 
Muranga School For Hearing Impaired Mixed 
Nalondo CBM Secondary for Physically Handicapped  Mixed 
Ngala Secondary School For The Deaf  Mixed 
Nico Hauser Special School for The Visually Impaired Mixed 
PCEA Kambui School for Hearing Impaired Mixed 
Pwani Secondary/ Vocational School for The Deaf  Mixed
Rev. Muhoro School for The Deaf  Mixed
Sahajanand Special School   Mixed
St. Angela Mumiasa Vocational School for The Deaf  Mixed
St. Bridgit Akoreet Secondary and Vocational Training School   Mixed
St. Clare Ebukaya School for Hearing Impaired  Mixed
 St. Francis Secondary School for The Visually Impaired  Mixed
 St. George Special Secondary School   Mixed
St. Kizito Secondary School for The Hearing Impaired   Mixed
St. Lucy’s High School for The Visually Impaired   Mixed
St. Paul’s Charera Special High School  Mixed
The Salvation Army (S.A.) High School for The Blind  Mixed
Wajir Special Secondary School for The Deaf  Mixed

The above National Schools have supportive learning environments, well-qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching. They also have administration systems that are dedicated to the success of their students.

Entry marks to the above National Schools is very high. In most cases, only students who score above 400 marks get admitted to these prestigious schools.

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