National Schools in Kisii County

Here is a list of National Schools in Kisii county.

national schools in kisii county

At the moment, there are only 2 secondary schools that have achieved the National status level.

1. Kisii School

Kisii School is the oldest and most popular National School in Kisii County. The school has been in service for more than 85 years as of 2023. Kisii School is located approximately 1500 metres from the Central Business District of Kisii town along the Kisii-Keroka Road.

The current principal, Mr Caspar Maina Momanyi has gained a lot of fame after he appeared in a video song wearing Kisii School Uniform and singing a song with Kisii School students.

One of the best things about Kisii School is that it performs very well in Mocks and National Examinations. Below is a table that shows Kisii School’s KCSE results 2022, 2021 and 2020.

Rarely does the school mean drop below 8.5


Kisii School is also among the best national schools in Kenya because it has a very strong and united administration system. The Principal and his colleagues work in a united front to motivate and reward hardworking students. This approach has seen very many students work hard day and night in order to be appreciated.

Kisii School’s Vision To be a premier institution in producing graduates who will serve humanity with distinction while its Mission is to Educate the young on values and nurture them intellectually.

Kisii School Phone Numbers, E-mail and Box Address

+(254) 706 49 94 22 or +(254) 788 30 77 01

P.O Box 11-40200 Kisii

Kisii School Address

1500 metres (1.5 Km) from the Central Business District of Kisii town along the Kisii-Keroka Road.

2. Nyabururu Girls

Nyabururu Girls is the only girls’ national school located in Kitutu Chache Constituency, Central Kisii Sub-County in Kisii County. At the time of writing this post, the school is headed by Principal Oriokih Joyce Angella. One of the most outstanding things about Nyabururu Girls is its performance.

Nyabururu Girls is always among the best performing secondary school in Kisii County and Nyanza at large. Last year (2022), Nyabururu Girls managed to score a mean 0f 8.631. Impressive, right?

Another good thing about Nyabururu Girls is that it is set in an environment that is conducive for learning. The modern classrooms, the equipped library and highly qualified teachers also enhance the learning experience.

Nyabururu Girls Phone Numbers

 P.O. Box 533

Nyabururu Girls Address

Kitutu Chache Constituency, Central Kisii Sub-County in Kisii County.

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