National Schools in Meru County

Here is a list of the National Schools in Meru County.

national schools in meru county

Currently, only two secondary schools have achieved the National status level.

1. Meru School

Meru School is the most popular National School in Meru County. It is a boys’ only secondary school that was established in the year 1956 as a sister school to Meru Teachers College. Meru School is located along the Meru-Maua Road in Imenti North District.

At the moment, this prestigious school has a population of more than 1,200 students, 62 teachers that are qualified and 35 surbodinate staff members.

Meru School’s Motto is In Understanding be Men while its Vision is To be the leading center of excellence in kenya for all learners seaking holistic quality education. Its Mission is to To offer a broad curriculum, inculcate moral values, empower the learner to persue a career of choice by offering holistic quality education for selfless service to mankind.

Meru School is a good school because it performs exceptionally during the national examinations. Another good thing about this school is that is has a well-organized and supportive learning environment that enhances the learning process.

Meru School Phone Numbers

060 303207

Meru School Address

Along the Meru-Maua Road in Imenti North District

2. St. Mary’s Girls High School Igoji

St. Mary’s Girls High School Igoji is a girls’ only boarding secondary school located in Igoji, Meru County. It is a world classs institution and a centre of excellence. In the past few years, this school has sent thousands of students to higher learning institutions.

One of the best things about this school is that it is comprised of teachers and students who passionately embrace the mission and vision of education. Both the teachers and students are very hardworking.

St. Mary’s Girls High School Igoji is also a good secondary school because it has high standards and expectations set for all the students. All students are considered important and are well taken care of regardless of their intellectual capability.

St. Mary’s Girls High School Igoji Phone Numbers

 +(254) 713 11 07 33

St. Mary’s Girls High School Igoji Address

Igoji, Meru County

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