National Schools in Nairobi

Here is a list of National Schools in Nairobi.

National schools in Nairobi

At the moment, this County has the highest number of National Schools in Kenya in conjuction with Kiambu County.

1. Lenana School

Lenana is one of the oldest but most respected schools in Nairobi. It was formed in the year 1949 by the Duke of York School (Philip Euen Mitchell).

Every year, this prestigious school sends hundreds of students to local and international universities such as Yale, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Cambridge.

Asides from performing exemplary in National Examinations, Lenana School is also admired because it has students who are very disciplined. The students know what to do and where to be at the right time.

Lenana School’s Mission Statement is To promote integral human formation which includes, academic excellence, moral integrity and the social development of the students.

The school’s core values include altruism, adaptability, collaboration, commitment, honesty, respect, justice and tolerance.

At the moment, Lenana School has more than 1,700 students and the Chief Principal is William Kemei.

Lenana School’s Phone Numbers

📞 +254 722 977795 |254 722 977726

Lenana School’s Address

📌 Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

2. Kenya High School

Kenya High School is one of the Best National Schools in Nairobi. It is located along Mandera Road in Kileleshwa Surburb. Currently, this prestigious school is headed by Principal Virginia Wahome. Mrs Omangi and Mrs Nyasya are Deputy Principals dealing with Administration and Academic Affairs respectively.

Kenya High School’s Motto is Servire est Regnare which can be translated to To Serve Is to Rule or “For Whom Service Is Perfect Freedom. Its Vision is to be A Center for educational excellence and training while its Mission is to To provide holistic and quality education for service to God and Humanity.

One thing that makes Kenya High School outstanding is its reputation. The school has a long history of performing very well in mocks and national examinations. Rarely does the school score a mean of less than 9

Another good thing about Kenya High School is that it has dedicated and passionate teachers who offer individualized learning styles to ensure all students understand whatever is being taught.

Kenya High School Phone Numbers

📞 +(254) 724 25 39 20

Kenya High School Address

📌 Mandera Road in Kileleshwa Surburb

3. Moi Forces Academy

Located in Kamukunji, Moi Forces Academy is arguably one of the Best National Schools in Kenya. It is a boys’ only boarding school that is best known for its strong academic program that follows the national curriculum.

Moi Forces Academy is also know for producing students who are very disciplined. At the end of their 4 years stay in the institution, a majority if not all students have lifelong values such as accountability, responsibility, citizenship, commitment and obedience.

In terms of school performance, Moi Forces Academy is an academic giant. Rarely does the school score a mean of less than 8

Moi Forces Academy Phone Numbers

📞 +(254) 746 57 08 77

Moi Forces Academy Address

📌 Kamukunji

4. Nairobi School

Nairobi School is among the most popular National Schools in Nairobi. It is headed by Principal Caspar Momanyi Maina and is among the 18 precious cluster 3 High Schools.

Generally, Nairobi School is a good High School because it has modern and well-maintained classrooms that are fitted with whiteboards. All these features enhance the learning experience.

Another good thing about Nairobi School is that it has a strong Alumni system. The ‘Patch’ community has played a major role in providing career counselling to students and even sponsoring bright needy students.

Last but not least, Nairobi School is a good institution because it has a supportive learning environment and an effective Administration, Board of Management, Parents and Teachers Association.

Nairobi School’s sister school is Kenya High School.

Nairobi School Phone Numbers

📞 020 4442799

Nairobi School Address

📌 Waiyaki Way

P.O Box 30178 Nairobi

5. Starehe Girls Centre and School

Starehe girls is arguably one of the best girls national school in Kenya. The school was started to serve as a sister school to Starehe Boys Centre and School in the year 2005.

Over the past few years, Starehe Girls has proven to be a good school because it has sufficient resources such as textbooks, libraries, laboratories, and classrooms.

Another good thing about Starehe Girls is that well- maintained facilities including clean dormitories, modern classrooms with whiteboards, and equipped science and computer laboratories.

Finally, Starehe Girls is among the best national schools in Nairobi because it involves parents and the community in all academic matters. For instance, the school regularly holds conferences and events to keep parents informed about their child’s progress.

Starehe Girls Centre and School Address

📞 Off Kiambu Road in Bustani Estate

Starehe Girls Centre and School Phone Numbers

📌 020 2025500

6. Starehe Boys Centre and School

Starehe Boys is the real definition of what a successful school should look like. The school tops in just about anything. From academics, music to drama and games.

Over the past years, Starehe Boys has built a strong and good reputation to a point that everyone knows what the school uniform looks like.

In terms of academic performance, Starehe Boys rarely score a mean of below 9. In the year 2022, the school had a mean of 9.44 and 87% of the students scored a Grade A or B.

When it comes to extra-curricular activities, Starehe Boys has the best live band in Kenya. The band is so good that it performs on National occassions sometimes.

Starehe Boys is also among the Best Natinoal Schools in Kenya because it has strong emphasis on discipline and character development. The school is very good at instilling values such as integrity, responsibility, and respect.

Starehe Boys Centre and School Phone Numbers

📞 +(254) 777 761 213-7 or +(254) 727 531 001

Starehe Boys Centre and School Address

📌 General Waruinge Street,

7. Pangani Girls

Pangani Girls is one of the Cluster 1 National Schools in Kenya. It is located along Juja Road in Starehe Constituency and is currently one of the most sought High Schools by students who sat for the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.

Generally, Pangani Girls is among the Best National Schools in Nairobi because it performs very well in National Examinations. In 2022, the school had 275 students and managed to score a mean of 9.56.

Below is a table that breaksdown how the giant school performed.

GradeEntry (Number of Students)

Another good thing about Pangani Girls is that has classrooms and dormitories that are well-maintained. The laboratories are also well-equipped and adequate for all learners.

Lastly, Pangani Girls is a good school because it has experienced teachers who play a major role in teaching, guiding and counselling the students to be better citizens tomorrow.

Pangani Girls Phone Numbers

📞 +(254) 733 31 49 91

Pangani Girls Address

📌 Along Juja Road in Starehe Constituency

P.o. Box 30152, Nairobi

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