National Schools in Siaya County

Here is a list of National Schools in Siaya County.

national schools in siaya county

All of these secondary schools have qualified teachers and a conducive environment that supports learning.

1. Maranda High School

Founded in the year 1919 by Shadrack Osewe Agot, Maranda High School is a boys’ only boarding school that is located in Bondo Constituency.

Over the past years, Maranda High School has been performing exemplary in Mocks and National Examinatons, this has made it one of the best national national schools in Kenya.

In 2022, Maranda High School attained a mean of 9.54. Below is a table that shows the complete breakdown of the results.

GradeNumber of Students
A 68
A –143

Based on the table above, Maranda High School was able to send over 93% of its student to different universities across Kenya. In 2021 the school had a mean of 9.15 and in 2020 they had a mean of 9.76

Asides from performing well, Maranda High School is a good school because it has wide range of extra-curricular activities that students can engage in including sports and school clubs such as Redcross, Debators Club, 4K Club, Drama and Music Club.

Maranda High School Phone Numbers

+(254) 704 14 39 90

Maranda High School Address

Bondo Constituency, Siaya County

2. Ngiya Girls

Ngiya Girls is the best and only girls national school in Siaya County. It is located in Ngiya township and the current Principal is Mrs Florence Okut.

Some of the best things about Ngiya Girls is that it has a very supportive learning environment. The classrooms are very modern, the libraries are well-stocked with up-to-date textbooks and the dormitories are in good condition.

Ngiya Girls is also outstanding because the students are very disciplined. The students know what to do and where to be at the right time. In terms of performance, the school rarely scores a mean of less than 7.

Ngiya Girls Phone Numbers

+(254) 726 55 37 13

Ngiya Girls Address

Ngiya Township, Siaya County

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