National Schools in Ukambani

Here is a list of all the National Schools in Ukambani. These schools are spread all over the following counties; Makueni, Kitui and Machakos.

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Without further ado, lets hop into the list

National SchoolCountyLocationPhone Numbers
Makueni Boys High SchoolMakueniWote Town+(254) 020 2623820
Mbooni GirlsMakueniMbooni West Sub County+(254) 712 04 29 03
Machakos Boys High SchoolMachakosMachakos Town+(254) 72179 67 71 
Kathiani GirlsMachakosKathiani Sub-County+(254) 728 39 32 18
Muthale Girls High SchoolKituiTulia+(254) 726331829
Kitui High SchoolKituiKitui Town+(254) 723636536

In total, there are 6 National Schools in Ukambani. Each county (Makueni, Kitui and Machakos) has been allocated 2 National Schools (One for girls and the other for boys)

Admission to these schools is very competitive and only students who score over 400 marks in their KCPE Examinations get a direct entry.

One of the best things about these Ukambani National Schools is that they have a supporting learning environment.

The administrative systems and teachers in these schools have built a strong relationship with the students.

This relationship has created a form of trust and respect between the two sides and this has made learning very easy and enjoyable.

Another good thing is that they have modern and adequate classrooms as well as equipped science and computer laboratories.

Finally, these National Schools have teachers who are passionate and dedicated to ensure that their students succeed not only academically but also religiously, and social wise. Rarely do these schools score a KCSE Mean of less than 7

For more information about these National Schools, kindly contact the respective phone numbers indicated in the table above.

Point to Note: The approximate school fees for the above National Schools in Ukambani is KES 75,000 per academic year.

Each student is also allocated approximately KES 22,000 by the Government through the Free Day Secondary Education program (FDSE)

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