National Schools in West Pokot County

Here is a list of National Schools in West Pokot County.

national schools in west pokot county

At the moment, there are only 2 schools that have achieved the National Status Level.

1. Tartar Girls High School

Also known as St. Theresa’s Tartar Girls High School, this is the best performing and only National girls’ school in West Pokot County. It is a public boarding school that is located along the Kitale-Kapenguria Road in Mnangei Location, West Pokot County.

One of the best things about this High School is that it has high-quality educators who are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. These teachers are also dedicated to the success of their students and use varied teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles.

Another good thing about Tartar Girls High School is that it has inclusive practices and policies to ensure that students from every part of Kenya feel included. The school also has a zero-tolerance on bullying!

Laslty, Tartar Girls High School is among the best national schools in Kenya because it offers extracurricular options such as sports, arts, community service, school clubs and societies.

Some of the main sports offered at this school include netball, hockey, football, volleyball and handball just to mention a few. When it comes to clubs and societies, Tartar Girls has Redcross, Debators, Girl Guides, Journalism, Christian Union and so on.

Tartar Girls High School Address

Along the Kitale-Kapenguria Road in Mnangei Location, West Pokot County

Tartar Girls High School Phone Numbers

+(254) 797 75 07 77

2. Chewoyet High School

Chewoyet High School is public national boys’ high school that is located in Kapenguria, West Pokot County. This school is best known for exceptional performance during the National Examinations such as KCSE. Rarely does the school score a mean of less than 6

Asides from performing well in examinations, Chewoyet is also a good national school because it has sufficient resources such as textbooks, and it regularly asseses its students to monitor their academic progress.

Another good thing about Chewoyet High School is that it actively involves parents and other stakeholders in all decision making processes. There is also open communication between the school, parents, and the community.

Lastly, Chewoyet High School is good school because it has well-maintained facilities including modern classrooms, equipped laboratories and very clean dormitories.

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