Nkasiri Adventure Park Activities and Prices

Nkasiri Adventure Park is an amusement center located 13.6 Kilometres from Kitengela Town. The park offers various forms of entertainment and attractions geared towards providing enjoyment and recreation for visitors.

This blog post talks about Nkasiri Adventure Park. It identifies Nkasiri location, its entrance fees, activities available, and gives a general review of why you shoul visit this hidden gem.

Nkasiri Adventure Park Kitengela Location

Nkasiri Adventure Park is located 11 kilometres from Ola Petrol Station in Kitengela town along Acacia Road. It is arguably one of the best entertainment venues in Kajiado county.

Nkasiri Adventure Park Directions

Public Means

  • Head over to the Bus Stage right outside Easy Coach in Nairobi City.
  • Board Rembo Shuttles. Off peak charges are KES 50 while On peak charges might be as high as 150.
  • Alight at Kitengela Town.
  • From Kitengela Town, you have an option of boarding a Tuk Tuk or a motorcycle. Tuk Tuk charges are KES 40 per person while motorbike charges are KES 200 per person.

Private Means

In case you are using private means, I highly suggest you to turn on Google Maps. The internet directions to this leisure center are very accurate.

Nkasiri Adventure Park Activities

Here is a list of 10 fun and thrilling activities you can engage in at Nkasiri Adventure Park Kitengela.

1. Swimming

Nkasiri Adventure Park has an olympic size swimming pool. It is one of the Best Swimming Pools in Kitengela.

One of the best features about this swimming pool is that it efficient filtration system to keep the water clean and clear.

Another good thing about the swimming pool is that it has varied depth levels to accommodate different swimming activities and skill levels.

Below is table showing the swimming charges at Nkasiri Adventure Park.

Daily Swimming Charges

CategorySwimming Charges
 Adults KES 600
 Children KES 500

Monthly Swimming Charges

CategorySwimming Charges
 Adults KES 2,400
 Children KES 3,000

Training Packages

Training Packages
Swimming Charges
10 Lesson Adults   KES 12,000
10 Lessons Children KES 10,000

2. High Ropes

High ropes is one of the best fun activities you can engage in at Nkasiri Adventure Park. This game is designed to challenge participants both mentally and physically.

In case you are looking for a game that can induce an adrenaline rush at Nkasiri, you should highly consider playing High Ropes.

The High Ropes at Nkasiri Adventure Park features 6 exciting obstacles. They include; Horizontal Net, Burma Loop, Swinging Bridge, Burma Bridge, Wooden Obstacles and Vertical Net Crossing.

Below is a table that shows the charges of playing High Ropes at this fun park

Level 1KES 1500
Level 2An additional KES 500
Level 3An additional KES 500

Point to Note: Level 3 involves swinging on a zipline at the end of the course.

3. Archery

Archery is a sport that involves using a bow to shoot arrows at a target. In the past, archery was a a means of hunting and warfare but today it is one of most popular recreational activities.

Nkasiri Adventure Park is a good place to play archery. The venue provides quality bows and arrows to ensure a positive experience for archers.

Archers are also provided with safety gear including arm guards and finger tabs to prevent injuries. The charges for playing archery are KES 500 Per Person. Each session involves shooting 5 arrows only.

4. Team Building

Team Building is also offered at Nkasiri Adventure Park. Team building refers to activities, exercises, and strategies aimed at enhancing the cohesiveness, cooperation, and effectiveness of a group of individuals working together.

Conference Team Building Packages (Full Day) are KES 3,000 Per Person while Conference Team Building Packages (Half Day) are KES 2,500.

These team building packages include team building facilitation, 10 O’clock and 4 o’clock tea and snacks, buffet lunch, photography and in house activities.

5. Play a Variety of Ball Games

Nkasiri Adventure Park has a big open field where visitors can be able to enjoy a variety of ball games including;

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

Playing these ball games is completely free. To get the best fun experience, it is advisable to visit Nkasiri with a team of two or more friends.

6. Enjoy Accomodation

Nkasiri Adventure Park offers accomodation to its visitors. One of the best things about their double, single and bed only rooms is that they have thoughtfully designed interiors that create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Another good thing about these accomodation rooms is that they have comfortable beds with high-quality mattresses and pillows which are essential for a good night’s sleep.

In case you are in Kitengela and are looking for accommodation rooms that are well-maintained, have clean rooms, bathrooms and affordable, you should highly consider Nkasiri Adventure Park.

For bookings and reservations, you can reach Nkasiri Adventure Park Kitengela via the following reservation numbers; +(254) 791 22 33 44

7. Cycling

Cycling is a highly enjoyable and fun activity. It is also a good way to exercise and keep fit. At Nkasiri Adventure Park, visitors get a chance to ride bikes and enjoy the scenic views. At the moment, the park has 10 Mountain bikes of which 2 bikes are for children.

Point to Note: Cycling at Nkasiri Adventure Park is completely free.

8. Enjoy Kids Games

Some of the Kids Games available at Nkasiri Kitengela include  Swinging, Trampoline, and Monkey Bars. Playing these games is also free.

In case you happen to visit Nkasiri Kitengela with your children, you can let enjoy these Kids games as they interact with their peers.

9. Play Pool and Table Tennis

Nkasiri Adventure Park also has a secluded area where visitors can play a variety of pool games such as the Eight-Ball, Nine-Ball, Straight Pool, Cutthroat or Bank Pool.

The charges for playing a single pool game at Nkasiri Kitengela is KES 50. At the moment, playing pool is one of the best social indoor activities you can engage in at this amusement park.

10. Ziplining

Ziplining is available at Nkasiri Park. If you are looking for a fun and adrenaline-rush activity, you should definitely start with this one. The zipline is 100 metres.

Nkasiri is the first place where I experienced ziplining. To be honest, it was full of mixed reactions. I was scared and at the same time very happy.

For the perfect zipline experience in Kitengela and Kajiado County, I highly recommend this amusement park.

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