Olooltepes Picnic Site Activities, Charges and Review

This blog post gives a review of Olooltepes Picnic Site. Also, it identifies the activities you can engage at this hidden gem and their charges.

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Picnics are a good way to enjoy nature. They are also a fun and interesting way to spend time with your family and friends.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to connect with nature, create memories, and strengthen bonds with the people you love, Olooltepes Picnic Site is the perfect place to experience all this.

Olooltepes Picnic Site Location

Olooltepes Picnic Site is located in Kiserian along Pipeline Road. The nearest landmark to this hidden gem is Total Petrol Station.

Olooltepes Picnic Site is not far from the Central Business District of Nairobi. It is only 33.3 Kilometres away using Magadi Road (C58).

Activities to do at Olooltepes Picnic Site and their Charges

Below are 10 fun activities you can engage in at Olooltepes Picnic Site.

1. Go for a Picnic

Olooltepes Picnic Site is the best place you can go for picnic in Kiserian. It has an expansive green space, has plenty of natural shade is sorrounded by stunning views.

Olooltepes Picnic Site is also a good picnic spot because it has lush green grass that is well-maintained and ideal for activities such as playing games, lounging, or spreading out a picnic blanket.

Lastly, this spot is good for picnicking because it is established in a clean environment that has access to facilities such as clean restrooms, clean drinking water and trash cans.

Below is a table that shows the charges for going on a picnic at Olooltepes Picnic Site. The prices remain constant on Weekdays and Weekends.

AdultsKES 600
ChildrenKES 600

2. Camping

Camping is also one of the best activities to engage in at this picnic site. In case you are looking for a camping spot that will give you a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable camping experience, look no further than Olooltepes Picnic Site.

For only KES 1,500, you can be able to camp at this hidden gem. The charges are for single occupancy and are inclusive of a tent, beddings, bathroom, water and a mini kitchen.

For double occupancy, the charges are KES 3,000.

3. Bike Riding

Bike riding is also available at Olooltepes Picnic Site. For KES 150, you can ride their amazing and well-maintained mountain bikes for a session of 15 minutes.

The area sorrounding Olooltepes Picnic Site has good bike terrain trails which enhance the bike riding experience.

4. Swimming

Swimming is also available at Olooltepes Picnic Site. One of the best things about this swimming pool is that it is never crowded. The water is also very clean, clear and free from debris and algae.

Another good thing about the Olooltepes Picnic Site Swimming Pool is that it has sun lounges and shade options for swimmers and spectators to relax in.

Below is a table that shows the swimming charges at this hidden gem.

AdultsKES 300
ChildrenKES 300

5. Ziplining

Ziplining is also available at Olooltepes Picnic Site. If by any chance you are not afraid of heights and like exhilarating experiences, you should try this activity. Having tried out this activity several times, I believe this is the best way to experience adrenaline rush.

Below is a table that shows the ziplining charges at this hidden gem.

AdultsKES 500
ChildrenKES 500

6. Kids Play Area

Olooltepes Picnic Site also has a Kids Play Area that has a variety of fun games that include a bouncing castle, trampoline, merry go round, and a train. For only KES 600, Kids can be able to play these games all day.

Asides from playing these games, the Kids Play Area at Olooltepes is also a good spot for your children to interact with other children and improve their social skills.

7. Unwind at the Olooltepes Picnic Site

Olooltepes also has a bar where strictly adults can enjoy some drinks. The bar is well-stocked with a variety of alcoholic drinks including beer, wine, gin, whiskey, rum, brandy and spirits. Non-alcoholic drinks such as juice and water are also available.

7. Accomodation

Accomodation is also readily available at Olooltepes Picnic Site. Asides from camping, you can also access accomodation at their well maintained, cozy and comfortable cottages.

For KES 6,000 (Double Occupancy), you get to a cottage (Bed and Breakfast plus swimming). Amazing, right?

8. Teambuilding

Teambuilding can also be done at Olooltepes Picnic Site provided you come with your own teambuilding instructor.

This spot is only involved in the hiring of grounds and preparation of meals and drinks that will be offered during the team buidling session.

9. Attend an Event

Olooltepes is a great place to attend events. The expansive space it covers offers patrons a chance to engage in fun activities such as concerts. Recently, Olooltepes Picnic Site hosted ‘Park and Chill’ for all Peugeot owners.

Another great event that has been hosted here is ‘Man Cave’ which sought to help men understand how to manage finances and how to be good Fathers.

10. Grab and Enjoy Some Nyama Choma

Olooltepes Picnic Site is arguably one of the best spots to enjoy tasty and finger-licking nyama choma.

The meat served here is grilled and marinated to perfection. Some of the accompaniments that are served by the Nyama Choma include Ugali, Chapati, Roasted Potatoes and Kachumbari (with and without pepper)

General Review about Olooltepes Picnic Site

Olooltepes Picnic Site is a fun and romantic place to go for a picnic with your loved ones. Its location away from all the noise in Nairobi City makes it an amazing spot to relax, and meditate.

Olooltepes Picnic Site is also a good spot to visit because it offers several fun activities asides from picnicking. As mentioned above, you can be able to camp, ride a bike, attend an event, swim and even zipline.

I highly recommend you to visit this joint. Out of 10, I would give it a 9.

Olooltepes Picnic Site Phone Numbers

+(254) 701 15 21 94

Olooltepes Picnic Site E-mail


Olooltepes Picnic Site Address

Kiserian, opposite Total Station Olooltepes, Kiserian, Kenya

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