Panari Hotel Swimming Pool Charges

This blog post identifies Panari Hotel’s Swimming Pool Charges.

panari hotel swimming pool charges

Also, it identifies the exact location of Panari Swimming Pool. Enjoy!

Panari Hotel Swimming Pool Location

Panari Hotel Swimming Pool is an indoor swimming pool that is located in Panari Hotel at Panari Sky Centre along Mombasa Road.

The Swimming Pool serves people from the Nairobi West area such as South C, Miller Estate Akila lll Estate, Bellevue Estate, Imara Daima.

Panari Hotel Swimming Pool Directions

Panari Hotel Swimming Pool About

Panari Hotel Swimming Pool is a swimming pool that is accessible to adults and children who know how to swim only.

The Shallow End is 1.4 Metres Deep while the Deep End is 2.2 Metres Deep.

The Centre of the Swimming Pool is 1.8 Metres Deep.

In terms of Length and Width, the Swimming Pool measures 20 metres by 10 metres.

How Much is Swimming in Panari?

CategorySwimming Charges
AdultsKES 3000
ChildrenKES 1500

Is Panari Hotel Swimming Pool Open?

Panari Hotel Swimming Pool is open daily from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm

Panari Hotel Swimming Pool Google Rating

There are no ratings for the Swimming Pool yet but the Panari Hotel has a Google Rating of 4.3 After 6,000 Google Reviews

Who is the owner of Panari Hotel?

Pusha Ratna

Panari Hotel Swimming Pool Contacts

+(254) 711 09 10 00

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