Paradise Gardens Nairobi Services and Prices

This blog post talks about everything you need to know about Paradise Gardens including services/activities and their charges.

Paradise Gardens

Located off Kiambu Road, 10 kilometers from Nairobi City and a stone throw away distance from Paradise Lost, Paradise Gardens is one of the best designed and visually appealing gardens in Nairobi.

The one acre garden lies next to a 10 acre dam which provides a great view to visitors and gives it a cool breeze through out the day and night.

Below are some of the services or activities you can expect to enjoy at Paradise Gardens.

1. Horse Riding

Paradise Gardens

Paradise Gardens has well groomed and trained horses. If you would like to experience how it feels riding a horse, Paradise Gardens should linger in your mind. The guides are also well trained and they provide safety instructions and guidelines to riders before the tour begins.

2. Go For a Picnic

Paradise Gardens is an amazing spot to go for a picnic with your family or friends. It is aesthetically pleasing, has lush greenery and a serene dam that lets you interact with nature.

Paradise Gardens

Paradise Gardens has enough room to ensure that picnicker spread out and enjoy activities without feeling crowded.

The charges for going on a picnic at Paradise Gardens is KES 1500. These charges cater for;

  • Picnicking the whole day
  • Setting up picnic decorations
  • Unlimited access to use the grounds
  • Corkage fee

3. Fishing

As mentioned earlier on, Paradise Gardens lies beside a 10 acre dam. This dam is rich in fish. In case you are in the mood to fish, all you have to do is come with your own fishing boat and equipment.

For KES 2,000, you will be allowed to fish at the dam for a period of 2 hours and catch as many fish as you would like.

4. Photoshoot and Videoshoot

Paradise Gardens

Paradise Gardens is an amazing place to create memories. The lush greenery and breathtaking dam make Paradise Gardens a good spot to take photos and shoot videos.

Over the past years, Paradise Gardens has been used to shoot films and local TV shows such as Tahidi High and Wedding Show.

The charges for a 2 hour Photoshoot session is KES 20,000

5. Grounds For Hire

Paradise Gardens

Paradise Gardens is also a good spot to hold a wedding, birthday or baby shower event. The upper deck of the garden can hold as many as 2,000 guests and the parking area can accomodate at least 400 cars.

Paradise Gardens

6. Team Building

Paradise Gardens offers team building sessions. Its landscape is also very good for teambuilding exerices and the atmosphere is postive.

In case you are looking for a professional staff to offer teambuilding sessions to your team or staff, Paradise Gardens is a good spot because of natural sorroudings, privacy and exclusivity.

7. Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate events, Paradise Gardens offers themed conferences, and parties to cater for corporate events. Above all, Paradise Gardens has enough space to accomodate thousands of guests and has one of the best and professional staff in and around Nairobi!

For more information, reservations and bookings, kindly contact either one or all of the Phone Numbers below.

+(254) 706 94 85 74

+(254) 722 52 79 27

Paradise Gardens Map

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