Prideinn Paradise Mombasa Activities, Prices, Photos and Location

This blog post identifies the best activities to do at Prideinn Paradise Mombasa and their Prices.

prideinn mombasa

Also, it identifies the accomodation rates and the location or address of the Resort!

Below is a list of 10 Best and Incredible Activities to do at Prideinn Paradise Mombasa

1. Enjoy a Swim at Dau Swimming Pool

Dau Swimming Pool is one of the cleanest and clearest swimming pools in Kenya! It is located in Prideinn Paradise Mombasa.

The oval-shaped swimming pool has proper filtration and circulation systems to ensure that the swimming waters are crystal clear and free from debris, dirt, and algae.

The Swimming Pool is restricted to the Resort’s Guests.

The Swimming Pool is completely free for the Resort’s Guests once they check-in.

2. Relax, Refresh and Revive in a Jacuzzi

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa has several Jacuzzi’s that offer guests a offer a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

The Jacuzzi has a comfortable seating arrangement and a precise temperature control that allows users to set and maintain the water temperature at their preferred level for relaxation.

One of the best things about relaxing and enjoying a Jacuzzi at Prideinn Paradise Mombasa is because they are strategically located in a position where you can be able to view the ocean and the waves as they rise and fall!

Below is a table showing the Jacuzzi rates or prices.

SingleKES 3,500
Couple (2 People)KES 2,500 Per Person (KES 5,000)

3. Get a Soothing Massage at Paradise Bamboo Ocean Spa

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa offers relaxing and soothing massage at Bamboo Ocean Spa.

One of the best things about this spa is that it has a team of skilled and qualified staff and it offers a wide range of services to cater to different preferences, from massages and facials to body treatments, manicures, and pedicures just mention a few.

Below is a table showing the charges to the main services offered at Bamboo Ocean Spa.

Massage ServiceCharges Per PersonDuration
Swedish MassageKES 5,80060 Minutes
Hot Stone MassageKES 6,90060 Minutes
AromatherapyKES 6,20060 Minutes
AromatherapyKES 8,20090 Minutes
Deep Tissue MassageKES 6,50060 Minutes
Deep Tissue MassageKES 8,50090 Minutes
Sea Salt ScrubsKES 4,80045 Minutes
Prenatal MassageKES 6,30060 Minutes
Coffee ScrubsKES 5,00045 Minutes
Deep CleansingKES 6,00060 Minutes
Express FacialsKES 4,80030 Minutes
Waxing (Under arm)KES 1,500 –
Waxing (Full arm)KES 3,500 –
Waxing (Half Leg)KES 3,000 –
Waxing (Full Leg)KES 5,200 –
PedicureKES 3,000
ManicureKES 2,800
Steam BathKES 2,000 –

4. Host a Professional Conference at Paradise Convention Centre

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa has the best and most affordable convention or conference area in Mombasa and its sorrounding.

The Paradise Convention Centre has a versatile space, a well-designed interior and exterior and State-of-the-Art facilities.

In case you are looking for a cozy place with good ambiance and atmosphere to hold your meeting, this is a good place to start.

Once you book this convention center you will be able to enjoy amenities such as

  • Full air-conditioned meeting rooms
  • Wi-Fi with high-speed internet access
  • High-tech audiovisual equipment
  • Buffet Lunch with one soft drink per delegate
  • Free writing pads, pens, flipcharts, marker pens, mints and water
  • Drop screens with complimentary use of LCD projector
  • 4 complimentary extension cables

The charges for holding a meeting at Paradise Convention Centre is KES 4,000 per Delegate.

The Convention Centre can hold as many as 2,500 people.

5. Have Fun at the Aqua Safari Themed Park

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa has an Aqua Safari Themed Park that is friendly to both adults and children.

In case you are looking for an Aqua Park that offers a unique combination of thrilling water-based attractions, relaxation, and social interaction, I would highly recommend you to visit this spot.

One of the best things about this aqua park is that it provides a variety of water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and exhilarating rides that provide an adrenaline rush and excitement for visitors of all ages.

6. Take Your Children (Child) to the Marino Club

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa has a Marino Club where children gather and get to play a variety of indoor games such as scrabbles, and monopoly.

One of the best things about The Marino Club is that it is child-friendly. The walls are painted with cartoons and it has a TV where children can watch cartoons or their favorite TV stations such as Cartoon Network!

The Marino Club is open and free to all guests and it takes care of children aged between 5-12 years old.

7. Team Building

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa is also a good team building spot. The White Sandy Beach offers a good place to engage in team building activities.

Generally, Prideinn Paradise Mombasa is a good place for team building because it has trained facilitators, offers customizable programs and scenic views,

Imagine engaging in team building activities while viewing the waves rise and fall, awesome right?

The charges for Team Building at the Resort is KES 4,500 Per Person.

The minimum number of persons at any given Team Building session is 25 People.

8. Explore the Diversity of Kenya and the World through Cuisine, Culture and Entertainment

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa promotes the culture of the Kenyan people by including African dishes in their menu and hiring people from tribes such as the Maasai to entertain guests once they arrive and during their stay!

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa also acknowledges the culture of other commmunities outside Kenya by holding themed nights and dinners such as Telemundo Night for the Mexicans, Bollywood Night for the Indians, Sollywood Night for the South Africans and China Wood Dinner for the Chinese.

9. Unwind at one of the Resorts Lounges and Clubs

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa has several lounges and clubs where guests can enjoy cold or warm brew.

The best spots to unwind are Kone Kone Lounge, Tewa Pool Bar, and Infinity Deck Bar.

All of these spots have skilled bartenders and DJs who serve guests with a variety of cocktail and play the latest trending music respectively.

Above all, these spots have ample dancing space and have a unique and appealing atmosphere that sets the mood for a fun night!

10. Enjoy Good Food and Accomodation

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa is a good place to enjoy tasty and mouth-watering dishes.

The food served in restaurants within the resort is simply amazing! It is always fresh and well-prepared.

The overall ambiance in these restaurants also creates a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for dinners.

When it comes to accomodation, the resort offers spacious rooms to its guests.

The quality of their mattresses, pillows, and bedding also ensures a good night’s sleep for guests.

To ensure there is something for everyone, Prideinn Paradise Mombasa offers different types of rooms at different rates.

The rooms offered include; Deluxe Pool View, Superior Ocean Front, Paradise Suite, Family Room, and Club Room.

The lowest accomodation room at the resort is KES 19,494.

Bonus Activity

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa has a State-of-the-Art gym that is well-equipped with the latest work-out equipment.

In case you are looking for a resort with a gym that has a wide range weights, and top-notch machines including treadmills and cycles, I suggest you try the gym at Prideinn Paradise .

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa Google Rating

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa has a Google Rating of 4.6 Stars after more than 7,000 Google Reviews!

Amazing, Right ?

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa Location or Address

📍➤ Prideinn Paradise Mombasa is located along Serena Road, Mombasa in Shanzu area along the Indian Ocean Coastline.

📍➤ The resort sits close to Bamburi Beach and the Mombasa Marine Park.

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa Photos

prideinn paradise mombasa photos

prideinn paradise mombasa photos

prideinn paradise mombasa photos

prideinn paradise mombasa activities prices photos and location

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa Owner

Hasnain Noorani

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa Opening and Closing Hours

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa is open daily, 24 hours, every week

Prideinn Paradise Mombasa Contacts

🌐 Prideinn Paradise Mombasa


📞 +(254) 709 53 20 00

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