Spur Mall Swimming Pool

Spur Mall Swimming Pool is one of the Best Public Swimming Pools along Thika Road. It is heated and located at the rooftop of Spur Mall.

spur mall swimming pool

This blog entry identifies the location of Spur Mall Swimming Pool, its charges, and reviews why it is among the Best Swimming Pools in Nairobi.

Spur Mall Swimming Pool Location

Spur Mall Swimming Pool is located on the 4th floor of Spur Mall along Thika Road, Exit 13. It is the Best Public Rooftop Swimming Pool in Eastlands Nairobi.

Directions to Spur Mall Swimming Pool from Nairobi City Centre

Public Means

Here are the directions to Spur Mall Swimming Pool from the Central Business District of Nairobi.

  • Head to Odeon Center located at the Junction of Latema road, and Tom Mboya St, Nairobi
  • Board ‘Lopha’ Shuttles (Off peak fares are KES 50 while On Peak fares are as high as KES 100)
  • Ensure you tell the conductor to drop you off at Spur Mall past Ruiru
  • Once you alight at Exit 13, head over to Spur Mall’s entrance and use the stairs or elevator to get to the 4th floor where the swimming pool is located.

Private Means

In case you are using private means, turn on the GPS (Google Maps) and pin Spur Mall as your destination.

If by any chance your GPS is not working, find your way to Thika Road and drive till pass Ruiru and Gwa Kairu. On the left, you will see Spur Mall, exit Thika Super Highway using Exit 13 and proceed towards the malls entrance gates.

Spur Mall Swimming Price

Spur Mall Swimming Pool is very affordable to swim in. Their daily charges are pocket friendly. Below is a table that shows the swimming charges at Spur Mall.

AdultsKES 500
ChildrenKES 300

Spur Mall Swimming Pool Review

Spur Mall Swimming Pool is one of the best and most affordable swimming pools in Nairobi because it has an efficient filtration system that keeps the water clear and clean.

Spur Mall Swimming Pool is also an amazing swimming facility because it has lifeguards on every corner of the pool to guarantee swimmer safety. The lifeguards are also swimming coaches and can teach swimmers a variety of swimming styles including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Lastly, Spur Mall Swimming Pool is a good natatorium because it has sun lounges whereby swimmers can bask and relax under the sun after a swimming session. The changing rooms are also clean and well-maintained.

In case you are looking for a good heated swimming pool along Thika Road, you should highly consider Spur Mall Swimming Pool

Spur Mall Swimming Pool Address

On the 4th floor of Spur Mall along Thika Road, Exit 13

Spur Mall Swimming Pool Phone Numbers

+(254) 710 24 02 40

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Enjoy your Swim!

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