Tafaria Castle Activities, Charges and Entrance Fee

This blog post identifies 10 of the best activities you can engage in at Tafaria Castle and their charges. Also, it identifies its exact location and the owner.

Tafaria Castle

Tafaria Castle, also known as Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge, is a unique accommodation and leisure facility located in the central highlands of Kenya, near the town of Nyeri.

It is situated in the scenic Aberdare Ranges and it offers breathtaking views of Mount Kenya and the surrounding landscapes.

Tafaria Castle is designed to resemble a medieval castle, complete with turrets, towers, and a drawbridge.

The castle’s architecture and interior decor create an enchanting atmosphere, transporting visitors back in time to a world of knights and fairytale adventures.

As a country lodge, Tafaria Castle provides various accommodation options, including luxurious suites, cottages, and family rooms. Each room is tastefully decorated and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

The castle offers a range of activities and facilities to entertain guests of all ages. Visitors can enjoy horse riding, cycling, nature walks, and bird watching in the surrounding countryside.

There are also game drives available in nearby Aberdare National Park, where visitors can spot a variety of wildlife, including elephants, buffalos, and various bird species.

The castle’s grounds feature beautifully landscaped gardens, providing a serene environment for relaxation. There are also conference facilities available for corporate events and weddings.

In terms of dining, Tafaria Castle has an on-site restaurant that serves a variety of local and international dishes. Guests can savor their meals while enjoying panoramic views of the countryside.

Overall, Tafaria Castle is a charming and unique destination that offers a memorable experience for visitors seeking a blend of medieval charm, natural beauty, and modern comforts in the heart of Kenya’s central highlands.

10 Fun Things to do at Tafaria Castle

At Tafaria Castle, there are several activities and attractions to enjoy during your stay.

Here are some of these things:

  1. Explore the Castle: Take a tour of the castle itself and admire its unique architecture and medieval-inspired design. Walk through the corridors, climb the towers, and cross the drawbridge to experience the enchanting atmosphere.
  2. Enjoy Outdoor Activities: Tafaria Castle is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and offers a range of outdoor activities. You can go horse riding through the countryside, embark on cycling adventures, or take leisurely walks to enjoy the natural beauty of the Aberdare Ranges.
  3. Game Drives: Arrange a game drive to Aberdare National Park, located nearby. The park is known for its diverse wildlife, including elephants, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, and various bird species. Spotting these animals in their natural habitat can be an incredible experience.
  4. Bird Watching: Tafaria Castle is home to a variety of bird species, making it a great spot for birdwatching enthusiasts. Grab your binoculars and explore the surroundings to spot colorful and unique birds.
  5. Relax in the Gardens: Tafaria Castle boasts beautifully landscaped gardens where you can relax and unwind. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, take a stroll through the gardens, or find a cozy spot to sit and read a book.
  6. Visit the Stables: The castle has its own stables where you can visit and interact with the horses. If you’re an experienced rider, you can even arrange for horseback riding sessions.
  7. Enjoy the Restaurant and Bar: Tafaria Castle has an on-site restaurant that serves a variety of delicious dishes, both local and international. Indulge in a culinary experience while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. There is also a bar where you can relax and have a drink.
  8. Attend Events and Celebrations: Tafaria Castle often hosts special events, including weddings, corporate retreats, and conferences. If you happen to be there during one of these events, you can participate or simply enjoy the lively atmosphere.
  9. Play Badminton or Lawn Tennis: Tafaria Castle has a well maintained court for playing the above sports.
  10. Swimming: Tafaria Castle has a very magnificent swimming area for both kids and adults. The pool has a shallow area and a deep area.

Below is a table showing the charges for carrying out each one of these activities.

Horse RidingKES 500
SwimmingKES 500
ArcheryKES 500
Team BuildingKES 4,500
Lawn TennisFree
Game drive to Aberdare National ParkKES 300

Why You Should Visit Tafaria Castle

There are several reasons why you should consider visiting Tafaria Castle.

Here are some compelling reasons:

  1. Unique and Enchanting Atmosphere: Tafaria Castle offers a one-of-a-kind experience with its medieval-inspired architecture and design. The castle’s turrets, towers, and drawbridge create a fairy tale-like ambiance that transports you to a different era. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in a truly unique and enchanting setting.
  2. Breathtaking Scenic Beauty: Nestled in the central highlands of Kenya, Tafaria Castle offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, including the majestic Mount Kenya. The castle’s location provides a picturesque backdrop for your stay and allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of the Aberdare Ranges.
  3. Diverse Range of Activities: Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or prefer a more relaxed experience, Tafaria Castle caters to a variety of interests. From horse riding and cycling to nature walks and bird watching, there are activities for everyone to enjoy. You can explore the outdoors, indulge in wildlife encounters, or simply unwind in the tranquil gardens.
  4. Wildlife and Nature Experiences: Tafaria Castle is situated near Aberdare National Park, which presents an opportunity to engage in thrilling game drives. Spotting wildlife such as elephants, buffalos, giraffes, and various bird species in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience. It’s a chance to connect with nature and appreciate the rich biodiversity of the region.
  5. Relaxation and Serenity: The castle’s landscaped gardens provide a peaceful setting where you can relax and rejuvenate. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll or finding a quiet spot to unwind, Tafaria Castle offers a serene environment that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  6. Cultural and Historical Significance: Tafaria Castle’s unique design and architectural style offer an opportunity to explore elements of medieval history and culture. It’s a chance to appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating this extraordinary structure.
  7. Memorable Dining Experience: Tafaria Castle features an on-site restaurant that serves a variety of delicious local and international dishes. The panoramic views from the restaurant enhance your dining experience, providing a memorable combination of delectable cuisine and breathtaking scenery.
  8. Events and Celebrations: Tafaria Castle often hosts special events, including weddings, conferences, and corporate retreats. If you’re looking for a distinctive venue for your own event or wish to witness the festivities taking place, Tafaria Castle offers a unique setting that adds a touch of grandeur and charm.

Visiting Tafaria Castle allows you to step into a world of magic and beauty, where you can immerse yourself in nature, history, and relaxation. It’s an opportunity to create lasting memories in a truly exceptional setting.

Tafaria Castle Location

Tafaria Castle is located 65km from Nyeri towards Nyahururu.

it is 5 km off Nyeri-Nyahururu Road and 58 km from Aberdare National Park.

Tafaria Castle Owner

George Tafaria Waititu

Tafaria Castle Photos

Tafaria Castle

Tafaria Castle

Tafaria Castle

Tafaria Castle

Tafaria Castle

Tafaria Castle Rates or Charges

CategoryCharges for Bed & BreakfastCharges for Half boardCharges for Full board
Single OccupancyKES 6,800KES 9,600KES 12,000
Double OccupancyKES 12,800KES 15,600KES 18,000

Tafaria Castle Distance From Nairobi

222 Kilometers or 137.944 Miles

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Tafaria Castle Map

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