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Also known as Sherehe District, Tamasha Eldoret is arguably one of the Best clubs in Eldoret Town. Every night, the club is packed with revellers from Eldoret and nearby towns.

tamasha eldoret
Copyright © Tamasha Eldoret as seen on their Facebook Page

Here is a detailed review of Tamasha Eldoret and the activities you can engage in.

Tamasha Eldoret Location

Tamasha Eldoret is located along the Eldoret-Kisumu Highway, next to Stabex Petrol Station.

The energetic and glamourous club has a Google Rating of 4.3 Stars after more than 1,200 Google Reviews.

Tamasha Eldoret Owner

Tamasha Eldoret is owned by flamboyant business man Julius Kibet.

He is 39 years of age and claims that his club is very popular and attracts revellers from as far as Nairobi, Kakamega, Kapsabet and even Mombasa.

I have to agree with this statement because my friends and I once travelled to the City of Champions just to celebrate some nights out at Tamasha Eldoret.

Why You Should Visit Tamasha Eldoret

Tamasha Eldoret is one of those clubs in Eldoret where your first visit will not be the last.

Below are some of the activities you can engage at this popular night spot.

1. Enjoy Live Rhumba Music

tamasha eldoret
Copyright © Tamasha Eldoret as seen on their Facebook Page

Every Thursday Night, Tamasha Eldoret hosts live Rhumba bands who play live Rhumba music to entertain patrons.

The live music also provides an opportunity for people to gather, and interact with one another.

Asides from live Rhumba music on Thursday, Tamasha Eldoret also has other themed nights as shown in the table below.

Day of the WeekTheme
Monday –
Tuesday –
WednesdayLadies Night Out
ThursdayLive Music|Rhumba
FridayFeel Good Friday|Hangout Friday
SaturdayAmapiano and Afrobeat
SundayDohtty Sundays|Reggae Sundays

2. Enjoy Affordable Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Tamasha Eldoret stocks alcoholic drinks selling from KES 2,000 to 180,000 per bottle.

Beers go for KES 200.

In case you are looking for a club in Eldoret that is well stocked with drinks, Tamasha Club Eldoret should be on your bucket list. The club has all sorts of beer, rum, gin, tequilla whiskey, brandy, spirits and wines.

Asides from alcoholic drinks, you can also order water, juice, or soda at Tamasha Eldoret.

3. Eat Flavorful and Tasty Nyama Choma

tamasha eldoret

Tamasha Eldoret is among the best nyama choma joints in Uasin Gishu County. The nyama choma at this night spot is very fresh, marinated and grilled to perfection.

Another good thing about the nyama choma at Tamasha Eldoret is that it is served with dishes that complement it. Some of these dishes include ugali, chapati, chips, kachumbari and roasted potatoes.

1KG of Nyama Choma at Tamasha Eldoret Grill goes for KES 800.

4. Watch a Live NBA or Football Game

There is no where better in Eldoret Town to watch a live game than in Tamasha Eldoret Sports Club. The crowd at this joint is very lively and social, this enhances the watching experience.

Another good thing about Tamasha Eldoret Sports Club is that it has very big high definition TVs strategically mounted at different parts to ensure all revellers can watch a live game without being distracted.

On weekends, when the Englsh Premier League is in action, Tamasha Eldoret is always lit!

5. Enjoy Outdoor Dining

tamasha eldoret

Tamasha Eldoret has an outdoor dining area that is filled with well-manicured grass.

It is a nice spot to enjoy delicious and finger-licking dishes prepared by some of the best chefs in Eldoret Town.

The meals at Tamasha Eldoret are very affordable and worth every coin of yours. Food is served while its smoking hot.

6. Seek Auto-Spa Services

Tamasha Eldoret offers auto-spa services such as Executive Wash, Underwash, and Body Wash at pocket-friendly prices.

One of the best things about Tamasha Eldoret Auto-Spa is that it has trained and experienced detailing professionals who understand various detailing techniques and can handle different types of vehicles with care.

7. Get a Clean Shave

tamasha eldoret

Tamasha Eldoret has a well-equipped barbershop with several professional-skilled barbers who are experienced in a variety of haircuts and styles.

In case you are looking for a clean barbershop that consistently delivers high-quality haircuts and grooming services, you should look no further than Tamasha Barbershop.

For inquiries and bookings, contact the number below.

📞 +(254) 715 44 96 02

8. Tamasha Eldoret Bakespot

Tamasha Eldoret Bakespot is the best bakespot in Eldoret Town at the moment.

One outstanding thing about this bakespot is that it provides high-quality and freshly baked goods.

Another good thing about Tamasha Eldoret Bakespot is that it provides a diverse selection of baked goods, including bread, pastries, cakes, and cookies.

This diverse selection caters to different preferences and attracts a wider customer base.

For inquiries and bookings, contact the number below.

📞 +(254) 711 83 17 69

9. Get a Massage at Tamasha Spa

Tamasha Eldoret owns Tamasha Spa. The spa offers a wide range of massage services including Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Hot Massage and Thai Massage just to mention a few.

Generally, Tamasha Spa is a good massage to relax, relieve pain from your body and improve your blood circulation because it has skilled-professional therapists and it is set in a clean and Inviting atmosphere.

For inquiries and bookings, contact the number below.

📞 +(254) 715 44 96 02

10. Meet New People|Socialise

tamasha eldoret

As mentioned earlier on, Tamasha Eldoret is home to revellers from different cities and towns in Kenya. A night out at this night joint might get you acquainted with famous and influential people in Eldoret and Kenya at large. You could also meet your future spouse here!

Tamasha Eldoret Location

📍➤ Along the Eldoret-Kisumu Highway, next to Stabex Petrol Station

Tamasha Eldoret Email and Phone Numbers

📨 Cosmasmuthomi@gmail.com

📞 +(254) 711 72 10 31

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