The Dam Redhill Resort Activities, Prices and Directions

This blog post identifies the activities you can engage at the Dam Redhill Resort. Also, it identifies the prices for these activities and the directions to this facility.

The Dam Redhill Resort

The Dam Redhill Resort Directions

The Dam Redhill is a resort that is located along Limuru Road in Limuru. The resort offers a serene and quite environment to relax, enjoy and have fun!

The Dam Redhill is located only 15 kilometers from the Central Business District. Travelling by public means to this hidden gem will cost you less than KES 200 while private digital taxi will cost you around KES 700. For public means, you can find public vehicles at Khoja Stage.

Below are some of the fun activities you can engage in the Dam Redhill Resort and have an unforgettable experience.

The Dam Redhill Resort

1. Boat Riding and Fishing

Boat rides are fun and relaxing. Being in the open water makes you feel calm, and makes you forget about all your troubles temporarily. Asides from riding the boat, you can also engage in sport fishing. The charges for boat riding is KES 200 and fishing is KES 1,000

2. Ziplining

In case you are up for an adrenaline adventure, you should definitely try ziplining. Imagine how fun it would be to zipline over water. Sounds fun right? The Dam Redhill offers one this golden opportunity. The zipline at this resort runs over the dam. The charges for ziplining for adults is KES 700 while for children it is KES 500

3. Horse Riding

The Dam Redhill has well maintained horses that are friendly. The Dam Redhill has several horse riding tracks you can choose from. In case you are afraid of riding horses, worry not! The are several horse instructors on standby! The charges for riding a horse for adults is KES 500 while for children it is KES 250

4. Jet Skiing

The Dam Redhill is a good place for jet skiing. In order to enjoy this sport, you must book in advance before visiting the facility. Jet skiing is fun because you get to bond with your friends, and family while catching the waves and the sun.

5. Enjoy Refreshments and Meals at the Floating Restaurants

Just like Stedmak Gardens, The Dam Redhill Resort has floating restaurants. These restaurants float over water. The food served in these restaurants is fresh and delicious while the refreshments come in cold and hor forms! Eating from a floating restaurant gives you a dining experience similar to that in a ship or boat deep in the waters.

6. Biking

Biking is also available at the Dam Redhill. The facility has several biking trails that are easy to navigate. In case you are up for some sweaty and weight loosing activity, this is it!

7. Photoshoot

Photos are a great way of capturing memories. The Dam Redhill has professional photographers who are ready to capture you enjoying every bit of activity. For personalized shoots, all you have to do is arrange everything with the management of the facility.

8. Kids Corner

The Dam Redhill has a kids corner that offers a variety of fun games to children. It has a bouncing castle, several swings, and slides to choose from. The kids area is a good spot to keep children busy as you engage in other adult friendly activities at the facility.

9. Grounds For Hire

The Dam Redhill is also a good spot to hire grounds for activities such as weddings, baby showers and birthday parties. The grass is green and lush and the trees around provide a perfect shade.

10. Camping

Camping at the Dam Redhill Resort is fun because you get to enjoy adventurous nights. Camping at this resort lets you connect with nature and experience a different life. It enables you to disconnect from technology and relax!

The Dam Redhill Resort

The Dam Redhill Contacts

Phone Number: 0112 601632


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