The New Nairobi Expressway Charges [2024]

Here are the The New Nairobi Expressway Charges [2024]. The new charges took effect from 1st January 2023. The Expressway is a major road in Nairobi that links Westlands to Mlolongo.

nairobi expressway charges

The road covers a distance of 27.1 Kilometres out of which 8.5 Kilometres is elevated. Currently, the Expressway is managed by the KeNHA (The Kenya National Highways Authority).

Point to Note: All class 1 and class 2 motor vehicles (two and three wheeled) are prohibited from using the Nairobi Expressway.

Payment Options

The Expressway offers road users 4 payment options. They include; MTC Card, Moja Tollpay, Cash Payment and ETC Service.

Below are tables showing the New Expressway Toll Charges. Drive safely!

Expressway Charges From Westlands

Expressway DestinationExpressway Charges
Westlands to MlolongoKES 500
Westlands to SyokimauKES 500
Westlands to JKIA KES 410
Westlands to Eastern BypassKES 410
Westlands to Southern BypassKES 330
Westlands to Haile SelassieKES 250
Westlands to Capital Centre KES 250
Westlands to Museum HillKES 170

Expressway Charges From Mlolongo

Expressway DestinationExpressway Charges
Mlolongo to Museum Hill KES 500
Mlolongo to Haile SelassieKES 410
Mlolongo to Capital CentreKES 410
Mlolongo to Southern BypassKES 330
Mlolongo to Eastern Bypass KES 250
Mlolongo to SGR KES 250

Expressway Charges from Museum Hill

Expressway DestinationExpressway Charges
Museum Hill to MlolongoKES 500
Museum Hill to SyokimauKES 410
Museum Hill to JKIAKES 330
Museum Hill to Eastern BypassKES 330
Museum Hill to Southern Bypass KES 250
Museum Hill to Capital Centre KES 170
Museum Hill to Haile SelassieKES 170

Expressway Charges from Haile Selassie

Expressway DestinationExpressway Charges
Haile Selassie to MlolongoKES 410
Haile Selassie to SyokimauKES 410
Haile Selassie to JKIAKES 330
Haile Selassie to Eastern Bypass KES 250
Haile Selassie to WestlandsKES 250
Haile Selassie to Southern BypassKES 170
Haile Selassie to Museum HillKES 170
Haile Selassie to Capital CentreKES 170

Expressway Charges from Capital Centre

Expressway DestinationExpressway Charges
Capital Centre to MlolongoKES 410
Capital Centre to SyokimauKES 330
Capital Centre to JKIA, Eastern Bypass, and Westlands KES 250
Capital Centre to Southern Bypass, Haile Selassie, and Museum Hill KES 170

Expressway Charges from Eastern Bypass

Expressway DestinationExpressway Charges
Eastern Bypass to WestlandsKES 410
Eastern Bypass to Museum Hill KES 330
Eastern Bypass to Mlolongo, Syokimau, Capital Centre, and Haile Selassie KES 250
Eastern Bypass to JKIA and Southern BypassKES 170

Expressway Charges from Southern Bypass

Expressway DestinationExpressway Charges
Southern Bypass to Mlolongo, Syokimau, and WestlandsKES 330
Southern Bypass to JKIA and Museum Hill KES 250
Southern Bypass to Eastern Bypass, Capital Centre, and Haile SelassieKES 170

Expressway Charges from JKIA

Expressway DestinationExpressway Charges
JKIA to WestlandsKES 410
JKIA to Haile Selassie and Museum HillKES 330
JKIA to Southern Bypass and Capital Centre KES 250
JKIA to Eastern Bypass KES 170

Expressway Charges from SGR

Expressway DestinationExpressway Charges
SGR to Museum Hill and WestlandsKES 410
SGR to Capital Centre and Haile SelassieKES 330
SGR to Southern BypassKES 250
SGR to Eastern BypassKES 170

Expressway Charges from Syokimau

Expressway DestinationExpressway Charges
Syokimau to WestlandsKES 500
Syokimau to Haile Selassie and Museum HillKES 410
Syokimau to Southern Bypass and Capital Centre KES 330
Syokimau to Eastern Bypass KES 250
Syokimau to SGRKES 170

Expressway Charges from The Mall

Expressway DestinationExpressway Charges
The Mall to Mlolongo and SyokimauKES 500
The Mall to JKIAKES 410
The Mall to Eastern BypassKES 330
The Mall to Southern Bypass and Capital CentreKES 250
The Mall to Haile Selassie and Museum HillKES 170

Nairobi Expressway Contacts


Rescue Hotline


Service Hotline


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