The Waterfront Karen Activities and Their Prices

This article talks about the activities you can expect to do at The Waterfront Karen and their prices.

The Waterfront Karen

The KES 3 billion mall is located in Kuwinda Langata (approximately 16.4 kilometers from the Central Business District of Nairobi). Currently, it is the leading shopping center in Lang’ata area. Below is a list of 10 activities you can expect to do at The Waterfront Karen.

1. Play with Water at Maji Magic

Maji Magic is Africa’s 1st Inflatable Water Park. Its main attractions are water based activities such as kayaking. riding blaster Boats, stand up paddleboarding, engaging in fun activities at the aqua park such as climbing walls, riding swings, jumping on water pillows, and riding on water slides. Below are the charges for participating in each one of these activities

KayakingKES 3,000
Riding Blaster BoatsKES 500 Per ride
Stand up PaddleboardingKES 2,000 For 1 hour
Aqua Park Fun activitiesKES 2,000 Per game

The Aqua Park charges cover for a lifeguard jacket and a wet suit.

Maji Magic

2. Play Paintball

Paintball at The Waterfront Karen can be played at Paintball Fury. If you and your friends are adrenaline junkies and like to be competitive, this should be your top destination. Asides from playing paintball, other activities you can do at Paintball Fury include target shooting and teambuilding.

Below are the charges for playing paintball at Paintball Fury, The Waterfront Karen.

ChargesTime DurationNo. of Paintballs
KES 1500 Per Person1 Hour 30 Minutes150

Paintball Fury

3. The Waterfront Stables

If you are a passionate horse rider, the Waterfront Stables should be your top destination. The horses at this facility are well-maintained, trained and offer a first class riding experience.

The horses at the Waterfront stables are a mix of Somali Ponies, Ethiopian Horses and European thoroughbreds. The charges for riding horses at this facility is KES 300 per lap.

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The Waterfront Stables

4. Enjoy Bowling at Strike Arcade

Strike Arcade is a bowling alley that is located in the basement of The Waterfront Karen. The alley is open daily from from Monday to Sunday as from 10 am to 9 pm. Asides from playing bowling, other games available at Strike Arcade include VR games and pool games.

Below are the charges/prices for playing bowling at Strike Arcade.

Bowling350 KES Per Person Per Game
Simulation Video Games200 KES Per Game Per Person
Foosball Games200 KES Per Game
Electronic Games200 KES Per Game
VR Games200 KES Per Person
Car Racing200 KES Per Person Per Ride
Hockey200 KES Per Game
Pool200 KES Per Game

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5. Shop Until You Drop

The Waterfront Karen is an amazing place to shop for clothes, groceries, dry food stuff and electronics. The mall is home to several local and international stores such as Naivas, Game, Dr. Mattress, CJ’S, Bubble Splash,Electrohub, Rand Forex Bureau, Newmatic Kitchen Appliances, Timeless Gifts, The Graceful Chinese Restaurant and the Whisky Shop just to name a few.

The Watefront Karen Contacts

+(254) 746 61 41 74

The Waterfront Karen Mall Owner

The mall is property of the Muguku Family. The mall was built by the late businessman Nelson Muguku.

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