Thiba Falls Entrance Fee and Activities

This blog post talks about Thiba Falls. Specifically, it identifies where the falls are located, and activities to do at the falls.

thiba falls

Also, this blog post identifies whether or not there are Thiba Falls Entrance Fee or not.

Thiba Falls Location

Thiba Falls is a series of 3 large waterfalls that are located along Thiba River in Kirinyaga (County Number 20) at Thiba Falls Hotel and Garden Rukenya in Kutus Town. Currently, Thiba Falls is one of the most visited waterfalls in Kenya.

Thiba Falls is located approximately 120 Kilometres from the Central Business District of Nairobi. A 2 hours journey if you are using public transport!

Thiba River is one of the main rivers in Kirinyaga County. It originates from the Mount Kenya Conservation Area and drains its waters to Kamburu dam in Embu County.

Thiba Falls Activities

Thiba Falls is a popular recreational spot because visitors can be able to engage in the following activities.

  1. Swimming
  2. Play water games
  3. Fishing fresh fish such as Tilapia
  4. Take Photographs
  5. Camping
  6. Explore the man-made forest sorrounding Thiba River
  7. Relax with family and friends as you enjoy the cool and breathtaking atmosphere
  8. Enjoy mouthwatering delicacies at Thiba Resort

Point to Note: Please do not swim in River Thiba during the rainy season when the currents are very strong! If you must swim, exercise caution!

Do not forget to carry your swim suit!

Thiba Falls Entrance Fee

There are no charges to access Thiba Falls. Entrance is free!

Thiba Falls Address (Summary)

Kirinyaga County, at Rukenya in Thiba Falls Hotel and Garden (2kilometres from Kutus Town)

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