Thomson’s Falls Nyahururu Entrance Fee and Location

Thomson's Falls Nyahururu

This blog post lays down the entrance charges and location of Thomson’s Fall. Also, it discusses 10 reasons why Thomson’s Fall is a good place to visit!

Thomson's Falls Nyahururu

A waterfall is a natural or man-made feature where a body of water flows rapidly down a steep incline, creating a cascade or series of cascades.

Waterfalls can vary greatly in size, ranging from small trickles to massive cascades that span hundreds of feet.

Waterfalls are often found in mountainous or hilly areas, where rivers and streams flow over rocky terrain. They are a popular tourist attraction and are often celebrated for their natural beauty and the sense of power and majesty they convey.

Thomson’s Falls

Thomson's Falls Nyahururu

Thomson’s Falls is a scenic waterfall located in Nyahururu, Kenya. The falls were named after Joseph Thomson, a Scottish geologist and naturalist who was the first European to explore the area in the 1880s. Thomson’s Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kenya, drawing visitors from all over the world.

The falls are located in the Ewaso Nyiro (Ngiro) River, which flows from the Western Slopes of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Range. The water plunges over a 74-meter cliff, creating a spectacular sight and a misty spray that can be felt from a distance. The surrounding landscape is beautiful, with lush greenery and rocky cliffs that provide a stunning backdrop to the falls.

Visitors to Thomson’s Falls can enjoy a range of activities, including hiking, birdwatching, and photography. Occassionally, you can see monkeys and baboons roaming across the forest. These creatures are very friendly provided you do not spook them.

Thomson's Falls Nyahururu

Thomson’s Falls Accomodation

Thomson's Falls Nyahururu

There are several accommodation sites near Thomson’s Falls, including lodges and campsites. Some of the best nearby accomodation options include:

  • Waterfalls Resort
  • Thomson’ falls lodge
  • Falls Hippo Point Hotel
  • Breeze Hotel
  • Green Court Hotel

Visitors can choose to stay overnight and enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of the area. The nearby town of Nyahururu also offers a range of amenities, including restaurants, shops, and other attractions. For more information on hidden gems in Nyahururu visit 12 Best Places to Visit in Nyahururu

In overall, Thomson’s Falls is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Kenya. Its natural beauty, rich history, and range of activities make it a truly unforgettable experience.

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Thomson’s Waterfall

  1. Natural Beauty: Waterfalls are some of the most beautiful natural features on Earth. The cascading waters at Thomson’s waterfalls create a mesmerizing sight and soothing sound.
  2. Relaxation: The sound and sight of water falling can be very calming and soothing making Thomson’s waterfalls a great place to relax and unwind.
  3. Adventure: Thomson’s waterfalls is located in a scenic area that requires a bit of hiking or trekking to reach at the base of the waterfall. Primarily, this makes the trip to the waterfall an exciting adventure.
  4. Photography: Thomson’s Waterfalls provides a fantastic photo opportunity, with its dramatic scenery and natural beauty.
  5. Wildlife: Thomson’s Waterfalls often attracts a variety of wildlife such as Monkeys and Baboons, birds, fish, and other animals which can make for great viewing opportunities.
  6. Swimming: The base of Thomson’s waterfalls is a good place to swim especially after a long hike in the forest sorrounding the falls.
  7. Geology: Thomson’s waterfalls are formed by unique geological features which can be fascinating to learn about and explore.
  8. Educational: Thomson’s waterfalls offers great educational opportunities, providing insights into the natural world, geology, and hydrology.
  9. Cultural significance: Thomson’s waterfalls has a cultural and historical significance, this makes it an important landmarks and attraction site.
  10. Refreshing: Being near waterfalls can be refreshing and invigorating. The cool mist and fresh air provides a welcoming break from the heat and humidity.

Thompson’s Waterfalls Entrance Charges

Citizen AdultsKES 70
Citizen ChildrenKES 30
Non-Citizen AdultsKES 300
Non-Citizen ChildrenKES 200

Commonly Asked Questions About Thomson’s Falls Nyahururu

Thomson falls is in which county?

Laikipia County

Thomson falls Nyahururu directions

Thomson Falls Kenya Address

P.O. Box 38 20300, Nyahururu, Kenya

Distance From Nairobi to Thompson Falls

187.8 Kilometres

Thomson’s Falls in Which Country

Thomson’s Falls is located in Kenya

Thomson Falls Nyahururu Distance

The falls are located 1.6 kilometres from the Central Business District of Nyahururu town

Thomson Falls Height

74 Metres

Thomson Falls Contacts

Phone Number:

+(254) 716 108 833


For Reservations

Thompson’s Falls Opening and Closing Hours

The site is opened at 7:00 am and closed at 6:00 pm

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