Tigoni Waterfalls Entrance Fee, Activities and Charges

This blog post gives a Review of Tigoni Waterfalls. It identifies where the falls are located, the entrance fee to the hidden gem and the activities to do while there.

Tigoni Waterfalls Entrance Fee, Activities and Charges

Also, this blog post reviews why Tigoni falls is a great place to visit. After reading this post, am sure you are going to love this place!

Tigoni Waterfalls Location

Tigoni Waterfalls is located in Waterfalls Inn Tigoni, along Tigoni Road. It is only 30 minutes away from the Central Business District of Nairobi.

Tigoni is one of the leafy suburbs of Kiambu County. It is located 12.3 Kilometres from Limuru Town. At the moment, Tigoni town is best known for its expansive green tea farms.

According to Google Ratings, Tigoni Waterfalls has 4.3 Stars after more than 300 Google Reviews.

Tigoni Waterfalls Charges

Tigoni Waterfalls is arguably one of the Best Places to Visit in Limuru. I believe it is also among the best romantic spots in Kiambu County.

Despite being one of the most romantic and best places to visit in Limuru and Kiambu at large, Tigoni Waterfalls Charges are very affordable.

Below is a table showing the entrance charges to Tigoni Waterfalls.

AdultsKES 500
ChildrenKES 300

Tigoni Waterfalls Activities

Tigoni Waterfalls in full of life. It is a place filled with fun-activities that are suitable for people who belong to different age-groups.

Whether you are young or old, you should at least try and visit this hidden gem when you get the chance!

1. View Tigoni Falls

Tigoni Falls offers nothing but a romantic and breathtaking view. To get to these falls, you will have to trek downhill from Waterfalls inn and passby tea fields and a lovely forest.

Approximately, it will take you about 20 minutes to hike through the forest and get to Tigoni Waterfalls.

2. Ride Horses and Explore the Caves

Tigoni Falls is also a good place to ride horses. The expansive fields are a good place to test or develop your horseriding skills.

Tigoni falls is also home to several caves. In case you have seen how a cave looks like, this is a good place to start with.

3. Camping

Tigoni Falls is a good place to camp. If by any chance you like to interact with nature and live within or near Limuru, this spot should be on your bucketlist.

4. Picnicking

Waterfalls Inn Tigoni has expansive fields covered with lush green grass. In case you love to picnic, I highly recommend this spot. Foods and drinks from outside are allowed.

Before picnicking at Waterfalls Inn Tigoni, carry your own picnic blanket and umbrella incase the Sun decides to flex.

Picknicking charges are free as long as you have paid the entrance fees.

5. Hiking

Hiking is available at Tigoni Falls. Visitors get a chance to hike through the lovely forest and the expansive green tea fields.

For the best hiking experience, ensure that you carry your hiking boots, sunscreen, a raincoat, and enough water to hydrate. Thec harges for hiking at this spot is KES 1,000.

6. Relax and Enjoy the Views

Tigoni Falls is located in Tigoni area which sits about 2,500 metres above the sea level.

The air at this site is very fresh and the views served at the Inn are very beautiful. From here, you can enjoy amazing sunset views and Nairobi’s skyline.

Why You Should Visit Waterfalls Inn Tigoni

Waterfalls Inn Tigoni Operating Hours

Watefalls Inn Tigoni is open daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. (Including Public Holidays)

Point to Note: The staff at Waterfalls Inn Tigoni are very strict with time. For the best experience, you should try to get there early so that you can enjoy all the activities.

In case you are hungry, Waterfalls Inn Tigoni also prepares some mouth-watering delicacies at a very affordable fee. I hope you will enjoy your visit.

Waterfalls Inn Tigoni Address

Along Tigoni Road

Waterfalls Inn Tigoni Phone Numbers

+(254) 722 65 10 23

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