Top 10 Best Female Models in Kenya

This blog post outlines the Top 10 Best Female Models in Kenya

top 10 best female models in kenya

All of these models have Proportional Body Measurements, Healthy and clear skin, and exude confidence.

Above all, these models have a captivating presence, posssess excellent posing skills and are tall.

In no particular order, these are 10 of the Best Female Models is Kenya.

10. Fridah Gacheri

Fridah Gacheri is the current reigning Miss Aura International Kenya.

She is the true definition that hardwork and consistency bares fruit.

The talented model started participating in modelling competitions from the year 2014 but she started winning awards only recently (2021 and 2022)

In 2021, she won the Miss Tourism Kenya.

9. Ivy Trizah

Ivy Trizah is the former Miss Cooperative University of Kenya (2022)

She is currently the reigning Miss University of Africa Kenya (2023)

When it comes to the Runway, Ivy Trizah is exceptional. The model has the ability to walk gracefully and confidently.

Another unique feature about Ivy Trizah is her unique and memorable personality. Ivy Trizah is a kind and warm-hearted person!

8. Model Joy

Model Joy is the Face of Nakuru 2023.She was the Runners up at the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology 2022.

One of the best things about this model is that she has very proportional body with balanced measurements.

Her eyes are also very expressive and she has well-defined cheekbones.

7. Dorre Dorine

Dorre Dorine is the current Miss Hotlegs Kenya 2023. Previously, she was Miss Regional Centre Training Institute (2022)

Asides from her long and hot legs, Dorre Dorine is also physically and on the inside.

When it comes to modelling, the model knows how to cat walk very well. Her transitions, hand-placement and facial expressions are simply amazing. In fact, she is ever smiling!

Her ability to sing makes her a very unique model!

6. Nisha Ghedia

Nisha Ghedia is Kenyan-Indian Commercial Model who has worked with several local brands.

She is best known for her unique posing skills and her ability to engage the audience’s attention is crucial in fashion shows and photoshoots.

Nisha Ghedia is also known for her proportional body which can fit in a wide range of clothing sizes and styles.

5. Bernice Nunah

Bernice Nunah is a resilient and charismatic model who is currently the founder of Khitasport and Khitakhini.

Her biggest breakthrough was in the year 2020 when she was First Runners Up in the Miss World Kenya Competitions.

One thing that sets Bernice Nunah away from the other models is her unique cat walking style. Her hip movement, and footwork go hand in hand

4. Sharon Obara

Sharon Obara, a graduate from Kenyatta University is one of the most phenomena models in Kenya.

She is the immediate former Miss World Kenya (2021)

Sharon Obara is unique in the sense that she is very patriotic to Kenya and this can be seen by her special concern about Kenya and her endless sacrifices to promote the country’s good.

Aside from her patriotism and inner beauty, Sharon Obara is also physically attractive in person!

You should see her eyes!

3. Mausmi Preet Mehta

Mausmi Preet Mehta is a Kenyan-Indian model who has a very promising future.

The 1998 year born model is very intelligent and empathetic. Her inner beauty is unmatched.

Asides from participating in communal work, she is also a remarkable dancer. Currently, Mausmi Preet Mehta is an inspiration to other Kenyan-Indian Models because she was worked for several local brands such as Miriam Bella Shoes.

Mausmi Preet Mehta also has a role at the Real Househelps of Nairobi!

One of the best things about this model is that she knows how to poise, and grace as required during public occassions

2. Wavinya Maria

Wavinya Maria is a Top Model who hails from Nyandarua County.

The versatile model came into the limelight in the year 2019 when she won Miss World Kenya.

She retained the title in the year 2020.

One of the best things about Wavinya Maria is that she is charismatic, professional and above all, she likes to engage in charitable and humanitarian work.

Wavinya Maria is the founder of Heels 4 Pads.

1. Chantou Kwamboka

Chantou Kwamboka is the current reigning Miss World Kenya 2022.

She is the real definition of beauty with brains.

One of the best things about Chantou Kwamboka is her modesty and humility. Despite the glamour and attention, she remains modest, humble, and approachable.

Asides from being modest and humble, Chantou Kwamboka is also very intelligent. She is very articulate, well-spoken, and can easily engage in discussions on a wide range of topics.

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