Top 10 Best Kamukunji Wholesale Shops

This blog post identifies The Top 10 Best Kamukunji Wholesale Shops. All of these shops offer high-quality products that meet or exceed industry standards and provide competitive pricing that allows retailers to maintain healthy profit margins when reselling the products.

top 10 best kamukunji wholesale shops

Above all, these wholesale shops have a wide selection of products, offer excellent customer service and are very reliable and trasparent when it comes to pricing!

Without further ado, here is a list of 10 of the Best Kamukunji Wholesale Shops.

1. Trendy Cockery Limited

Trendy Cockery Limited is the Best Kamukunji Wholesale Shop for all your utensils needs. It is located on the ground floor of The Place Building (The first shop on the left).

In case you are looking for a utensil shop that offers unbeatable prices for wholesale products such as; wine glasses, tea cups, tea pots, storage jars (plastic and glass), bowls, plates, side plates, trays, combat flasks, hotpots, and non-breakable flasks look no further than Trendy Cockery Limited.

For more information on the prices of their products, contact the phone number below.

Trendy Cockery Limited Address

The Place Building (The first shop on the left)

Trendy Cockery Limited Phone Numbers

+(254) 722 73 15 72

2. Ebenezer Shoe Shop

Ebenezer is a wholesale shoe shop that is located on the ground floor of Kamukunji Business Centre. The shop is best known for offering a wide range of shoe styles, sizes, and brands to cater to the diverse preferences of retailers and end customers.

Another good thing about Ebenezer Shoe Shop is that it provides high-quality shoes at a very competitive price. If by any chance you are looking for a shoe shop that sells authentic and long-lasting shoes, do not hesitate to visit this shop.

Ebenezer Shoe Shop Address

Ground Floor, Kamukunji Business Centre

Ebenezer Shoe Shop Phone Numbers


Asides from Ebenezer Shoe Shop, you can also try Duka Loco.

3. Rikie Collections

Rikie Collections is a Kamukunji beddings wholesale shop that is located on the fourth floor of The Place Building (Shop Number 12).

Rikie Collections is best known for selling high-quality duvets, pillowcases, bedsheets, mattress covers, towels, and curtains.

The products mentioned above come in different colors and materials. Generally, I highly recommend Rikie Collections as the Best Wholesale Kamukunji Beddings Plug.

Asides from Rikie Collections, you can also try Kajuju Homes.

Rikie Collections Address

The Place Building (Shop Number 12)

Rikie Collections Phone Numbers

+(254) 727 37 75 36

4. Sanel Baby Centre

Sanel Baby Centre is located on the 2nd Floor of Kamukunji Star Mall (Shop number F15). It is arguably the Best Kamukunji Wholesale Baby Shop because it offers a wide range of baby products, including clothing, accessories, gear, and toys, to cater to different needs and preferences.

Another good thing about Sanel Baby Centre is that it is transparent in terms of pricing, product specifications, and return policies.

Some of the main baby products sold at Sanel Baby Centre include;

  • Baby Swaddles
  • Potties
  • Hipseat Carrier
  • Cosleeper
  • Sitz Bath
  • Baby Blocks
  • Baby Strollers
  • Baby Rompers and Tracksuits

Other Baby Shops to consider include; Samaira Kids Store, and Colle Collections.

Sanel Baby Centre Address

2nd Floor of Kamukunji Star Mall (Shop number F15)

Sanel Baby Centre Phone Numbers

+(254) 705 26 60 22

5. Super J

Super J is located on the 1st floor of Kamukunji Star Shopping Mall. It is the Best Wholesale Kamukunji Shop to buy beauty products from makeup, to nails, braids and body products. Below is a table showing the wholesale prices for different beauty products.

Makeup ProductsPrices
FoundationKES 220 – 250
Eye ShadowKES 380
UV MachineKES 4,500
Nail PacketKES 300 – 600
Eye LinerKES 120
NB: These are Wholesale Prices only

Super J Address

1st floor of Kamukunji Star Shopping Mall

Super J Phone Numbers

+(254) 740 09 03 80

6. Shaz-Bey Confectionery

Shaz Bey is a Kamukunji Wholesale Shop that deals with confectionaries (sweets and chocolates). The shop is located on the 1st floor of Supreme Plaza. In case you are interested in starting a business for selling sweets and chocolates, this is the best place to shop for unbeatable prices.

Shaz- Bey is best known for confectioneries such as P.K, CKL, Ice-Pop, Nice Biscuits, Gomba and Drink Powder. The shop also sells snacks!

Shaz-Bey Confectionery Address

1st floor of Supreme Plaza

Shaz-Bey Confectionery Phone Numbers

+(254) 742 07 20 03

7. Kamcer Shoes

Kamcer Shoes is located on the ground floor of Starmall Shopping Mall. Currently, this is the best shop to buy quality, unique and authentic kids shoes. Some of the main shoe types Kamcer Shoes sells include rubbers, sneakers, and sport shoes.

The average price of Kids Shoes at this store is between KES 1,500 – 1,800.

One of the best things about Kamcer Shoes is that it offers flexible payment terms to assist wholesalers in managing their finances.

Kamcer Shoes Address

Ground floor of Starmall Shopping Mall.

Kamcer Shoes Phone Numbers

+(254) 790 47 20 90

8. Junisa

Junisa is located at Jubilee Complex, Ground Floor, Shop Number G8. The wholesale shop is best known for selling quality hats, caps, belts and bags at an affordable fee.

Generally, I believe Junisa is the best place to buy beach bags, foldable shopping bags, travel bags, lunch bags, ladies bags, label caps, and baseball caps.

Junisa Address

Ground Floor, Shop Number G8.

Junisa Phone Numbers

+(254) 764 40 81 08

9. DMK Home Collections

DMK Home Collections is located on the first floor of Muthithu Building. It is the Best Kamukunji Wholeshop to shop for products such as fiber throw/cushion pillows (set of 4 pieces goes for KES 1,000), mosquito nets, bed curtains, rubber kitchen mats, ironing boards, and cotton duvets just to mention a few.

Generally, DMK Home Collections is a good place to shop for home products at a wholesale price because it is dependable in terms of product availability and delivery.

DMK Home Collections Address

First floor of Muthithu Building.

DMK Home Collections Phone Numbers

+(254) 726 33 01 80

10. Kajuju Homes

Kajuju Homes is the Best Wholesale Shop to buy carpets. It is located on the 4th Floor of The Place Building.

Kajuju Homes deals with fluffy carpets, Istanbul Carpets, and 3D Carpets. The fluffy carpet size 5 by 8 feet goes for only KES 2,000. In case you are looking for a carpet shop that sells unique carpets that come in different colours and patterns, you should highly consider Kajuju Homes.

Kajuju Homes Address

4th Floor of The Place Building

DMK Home Collections Phone Numbers

+(254) 706 61 49 46

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